Surface Pro 5

The Surface Laptop was just launched a few days back. Now, it turns out that Microsoft is going to announce new Surface products once again later this month. Microsoft’s Vice President of Devices, Panos Panay teased a new event in a tweet and an Instagram photo.

The tweet contains a picture of Shanghai and a tagline “See you in Shanghai. May 23”. Therefore only the place and date have been confirmed as of now. Considering that the Surface Book was updated late last year and that the Microsoft Studio is relatively new, Microsoft is expected to refresh the Surface Pro Line. This event could see the introduction of the Surface Pro 5.


The Surface Pro 4 was announced in October 2015 and a refresh is definitely on cards. Rumours have claimed that Microsoft will bump up the processors to Intel Kaby Lake and add a couple of USB C Ports.

The recently launched Surface Laptop came with a light weight version of windows, the Windows 10S. In a nutshell, Windows 10S only supports apps from the windows store and is not capable of running third party apps. Also, people can upgrade from the Windows 10S to Windows 10 Pro for free, exactly one year from now. Then, users will have to shell out $49. Most likely, the Surface Pro 5 too will come with Windows 10S.

The Surface Pro 4 proved to be an extremely good hybrid tablet and hence the expectations are high for the Surface Pro 5.