LG has launched the LG G6 at the MWC in Barcelona earlier this year. The phone has been keeping up with this year’s trend of having minimal bezels on the phone. The phone has been widely appreciated and has even been termed as the best smartphone from the company till now. LG’s design also means that the phone’s display has a unique aspect ratio compared to all the conventional aspect ratio’s found on the current smartphones. The aspect ratio on the other phones till now was 16:9 but LG G6 comes with an aspect ratio of 18:9. This also means that most of the apps on the Play Store are not ready to support this aspect ratio and this has been a problem for the company.

Among its initial reviews, the phone’s display was not utilized properly while watching videos or while gaming because the apps could not adapt to this aspect ratio. Now that the LG G6 has been launched in many parts of the world and the device is up for pre-orders in India as well. LG is quick to correct this problem with a fix of its own. LG has announced that starting next month, the LG app store will get 300 new apps optimized specifically for the LG G6 and take advantage of the unique 18:9 aspect ratio that the device has.

LG, in a statement, said:

Compared with conventional 16:9 aspect ratio displays, the 18:9 format offers more viewing space and a more immersive experience when streaming videos and playing games.

This would obviously help LG to get a good headstart over the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ which also have a similar aspect ratio and those devices are also facing similar problems. LG’s apps would be limited to their phones only but the company has not announced about the apps that will be launched next month.