LG it seems would not be releasing its latest flagship, the LG G6 in China, the flagship smartphone for the company which should be released soon in the U.S. and the EU markets.  This news is from Daum News, Korea which states that due to having a low market share in the Chinese smartphone market the Korean behemoth might be looking to withdraw. This is an interesting situation since most companies are trying to break into the space due to the country’s voracious appetite for smartphones.

The LG G6

The source compiled the report from data based on Strategic Analytics, which shows LG being a tough sell in the country. Whilst the company was placed as the third-largest vendor in the U.S. market, it barely registers in China with a market share lesser than 0.1%. This leads to Daum to speculate that LG will not even consider bringing in the G6 to the market based on its past experience in the market which are dismal for its smartphone division.

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This can be attributed to China having a very different smartphone market vis-á-vis other major market ecosystems. The main difference being that the country is dominated by home-grown brands like OPPO and Vivo. The only exception to this rule being the Cupertino giant, Apple, whose products are seen as a luxurious status symbol. This forces most brands to come off as Apple clones, with a very similar UI and product design. The only major companies that have managed to shake off this trend are Huawei and Xiaomi. Both Huawei and Xiaomi also have had considerable exposure in other mature and emerging smartphone markets where their handsets have delivered and even become dominant. This could possibly a factor in the lack of enthusiasm towards LG which also has to fight international megaliths to compete for a small chunk of sales and market space.

This report is based most on speculation and hearsay but can be rationalised with the current market information available from China as there have been no press releases for the release of the LG G6 or any information regarding the same on LG’s China website. The other more audacious claim of complete seceding the market or simply pull out of the smartphone space since their consumer electronics arm is quite healthy.

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