In a Lenovo Transform event held in New York, Lenovo unveiled “a foldable PC” concept. Showcasing a laptop-like computer device in a presentation slide titled “Future Personalized Computing” which also showed the device in a folded and open position.

The gadget is bereft of any hinges as is the case with traditional laptops and the screen basically stretches all the way into the keyboard. The concept thus implies that this is a flexible display which the presentation attributes to “new screen technologies”.

The presentation slide also details that one can “speak to it” implying that the laptop has some form of voice assistant functionality, attributable to Siri in Windows or maybe an in-house project by Lenovo.

Continuing on this vague detailing of everything, the laptop also seems to be made of “advanced materials” which make this flexibility possible. Overall the presentation seems to be detailing a device/devices concept which will see the light at least three to four years down the line. Ideally, this is something the company would like to feature in its YOGA line of products.

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