LeEco's AI teaser

LeEco has not been having a good year till now, it had to downscale its operations in India. Constantly battle cash-flow issues and slow down its rapid expansion plans. Most of its hardware although good has not been able to differentiate it enough from its competition to set its sales charts on fire. Now it finally seems that the company has decided to turn it all around by firing on all cylinders.

LeEco is launching its latest flagship the Le Max 3, packing it with the latest and greatest in the hardware department as well as outfitting it with the latest trendsetter’s in town, an AI assistant and a dual-camera set-up. LeEco’s official Weibo account teased the existence of the AI with a poster of it.

Hardware and Features

The LeEco Le Max 3 was leaked a couple days back on Slashleaks where its images surfaced. The photographs show a metal unibody design for the handset, the front fascia is dominated by the 5.7-inch QHD (1440 x2560) with minimal bezels on the sides. Above the display we can see the earpiece flanked by the selfie camera along with another unspecified sensor. The back of the device is dominated with the dual-lens camera set-up which also features a dual-LED flash. Altogether the complete module looks like the face of a Gingerbread Man. Below the camera module sits the fingerprint scanner.

LeEco Le Max 3_F
Front of the device
LeEco Le Max 3_R
Rear of the device

The Le Max 3 seems to omit a physical home button at the front, relying solely on software navigation aids. At the bottom of the device we can see the device packs USB Type-C port just liek the Le Pro 3 and lacks the 3.5mm audio jack as well. There have been no specifics on what chipset lies at the heart of the device but rumours hint to either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 or MediaTek’s Helio X27. Other hardware specifics are also currently unknown.


Another AI Assitant?

The other major feature that has been aggressively teased by LeEco has been the virtual AI assistant they have built for the device. If this is true, it puts the company in contention with a handful of players like Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft in the field of AI. There has been little detail about the assistant, its functionality or even its name. What the company has let on is that the AI is superintelligent and will learn the user’s usage pattern over time as they use it to actively control the device and that it is voice based. It can also be tasked to integrate with third-party applications.

Does this launch mean that LeEco is out of the woods, no one can say with any certainty. The lack of the latest Qualcomm SoC might turn away certain potential buyers, while the imminent launch of multiple flagships like the Xiaomi Mi 6 (also rumoured to be launched today) and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ carrying more capable hardware might put pressure on LeEco. Suffice to say we eagerly await the complete details on this new flagship from the company and would be relaying the same as soon as they are available.

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