Xiaomi launched MIUI 7 Beta preview for all of its smartphone just few days back. If you are fan of Soft interface, I’m sure you might be waiting to get your hands on MIUI 7. Check all the features of MIUI 7 better than MIUI 6 : here. Now, Install MIUI 7 on your Micromax Unite 2 without any bugs. Its the perfect ROM to be used for daily purpose. It has very eye catching Interface with best Performance. So without wasting anytime lets checkout the features of MIUI 7 Custom ROM for Micromax unite 2 MTK6582.


  1. SIM 2 3G WORKING.
  2. Now its DUAL 3G – FIRST FOR MT6582
  3. Allmost all bugs fixed Beautiful MIUI 7 – BETA [Credits to MIUI Team & Team ARGN for porting]
  4. Online themes,wallpapers,ringtones,etc.
  5. More Battery Efficient
  6. Smooth Modded dialer , settings , In Call UI and new File manager.
  7. Good Camera Quality Bug Free/Bugs Fixed Themes Working.
  8. Bluetooth Fixed/Now Working.
  9. Better Peformance Tweaks.
  10. Added Cooler and Smoother Ui Camera Tweaks.
  11. Added Cool Boot Logo.
  12. Added Minor Bugs Fixed More Stable.
  13. After Flashing the Rom you can Find more Features All Unwanted/chinese MIUI apps Removed.
  14. Play Store working
  15. Super Compressed to 353MB Modded launcher
  16. No more icon overlapping [credits-Lưu Thế Đậu] Based on 5.8.13 [4.4.2 based]
#include <std_disclaimer.h>
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this tool
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
*// Join us On Facebook Group For any Issue : U2official



Flash these if u face Dolby Atom FC on any rom: Dolby ATMOS – xda-developers DevDB


OUR Offical Group Micromax Unite 2 A106 Official Development Group ????

  1. MIUI 7 ROM: Here
  2. SuperSU.zip: Download.

How to Flash MIUI 7 Rom in Micromax Unite 2 A106:

  1. Make Sure you are Rooted your Unite 2 A106 and Installed Custom Recovery. (CTR Recommended)
  2. Now Download MIUI 7 ROM from above Link
  3. Put Zip in SDCard & Reboot to Recovery mode (VolUp+Home+Power Button)
  4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Clear Cache Parition.
  5. Click on “Install Zip from Sd Card” Choose zip and Click on Yes And wait for Some Time, let the rom Flash Successfully
  6. After Rom Flashing was Successfully, Now Reboot your Phone After Reboot, it may Take 5-10 Minutes for First Boot After Successfully Booting MIUI 7 enjoy Awesome Miui V7 rom in your Micromax Unite 2 A106.


  • vijay margam

    What happens if I do update after installation..?
    Please reply asap..
    Any how your rom is awesome..

  • Shantanu Singh

    i have partitioned my internal storage of a106 so if i install this rom then will it effect my storage space????

  • souvik

    Only the boot screen is revolving on first install what to do??

  • Luis Manuel Amario Sanchez

    lo instale en un blu studio c mini y no agarra la señal saben como solucionar esto ?

  • Abhay Kumar

    Everything is working good…themes wallpapers.and while is using play store it crahes….unfortunately stooped. And it took all my internal space..insufficient app storage
    my iternal storage reduced to .89 gb and i unable to nandroid backup . please also tell about how to flash another rom on this device.

  • Sachin

    Can I use cwm recovery

  • Manoj

    after installing this custom rom…. my internal memory is decreases what can i do

  • Manoj

    i install this rom but it decreases my internal memory

  • Manoj

    after installing this custom rom… my internal memory is decreases what can i do

  • ZZI

    This ROM works on the Blu Studio C Mini, D670U, although it crashes frequently and may not connect to cellular networks.. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Nurlan

    Wiko Bloom worked ?

