Microsoft planning to make a comeback in the mobile game with a Windows 10 device

Android, iOS and Windows are currently the world’s most popular OS for mobile platform. While iOS and Windows OS are exclusive to Apple and Microsoft handsets, Google has relatively made Android available to every manufacturer. The ease with which manufacturers can get their hands on the Android source code, has obviously made the OS a popular choice for running the handsets. That said, Microsoft has somewhat withdrawn it’s Windows 10 mobile portfolio and left the path clear for Android and iOS to dominate the smartphone market.

When Microsoft launched it’s “last Lumia” handset, Lumia 650 in the market last year, it hinted at ending the Lumia branding and focus itself on the making of the “Surface Phone”. Every now and then, we got hints from the Windows mobile maker that it was planning a return in the mobile phone market. And if we have got some things right, Microsoft indeed is planning to make a comeback as we have reports about a new Windows prototype in the testing phase.

Avid Microsoft watcher Brad Sams, on his last podcast, revealed that he has heard from two independent sources about a new Microsoft device, not necessarily a phone but a “mobile-type” device, to be “floating around campus”.

While we’re not sure if the new prototype would be a mobile or a tablet, we do know that instead of being developed by Microsoft’s Surface division, the development is supposedly being headed by HoloLens maker Alex Kipman. Possible hints of AR in the new device? Maybe. Sams is also expecting the new device to possibly ship with “C-Shell,” or Composable Shell, the one Windows shell for multiple devices user experience.

We still don’t have any specs or details about the device but by the looks of how “buggy” the C-Shell is, it might take some time for Microsoft to align it’s hardware with it’s under development software. It seems like Microsoft is planning to position it’s new device at the premium end of the market.