Lenovo Smart Band HW01
Lenovo Smart Band HW01

Lenovo has launched its own fitness tracker to compete with the ever-growing list of fitness tracking devices launched this year in India. The main advantage of the Lenovo Smart Band HW01 from its competitors is that the device contains an OLED display which has never been seen before in any other fitness trackers launched till now. The Smart Band from Lenovo also contains a dynamic heart rate tracker. Lenovo has launched the Smart Band HW01 in India exclusively on the online retailer, Flipkart at a price of Rs. 1,999.

As far as the specifications of the device are concerned, The Smart Band HW01 features a 0.91-inch OLED display. On this OLED display users will be able to see recorded data like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and more. The fitness band also comes with a dynamic heart rate monitor  that detects users’ heart rate every 15 minutes.The activity tracker vibrates when your heart reaches the designated threshold. This means that it is not advisable to continue jogging or running whenever the device vibrates.

The Lenovo Smart Band also contains an anti-sleep mode built-in that automatically wakes you up in case if you’ve slept beyond the designated time.

The official statement from Lenovo says that

This mode alerts you of concentration loss or dozing while driving or working at night.

For added functionality, Lenovo Smart Band when paired with a smartphone the band is able to display texts, calls and social media notifications, and control music. The band is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The fitness tracker has a skin-friendly silicon strap that uses high-quality material and is highly resistant to abrasions, states Lenovo. The Smart Band HW01 is IP65 certified which means it is dust proof and water resistant and features a 85mAh battery that promises to last about 5 days on a single charge.