  • Sir, I’m using MMX a106 unite 2 gravity box app is not opening SIR what to do solutions
    Farmware is not active in xposed installer SDK 19 send me SDK patch

  • pratyay

    bro i installed this rom in my unite 2. this is good bt i m not able accesss my internal memory and it jst shows only 0.89 gb ater that i recover my stock rom with twrp bt after recovery it says damaged internal sd card and get off and now its not on help plz guyz…..does my internal sd card damaged or i have to flash my phone with sp flash tool with stock rom?


  • sammy

    Bro I am downloading the update but I am try to install update but it not install

  • ashit

    i installed MI 7 in my unite 2 but forgot the pin password what should I do?

  • subho

    Everything is working good…themes wallpapers..but the problem is in my dailer its bit loooing like old…its not properl displayed ..and while is using play store it crahes….unfortunately stooped. And it took all my internal space..insufficient app storage but not been issue i fixed that with link2sd…and yeah there r no filters in camera…

  • ambrish

    Awsom ROM only one bug is -sound recorder

  • Lokesh

    What will happen if I install updates? Would it work or would my phone stop working?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t install update. It might brick your device.

  • Ashok

    First of all thanks for this many custom rom.
    by problem in i ported miui 7 to my mt6582,4.4.2 with kernal 3.4.67 everything works fine but my pop ups are transparent.
    For example when i check my balance i receive reply in transparent screen.
    means i can see behind this pop up.it want it like when we open camera first time it ask for remember tag bla bla…

    please help me how can i fix it..??

  • sukhpreet

    If I flash this ROM then.I will be able to move app data to SD …is it possible

  • Vishal

    bhai please help me yr..
    I’m in big problem..
    I’m using philz recovery..
    when i install recovery says installation aborted ?status 7 ??

  • Sanjay Reddy

    Hello author…. I’ve installed your ROM in my micromax unite2 successfully….. But it doesn’t show me my internal memory….. It took my SD card as an internal storage and i am unable to install many apps due to insufficient storage left on internal….. Is there any solution for this? ROM is very slim and is working far too better than my previous custom ROMs……. But I can’t afford this ROM at the cost of my internal storage…. Please help me solve this issue…….

    • sandeep

      Bro..can u refer me a good ROM with actual internal storage (3gb or more) for app installation for my unite 2. My current ROM is lollipop but it has only 844 internal storage. Can u plzz help me

  • meraj

    After installing costum Rome of miui 7 my internal storage (8gb) left only 950 mb.
    Then how can I format previous partition at the time of installing ROM.

  • Nishant

    Hello. Bro I’ve installed this on my unite 2 everythings is working fine but the I’ve got a big problem I did not receive messages on WhatsApp and fb and can’t send also help me bro please!

  • Somesh Choudhary

    is it install on unite 2 with lolipop update

  • dhiraj

    My unite 2 briked flashing this roam and my phon cant restored and nothing show pleas hep mel

    • yogi

      Flash stock rom by sp flash tool

  • Anupam Kumar Singhy

    Internal storage of 8 GB is not showing after installing this mini 7 ROM in my unite 2 ….and before that in cm12.1 beta 6 it is showing… So plezz help me !!!

  • sharik

    It asks for system update but it wont get install ……how to install it

  • Sonu Sharma

    Can i use cwm recovery in miui 7 for unite 2

    • Sachin


  • Hung

    what are the prior things to do before flashing it? by the can you give me the step by step installation process with snapshots. I’ll be much delighted and grateful if you do it so.

  • Souren

    Does this miui 7 is also applicable for the 4GB ROM Of mmx unite 2

  • sahil

    Will this work on unite2 4gb variant running kitkat

  • ome

    Vijay bro notification light not working how to fix them plz help ………..

  • Anand

    Man after choosing the zip file it says the thing is aborted … Why?

