HMD Global

HMD Global the company behind reviving the NOKIA brand in the smartphone space is making a move again. According to EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) the HMD Global Oy is in talks with Microsoft Mobile Oy to transfer around 500 design patents.

The most interesting of these is the patent for the Lumia Camera UI. Considered to be one of the most intuitive camera layouts thanks to this transfer we could see future HMD devices featuring this UI. Microsoft still holds the IP rights to trademarks like PureView, ClearBlack or PureMotion though although in the light of the recent agreement we might see these get transferred over in the future.

On the whole this is quite a win for HMD as these aspects were considered integral to the NOKIA experience and having them in place only solidifies the company’s legitimacy to the title.

The complete, updated list of IP’s held by HMD Global Oy is available here, courtesy EUIPO.

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