A little while back we told you how Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @onleaks on Twitter) had teamed up with MySmartprice to reveal a full 3D render of LG’s upcoming flagship device- the V30. We even saw that our anticipated device might have paid a visit to the famous benchmark database website- Geekbench, bearing the model number LGE LG-H932PR. And if any LG enthusiast wants to bet his money on how the device might look, the renders leaked by OnLeaks might bear the actual design of the phone.

Now we all knew that LG would be launching its successor to the V20 in the upcoming IFA 2017 press conference in Berlin on August 31, and after this launch, the device would obviously go global for an open/flash sale. But the question here is, when would that happen? According to a leaked document, after releasing the device in the IFA press conference, LG has plans to release the flagship in its home market of South Korea on 15 September. Furthermore, the company has plans to launch US pre-orders for V30 on 17 September, before going on sale globally on 28 September. And the interesting part here is, V30 would be the first device in the V series to be launched in Europe, though we couldn’t find any date related to the launch of the device in Europe.

LG V30, codenamed JOAN, is expected to board top of the line specifications, which might even put it up directly against the likes of Samsung S8, HTC U11 and OnePlus 5. With a 6” OLED display and super thin bezels, the looks of LG V30 mimic that of S8’s. Powered by a SD835 SoC, the device might come with a 4GB/GB RAM/ROM configuration or may even pack a 6GB variant like the OnePlus 5. Thought the device also features the prominent dual camera setup, configuration about the same is yet not available.

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