  • yogesh kumar

    playstore is still not working… (: ()
    otherwise is ditto to mi

    • Rishabh

      Update Google play services through browser then reboot it device



  • jaggu

    i have installed miui7 everything is ok but my front speaker is working with low sound
    any one help



  • Sandesh Sonawane

    Friend Sim 2 data is not working while in roaming

  • predator

    Thanks brother for this ROM ,but I only have 2+2 only 4gb internal I have 8gb internal,can I flash storage partition for stock ROM ?

  • Mahendra Verma

    Im using MMX Unite 2 Lollipop. in my device after Vol++Vol-+Power Botton
    After That There is no option for “Install Zip from Sd Card” Help me

  • This ROM while flashing to my Unite2 A106 is showing error Unfortunately, com.android.phone is not responding. I tried every thing available in google but failed to resolve …please provide any patch to resolve this issue.

  • sundar

    my internal storage does not mount……

  • garry sharma

    Hey , thanks , will it work for unite 3? Both phones has almost same specs its just lollipop and 8mp camera? Will it work , if isn’t, then please suggest me any other

  • anonymous

    What if i use an unrooted phone that also without cwm recover what will be the consequences

  • Gurpreet

    3g not working on sim2, when i try to change preferred network type to 3g it says your sim must support 3g and revert back to 2g only. It was working fine on stock rom.

  • Prashant

    I have rooted my lollipop unite 2 with king root and now my internal and sd card showing 0 byte how to fix it pls help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto Recovery & flash SuperSu.zip through recovery & do a factory reset.

  • abdulla

    bro can i use miui7 rom for canvas 4 a210

  • Mayank

    Flashed lolipop and then network strength got low…still on lolipop

  • Prem bisht

    ye rom kit kat hai ya lolipop plz tell me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Android kitkat

  • Mayank

    I have mmx unite 2…i updated it to lollipop and now my network strength is low…can my network strength increase to as it was in kitkat aftr flashing miui 7

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try you luck buddy!

  • Mayank

    I m having unite 2 which I have updated to lollipop but now the network strength is low….after flashing miui 7 can the network strength problem be fixed?..

  • gullu

    Vijay bro how to install wsm tool box in miui 5.9.24 asap

  • manimaran

    Link not working pls sent another link….

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      All the ROM links are now fixed. We Apologize for the inconvinence. Peace!

  • rom download link is not working

  • rahul rock

    heyy iss there sd card is deault

  • rizvi arefin rinik

    vijay download link is not working

  • Chinna

    Please download link…….

  • It is not the actual MIUI 7 Rom
    It is MIUI 5.8

  • Akash kumar

    can i flash it on unite 2 lollipop using philz touch recovery?? what is the % chances of having my phone bricked.?? and can i flash stock rom if something went wrong???

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      Flash any recocery flash rom on any base lp or kk
      but must backup u r imei

      • Asraf

        Bhai mere me ak rom istall he to ise kaise istall karu

  • Akash kumar

    Comment: can i flash this in unite 2 8gb lollipop using philz recovery??? because i don’t want to brick my device. i have already bricked one. if somehow the flashing processes gets corrupted then can i flash stock rom using this custom philz recovery?? please answer because i m very excited.

  • santanu

    Sir what is erb and how we can flash it to get the maximum storage?

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      Check u r firmware have 1erb or 2 ?

  • @aman

    Bro i have unite 3 lollipop version…will this rom work

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      i dont thing so

  • Nileshkumar Chhallani

    can the new miui stable rom be ported and made available for micromax a106 ?

  • Mohit

    Bro can you tell me.I use it on my lollipop android..

  • Văn Bình

    This is greart rom.
    But it doesn’n have vietnamese. :'(
    Can you add vietnamese for it? plsssss

  • baaz

    Can i use CWM recovery for flash?

  • Shakti

    Hey Dev Please ans me How can i increase app storage for MiUi .If i flash Ebr’s which i qumarul bro uploaded ? this will do ??
    and another bug found TB Backup not working

  • Aditya

    I have unite 2 8 gb I have done repartion of 2.5gb on my device it kitkat so do I have to Recert it back to stock storage to install this?

