LG has already teased a lot about the LG G6 and we pretty much know every single thing about the device. Today, LG has teased yet again and has confirmed the bezel-less design and the dual camera setup on the LG G6.

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LG released three new LG G6 teasers through the company’s official Youtube page. The first teaser shows off how difficult it is to use big devices in day to day scenarios in everyday life(An iPhone 7 Plus is shown as an example in the end). The video is concluded with the question “Are you okay with a big size phone?”.

The second video clip is quite contrary to the above clip and showcases the difficulty of using small devices, like an umbrella while its raining and stuffing clothes into a very small suitcase. At the end, it shows a smartphone with a very small display and asks the question ” Are you okay with a small size screen?”.

The first two video clips clearly indicate the the LG G6 will indeed include a greater screen size in a smaller form factor. This confirms the rumoured bezel-less design of the LG G6.

The short third clip shows off a piece of wood changing during the course of the video and reveals the rear of the smartphone at the end, which showcases a dual camera setup. As the video is titled “Seamless“,this may mean that the LG G6 would not have a camera bump.

The LG G6 is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2017, which is scheduled to take place on 27 February 2017.