What’s better than investing in Bitcoin? Some would say mining Bitcoin. Normally, people think Bitcoin mining involves big GPU rigs and antminers and great cooling. But here we have an app today that can be used to mine on your idle smartphone CPU itself, right now.

The app has been listed on the Play Store as well. But the dev has posted the apk on XDA too. You need to sign up in the app first to start mining the currency. It tracks CPU & battery temperatures and the dev says you’ll get 100 satoshis/minute. Well, that will have to be tested. Moreover, you’ll get 500 satoshis as a signup bonus.

Now, Bitcoin is a topic that is being discussed even by big corporate investors these days. It is a hot topic around the globe, more so, after it touched an astronomical figure of $6000 on a single coin. It’s trending on Google this year too as interest and awareness regarding cryptocurrencies rise across the world.

If you somehow live under the rock, Bitcoin is a paper-less decentralized currency. It was created by an alias called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. There are no middle, men, no banks needed to do transactions, instead, they have ledgers that record transactions online for a small reward.

This brings us to Bitcoin mining. Miners are the ones who use CPUs or GPUs to record transactions in a ledger that is universally available. In return, they get rewards in Bitcoin. New Bitcoins are also mined by the same equipment.

We leave a link to the devs page below in the source. And the link to the app is right below.

Download: Bitcoin Mobile Miner

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