Remember the Galaxy A5 (2018) case that leaked earlier. Well, today we stumbled on something that complements that exactly. Now, there have been earlier leaks that have shown the phone bare without the case. All the leaks up till now confirm one thing. The new A series will have thin bezels. One more talking point was that whether the new premium mid-rangers will come with a true curved display or not. Today we know.

The new leaked CAD video presents the upcoming A5 and A7 side by side. It also shows both the back and the front. And guess what, both the phones resemble the LG G6, rather than the Galaxy S8. This means no curved display this year too for mid-range buyers. You could also say the phone looks like the Galaxy S8 Active which itself was likened to the LG G6.

Apart from that, we see the placement of the fingerprint sensor is now in a much more comfortable location. Oddly enough, Samsung has shifted the speaker grill to the right edge near the home button. This has been seen before in the Galaxy J series. But to see it in the premium segment is a surprise. Also, thank god, Samsung still has faith in headphone jacks. Notably, the Bixby button is missing in the phones and it appears the phones have dual front-facing cameras.

Apart from this, there is little we know about the hardware finesse of the upcoming phones. However, we can definitely expect Samsung to put Full HD+ Displays with 18:9 aspect ratios on the A5 and A7 (2018). The processor should either be the Snapdragon 660 or the Exynos 7885 CPU as per the source. The A7 will come with a 6-inch display as compared to the 5.5-inch panel of the A5 (2018). We’d like to point out that this is educated guesswork and readers should consider it as such until something concrete or offical shows up.