The Surface Pro 4
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Information pertaining to Microsoft’s next generation of Surface devices is just trickling in. In a recent leak, technology journalist and published author Paul Thurrott has alleged that the Surface Pro 5 will feature the Surface Connect power connector. He further elaborated that the successor to the current Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will not feature a huge list of changes over its predecessor.

In a tweet yesterday, Mr. Thurrott stated,

Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake, nothing dramatic.

The upgrade to Kaby Lake processors by Intel was expected as they provide efficiency improvements over the Sky Lake processors (Intel) featured in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices. The statement though confirms that Microsoft is sticking with its proprietary power connector instead of migrating to the increasingly more common USB Type-C standard that is being picked up in the mobility industry.

This though makes it possible for older accessories from the Surface Pro 3 era including covers and docking stations to be cross-compatible across three generations of the Surface Pro devices. From the tail end of the tweet by Mr. Thurrott we can concur that the Surface Pro 5 will only bring certain aesthetic changes to the table rather than radically re-imagining the Surface concept. This also implies that most changes would be restricted to the internal hardware and sensory modules being updated rather than a wholesale change in exterior design and layout.

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