This is crazy! Magisk has been updated to circumvent SafetyNet once again. Magisk developer topjohnwu had revealed just a few days back that he was working hard on a fix for the app and that he would develop a patch soon.

And here we are! The lastest version of Magisk Manager, V13.3 once again bypasses SafetyNet detection.

Google has been very keen in detecting and patching the bypass methods used by Magisk. In the past few weeks, Google rolled out updates with two new detection methods for the application.

“There is still a long way till I run out of ideas” , notes developer topjohnwu.

The latest version of Magisk is available for download in the dedicated XDA thread. Else, you can use the Magisk Manager app. Open the app and install the app update that shows up in the notifications bar. Re-open the app and press ‘Download & Install’ to get the latest version installed. Once done, any rooted phone will be able to use Android Pay and many more hacks.

The update reset’s Google’s detection methods by reseting the props Google used to detect the app.

Google is a company that takes security very seriously. Google will look to fix the issue with a software update as soon as possible. The developer team without doubt will push another update to bypass the new detection method adopted by Google. It will be really interesting to see how this saga goes on.