  • shanu agrawal

    Bro I need miui v7 rom for unite2 in lollipop version

  • Chris

    Tried Flashing it 4 times even using different recoveries.. got bootloop every time :/

  • Venky Jhon

    In my unite 2… there is no option of install from zip….
    its shows “update from sdcard” so what can i do now bro…

  • amarjit

    Is it working in unite2 8gb model

  • Shakti

    Dear Devoloer i was wondering that does this rom support one hand mode i found it in the setting tried but not worked. so can you tell me the process or as this is ported so we can not use them ??


    Bro I just Ported Miui V5.10.22 for micromax A093 and a104. And fully working tested on my A093. Where I can upload my roms to share to people’s .Can u share it in ur website .

    Also I am going to port this rom for Micromax a106 due to my friends request.he has updated to lollipop can Miui 7 kk will work over lollipopkernel.

    I have tested other roms over lollipop kernel but I failed in unite 2 a106. Please help me to give stock redmi lollipop Miui v7 to port for a106.

    Thank in advance.

  • Saurabh

    Can you please port a miui rom for canvas spark

  • Saurabh

    Can you please port a miui rom for canvas spark

  • anitesh

    Battery is draining so faster and not displaying contacts of sim2.Plz fix it sooner

  • gurjeet

    Thanks bro… This is first custom rom i able to install without any trouble … Working fine till the date..

    One bug found that not able to change the font size of text inbox.. In setting it is showing two images when I click on “setting – text size”

    Any suggestion

  • Aditya

    Sir what is erb and how we can flash it to get the maximum storage??

  • Aditya

    Sir what is erb and how we can flash it to get the maximum storage?

  • kapil panchal

    Comment: is it work in unite 2 lollipop version .
    pls give replay

  • sayon

    Bro can u pls port asus zen ui from asus zenfone go for our unite 2 both the phones have almost same specs

  • HItesh

    bhai maine aaj miui 7 flash kiya u2 mai sab sahi chal raha hai per mobile mai total internal memory 0.98mb mili kya karu plz koi solution do plz

  • honey singh

    bro whenever i try to flash this rom i got a error called Error 7 help me please….. thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hargun rana

    Hey how to repartion miui 7 the app storage is very less

  • pritam

    Volume is very much high.. I tried to chnge tha normal mode and loudspeaker mode values in mtkeng mode.. but it does not changes it remain in 180.. plz give me a solution for this..

  • Swaraj

    Mere mob me cwm recovery kya isse fash ho sakti he

  • amit pael

    in my mmx unite 2 gmail is not sycying tried everthing in this rom

  • nj

    its working in lollipop unite 2???? plz rply fast..

  • vijaykumar

    Fb messenger head chat not working and all heads not working

  • srini

    I have MMX A106 with lollipop. I used Philz recovery to clean and wipe cache, data and dalvik cache, then tried to install this rom. I got stuck up in “google” logo and reboot again. Can you please help me on this?

    • Nitish Bidvi


      Same issue appearing for me

  • srini

    I have MMX Unite 2 A106, I tried installing this ROM using Philz recovery v6.08 and ended up in bootloop. Can you please suggest me any solution? I dont have backup of my stock rom. Awaiting for your reply

  • shaurya

    dude net is not working while roaming
    pls help

  • Nileshkumar Chhallani

    Is this applicable / good for micromax unite 2 4GB variant ?

  • omair

    hi i want to install this rom can i intall it on lollipop through philiz recovery

  • arun vr

    I can’t install this. Having bootloop. It showing boot animation and suddenly back to boot logo and struck . I’m on lolipop leaked using philz

  • Arunvr88

    I can’t install this. Having bootloop. It showing boot animation and suddenly back to boot logo and struck . I’m on lolipop leaked using philz recovery.
    What to do?

  • arun vr

    I can’t install this. Having bootloop. It showing boot animation and suddenly back to boot logo and struck . I’m on lolipop leaked using philz recovery. What to do?????

