We definitely think foldable phones will be the next huge thing in the smartphone industry if someone can actually pull it off. But frankly, ZTE’s version has left us unimpressed. The Chinese company has launched the Axon M, a foldable phone that actually abandons the true spirit of the single screen foldable design. Let’s just say that it isn’t bad for a first try. The Axon M unveiled at an event in the US takes inspiration from the likes of Kyocera Echo and Nintendo and even Sony. So how did they pull it off?

Just take two screens and stick them together with a hinge and there you have it. A foldable phone. The Axon M is a regular phone in all respects except the distinguished split display. ZTE put 2 displays each 5.2-inches that can be used as a combined one unit or as a mirror to what is on the other.

Apart from that, a Snapdragon 821, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB ROM complete the bulky hardware. Apparently, ZTE forgot to double the battery with a double screen and included a 3,180 mAh battery. It isn’t clear if there are two separate juice packs in there or simply one. Let us know in the comments below if you are aware.

The ZTE Axon M costs as much as a flagship with an instalment of $24.17 (roughly Rs. 1,600) for 30 months on AT&T Next exclusively. In Japan, the handset will be exclusive to NT Docomo. If you buy it straight out it will be $725.

ZTE Axon M specifications

5.2-inch 1080p display x2
Snapdragon 821 processor
4GB RAM, 64 GB Storage
Android Nougat
20MP camera (acts as front and rear facing)
3,180mAh battery
Headphone jack
12.1mm thick, 230g