LG V30 render
The leaked render of the LG V30 courtesy @evleaks

This is indeed an exciting month for smartphone aficionados. After the Galaxy Note 8 is official, we move on to another next big Android flagship this month. The LG V30 of course. From all the leaking and teasing, it is quite clear it is going to go toe to toe with the Galaxy Note 8. Even though it doesn’t have an S Pen. LG is expected to release the device on August 31. So, there is time for a bit more teasing.

This time, LG has posted a video on its official Youtube channel. The video is named ” The next V: Immersive sound”. Now the 20-second clip doesn’t let out anything in the way of specs. Instead, it just shows people dancing and listening to music. We don’t know what “immersive sound” means.

One probability is that the new flagship might come with Bang & Olufsen audio headphones. Last year’s V20 came with the same B&O headphones belonging to the Danish manufacturer. Apart from that, LG has also been singing praises of the first ever f/1.6 aperture lens set to arrive with the FullVison phablet. The design from the images comes very close to rival Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ design. The LG V30 has been spotted to have slight curves at the edges.

There’s another video teaser as well on the channel, which again shows nothing of the phone or hints at any feature. All the gathered info points to a 6-inch FullVision display, Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM and Android Nougat for the device. We have been covering the LG V30 and if you want to catch up on the missed fun, check it out here.