Mi MIX 2 display top

Xioami is set to reveal the Mi MIX 2, successor to the Mi MIX concept device on the 11th of September. Since this was officially confirmed, there has been a tizzy of leaks with regards to the smartphone’s specification, display size, pricing et al.

Earlier in the day rumours abounded that the successor device would feature a smaller display panel. Today this might have to be knocked off the list thanks to this tweet by tipster @VenyaGeskin.

The tweet consists of the Mi MIX 2 in comparison to its predecessor showing us some remarkable changes. For starters, the device has a smaller display, 6.2-inch vis-à-vis the original MIX concept’s 6.4-inch. The simple front profile also shows us that the former is a slimmer and taller device with much narrower bezels all around as well. This can be explained thanks to the advent of display panels with an aspect ratio ≥ 18:9 which allows for more screen real estate in a narrower chassis. This will definitely aid in operating the smartphone single-handedly.

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Apart from this changed display, the chassis of the smartphone would be an all-metal construction instead of ceramic based. This will serve two purposes, one is that metal is far easier to fashion compare to ceramic and thus it will be easier to mass produce. Secondly, a metal construction will allow the handset to have a more traditional audio setup compared to the concept Mi MIX’s piezo-electric mechanism which was dependent on the ceramic chassis to generate audio.

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