About a week ago we had reported that LG had plans to bring the LG V30 in line with current flagships; This entailed upgrading the back to feature a glass back and an OLED panel based display up front. Today XDA Developers cited a “trusted source” of its confirming one of these rumours.

The secondary display was one of the V-series hallmark features which allowed the phone to display notifications and handy widgets in a separate area from the main area. Since the display was based on IPS panel technology this was a boon from the battery life perspective too. Now according to XDA’s source, the Korean electronics behemoth is planning to put an OLED panel based display in the upcoming V30 and thus the device would no longer require a dedicated secondary display area. Because OLED displays can simply use a certain area of pixels for displaying content the entire display does not have to be lit up to function.
The source also alleges that LG is likely to be putting 18:9 aspect-ratio displays in all its upcoming flagship handsets. Combined with an OLED panel based display, the LG V30 might not require a dedicated secondary display but might have a designated space for displaying the notifications and extra information that was handled by the secondary display in older devices. It will definitely maximise the screen real estate available in the same frame size.
The LG V30 wirless charging coil top The LG V30 wirless charging coil
Meanwhile, another leak via Slashleaks shows images of the V30’s midframe which show the presence of a wireless charging coil. This also falls in line with earlier reports that the device will feature a glass back to allow for current to pass through for cable-less charging. This also might mean that the replaceable battery that we all know and love from the older V-series handsets might not make a comeback this time around.
Whatever the case is, we should know what the LG V30 is finally closer towards the launch of the device which is sometime late in August. Follow us on our social media to keep up with the latest in the world of Android.