Who knew that apart from getting your favourite Happy Meal at your favourite dine-out place, McDonald’s could also provide a cup-holder that could open up into a Boombox speaker for your smartphone.

At select outlets in Canada, McDonald’s is handing out an accessory made from a cup holder, that otherwise usually ends up in a trash can. To celebrate McFlurry’s 22nd birthday (which by the way was invented in Canada only), the Canadian outlets are giving out limited edition cupholders turned into audio amplifiers to their customers.

McDonalds got a hand, with their BoomBox, from the University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group and Stacklab. They wanted to see if they could turn a disposable cup holder into an audio speaker for your phone. And boy, did they succeed? While the end result doesn’t include any electronic bits inside of the Boombox, it still works as an amplifier, increasing sound output from your phone’s speakers by 101 percent.

While it is not a technically engineered bluetooth speaker, the idea behind this one lies in the simple fact that if you put your phone in a cup, the sound gets amplified due to reflection.

“When we changed the shape of the cones of the McBoombox, the difference in sound levels was 50 percent,” says Janelle Resch, PhD candidate and entrepreneur at the University of Waterloo, in the Boombox’s promo video. “When we used the reflective material, you increase the sound level by 43 percent. Inserting your phone increases the sound level by 101 percent.”

But the McBoombox is limited, very limited indeed. If you’re not a Canadian, there is no chance you might get your hands on one. Do we have any Canadian among us, who has managed to get this treat from McDonald’s?