Navigation is a tough deal. And the idea of combining those twists and turns to a particular destination, from the application to the real time world can pretty much mess anyone’s head. When you search for any location on Google, and then head to the “Maps” section for some navigational help, you wouldn’t really get any unless you enter the starting location and select your mode of transport. Searching for a particular destination in any browser would comprise of the same steps. But if you use Google’s native browser, then the following hacks might come in handy. You can directly search for any location, (and I don’t mean by typing the location on the address bar, and then heading to the “Maps” section), by creating some easy Google Map shortcuts.

Map any location
To directly search for any location in Chrome, go to Settings, then select “Manage search engines.” Next go to “Other search engines,” and click “ADD.” Fill out the form like this:

  • Search engine: Google Maps
  • Keyword: map
  • URL with %s in place of query:

To use it, on the search bar enter map, followed by the location that you want to map.
For example: map 11 Wall St, New York, NY

Directions from a particular source location
You can do the same to receive directions from any particular location (like your home). Add a new search engine as above, but use the below given URL, with your home address in place of the sample address :,+New+York,+NY+10005&daddr=%s

Give this search a new keyword like myhome, and then search for any destination from your customized location using the keyword.  You can make as many different keyword as you want, for all your favourite locations.

Directions to home
To get directions from a particular source to your native place, add a string like this (with, obviously, your address):,+New+York,+NY+10005

Again, this can be saved with a custom keyword of your choice.

Transit/biking/walking directions
If you want to search with a preferred mode of transport, add one of these to the end of the string, to get respective results:

  • Driving: &dirflg=d
  • Public transit: &dirflg=r
  • Biking: &dirflg=b
  • Walking: &dirflg=w,+New+York,+NY+10005&dirflg=w&daddr=%s

Go ahead, nobody’s watching you, save these; and tell everyone that you learnt something cool today.