MediaTek has announced Dual SIM VOLTE technology which supports VOLTE across both the SIM Cards. MediaTek announced the Helio X30 earlier this year and this was the first SoC to support dual 4G VOLTE on the Chinese network.

VOLTE stands for ‘Voice Over LTE’. It is a 4G LTE based high definition Voice technology for fast wireless voice and video chats over the 4G network. VOLTE is a great leap ahead when compared to old networks like 2G and 3G and provides high quality audio and video calls.

Also to note, Mediatek has introduced its first ‘Narrow Band Internet of Things'(NB-IoT) SoC dubbed the MT2625. With partnership with China Mobile, it created the world’s smallest NB-IoT module measuring at 16mm x 18mm around the SoC.

This is what Mediatek had to say regarding its Dual SIM, Dual 4G VOLTE technology:

Currently, 4G smartphones on the market allow only the primary SIM card to support VoLTE, while the secondary card can only use 2G/3G, which diminishes the calling and internet browsing experience. MediaTek’s Dual 4G VoLTE solution is highly integrated and optimized within the Helio X30 and future smartphone platforms, maximizing the usability of dual VoLTE with stable calling quality and high data transfer rates, offering consumers better internet and calling experiences.

Since the MediaTek X30 is already available for other OEM’s to use, we may soon see the technology implemented for the Jio network in India.