Meizu M6 Note official

Meizu had recently launched the M6 Note, its first smartphone with a Qualcomm chipset. This was following a bitter legal battle between the two companies last year, in which Qualcomm had accused the Chinese OEM of patent infringement. With the hatchet buried, it seems the company is in talks with other chipset manufacturers to partner with. This first surfaced in a report on the Chinese site Mydrivers.

Meizu Pro7 Red
The Meizu Pro7 in Red, the company’s latest flagship features a MediaTek chipset

This will likely make the company the only Chinese smartphone OEM to use chips from all three players. According to the report, this was confirmed by Li Nan, Senior VP at Meizu in an interview. He stated that “Blue Charm” will be using chips from all three manufacturers, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung.

The devil in the detail is that Mr Nan referred to the concern as “Blue Charm” instead of Meizu. This confirms the split that occurred in the company in June, where instead of just Meizu there are, Meizu and Blue Charm. The last time a smartphone from the latter was received in the west was the Meizu Blue Charm in early 2015. This also confirms that we will see a new range of Blue Charm products that would feature Samsung’s Exynos chipsets at their heart.

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Another piece of information revealed by Mr Nan during the interview was that the Blue Charm range might feature more premium and expensive handsets. The first handsets from this new concern should appear sometime in the first or second quarter of 2018 powered by Qualcomm or Samsung chipsets.

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