Microsoft is to hold a Spring event on May 2nd at New York City. The event is focussed on education, the company’s contributions and product stack towards the same. This is further reinforced by the events hashtag being #MicrosoftEDU. There are speculations that the company would be unveiling its Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5 products but the latest rumour to do the rounds is that Microsoft is looking to launch a brand new cloud-centric product called the Microsoft Surface Cloudbook.

The Cloudbook would be the Redmond-based tech giants response to the Google Chromebook. Insofar that it runs a version of Windows 10 called the Windows Cloud. The OS is capable of installing and running Win32 and UWP API apps downloaded from the Windows Store. To further bolster its educational credentials it will come installed with the Office apps. Due to the limitations on its functionality the Windows Cloud version is said to be a cheaper license than the Windows 10 Home and Pro Editions’. This has been elaborated in an article over at ZDNet and corroborated by famous technology tipster, The Walking Cat in a tweet,

As the processing requirements of the upcoming Cloudbook is modest along with the need of a hefty battery life it is thought that the device will be running on ARM processors. This is aided by the fact that Microsoft has stated that full-fat Windows is capable of running on ARM architecture processors. All this points to Microsoft partnering with the global leader in ARM products, Qualcomm and using their vaunted flagship 835 chipset to power their Cloudbook. There are various benefits of going this route as the ARM-based SoC’s are cheaper than traditional x86 architecture based processors found in most computers. This combined with their all-in-one design which allows tight integration of WiFi, cellular and various other modules makes them super cost-efficient.

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Apart from all the above advantages, ARM processors are significantly more power-efficient and can thus run non-stop in a classroom like environment before requiring a top-up. All this will also make the rumoured device the first official ARM equipped hardware running Windows 10. All this is pure speculation at this point and it just might pan out that Microsoft will reveal a normal Surface laptop rather than announcing a new “Cloudbook”. Either way, since the company managed to keep the earlier Surface Book almost secret prior to its launch we just have to wait until the 2nd of May to find out what is the truth.

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