  • sourav

    I installed miui6 on unite2 8gb but it shows only 1gb internal. If i install miui7 how much memory i got pls tell me…..

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      depennding on erb which u flash

  • sourav

    I installed miui6 on unite2 8gb but it shows only 1gb internal. If i install miui7 how much memory i got pls tell me.

  • sourav

    I installed miui6 on my unite2 8gb it shows only 1gb internal now. If i install miui7 how much memory i got pls tell me.

  • shreyyas

    The rom is bugless and awesome but I’m facing a problem with battery backup.. Battery drain is faster than usual.. About two hours of usage from 100% and it is already at 30-35%.. Any ideas or fixes?

  • shreyyas

    Great rom, awesome interface and sound.. But I’m facing problems with the battery.. It drains faster than usual.. About 1 and half or 2 hours of usage and it reaaches around 35-40.. Any ideas?

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      miui havey rom if u need battery backup then try stock rom , cm ,aosp or doggee :p

      • shreyyas

        Okay, thanks.. Btw will CM 12.1 be bug free anytime soon? I understand that you’re working on it but still..

  • adhul

    nice rom like it :), only bug got is gps not working.please check it

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      gps work -_-

  • pushpkant

    Comment:wow awsome rom. . .

  • pulasti

    Are the screen shots are truly of unite 2 ????if yes, upload the screenshot of about phone……please

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      no ss taken from miui 3g

  • Saurav

    At the time of installation it tell that installation aborted.
    Pls help in installing this owsome rom pls

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      use philz or ctr v3

  • Saurav

    Its miui 5.8 not miui 7 . and its a kitkat based rom. If you flash it on lollipop base whether you lost your imei(which cannot be fixed by any tool.) Or you got status 7 error.

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      okey sorry saktiman

      • Vijay Jaiswaal

        which recovery u use??

    • vishnu vs

      Bro callme 8111859927 iam fix imei number best super method on recovery

    • ranjit

      U can recover lost imei dont worry any phone contact me [email protected]

    • keshaw

      You can write your imei back by sn write tool.

  • Saurab

    Rom ki file dwnld zip format m ho rahi h ti pehle use extract bhi karna parega bro ?

    • Devs-Lab

      You don’t need to extract the zip file. Follow this procedure: How to Install Custom ROM.

      • Saurav

        When i choose install from sd
        And select the file
        Then it shows installation aborted pls help

      • Saurav

        Whem i m installing this rom than it shows installation abborted. Pls help

  • subhnish meena

    This a custamized rom only. Or real miui 7 os

  • sanjay

    Notification panel is not working for me

    Plz tell about how to fix it

  • sanjay

    Notification panel is not working for me…..
    Plzz. Tell about how to fix it…

  • vinod

    Bro can I flash MIUI 7 in ota lollipoplollipop.plz reply

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      use philz recovery and flash … wipe system wipe data first

      • Prashant

        hi buddy,

        i have nandriod backup of Stock Rom, but as I installed custom rom Recovery changed to CTR which is not restroing Phiz Recovery backup,

        Please share CWM or Philz Recovery Zip which will be flashed using CTR and then I can restore my back up.

        Thnk you u in Advance

  • Benson

    Kindly list Down Pre-Request for installation of Micromax Unite 2 — MIUI 7 Rom.

  • Saurabh

    Bro, GREAT work…… 🙂

    • Vijay Jaiswaal


  • rakesh

    Bro plz …
    S dous 2 GT 7582 ke liye v kuch krdo
    Atleast MIUI 6 or any MIUI rom create for that

  • jamel

    please Custom ROM for Micromax unite 2 MTK6582 based on cyanogenmod 12.1 withou bugs

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      use beta 4 let vist devs-lab.com

  • azaz

    Me is ROM KO canvas spark me flash or saktahu??

    • Vijay Jaiswaal

      port first
      and spark lp based so u cant

      • Vijay Jaiswaal


  • Dk

    thanks bro..good work ..