LLG V30 UX 6.0+ Floating Bar

August is shaping up to be a busy month for smartphone manufacturers. With launches of all sizes, shapes and budgets rumoured to be occurring in the month. One of these is the announcement of the LG V30 on the 31st of August just prior to IFA in Berlin. Today, the Korean electronics giant decided to give us a glimpse at its upcoming UX6.0+ which will debut with the mid-year flagship.

Although there had been rumours earlier about LG redoing their entire user interface (UI), today the company came out in the open with all the details. The new UI does away with the old and brings in sweeping changes which the company claims are enhanced for the new FullVision (18:9) displays while making sure users can leverage its advanced capabilities to the fullest. So without further ado let us dive into the changes.

Floating Bar

If you recall, the older V-series handsets used to have a secondary display above the primary display. The purpose being that instead of powering up the entire panel to allow the users to glance at notifications, it was more power efficient to have a ticker display.

Since the LG V30 is doing away with IPS panel and going for an OLED panel based display, there is no requirement of a secondary screen. According to LG, the Floating Bar is a semi-transparent UI element that allows for quick access to frequently used functions and can be dragged completely off the display when not needed. To access The Bar, you have to swipe from the right edge of the display although it is possible that position can be adjusted in the release version.

LG V30 UX 6.0+ Alway-on Display
The new Always-on Display

When the display is powered off, you can customise the Always-on Display mode even better than before; It can be used to display Quick Tools, Music Player or handpicked images.


Graphy is a UI change for the device’s camera in UX 6.0+; The LG V30 features dual-cameras like many of the current generation smartphones and the UI is an important aspect of improving the user experience.

With Graphy, LG is claiming to give any V30 owner professional quality photography capabilities. With the feature turned on, users can choose from among a portfolio of professional shots each with its own style or mood. Furthermore, users can download photos taken by professionals from the Graphy website or application and apply those metadata presets – such as white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO to images taken with the smartphone. Users can choose between different shooting modes such as auto, grid shot, snap shot and match shot which are all conveniently grouped under a single menu for ease of selection.

GIFs can be created in the Gallery menu while the Create Movie option allows the user to put together a quick movie using images and clips present in their gallery. These can be edited with the Quick Video Editor which will be included on board the V30.

Facial Recognition

LG claims that the security features onboard the V30 are also more advanced than any previous LG smartphone. UX 6.0+ comes with an advanced Face Recognition feature that can be used to unlock the phone at a glance.Unlike other smartphones, you do not even require to press the power button first. Although this sure is convenient we are not so sure if it is entirely secure thanks to another Korean electronic rival’s less than stellar track record.

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Voice Recognition based unlocking is supported too and uses a combination of the user’s voice and self-generated keywords (ideally three to five syllables combined) to unlock the V30 without directly interacting with the device in any way. LG attributes this UX 6.0+ feature to Qualcomm’s Aqstic voice UI technology for its always-on, always-listening capabilities.

Finally, the last major feature that users can adjust in the new UX 6.0+ is the haptic feedback received from the smartphone. Users can include different vibration combinations that can be synced to the phone’s ringtone.

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