It’s no doubt, Bezel-less” is the buzzword this season. And the trend is just getting started. With big guns like Samsung and LG already endorsing the new trend with their own phones, it’s only getting bigger. However, these so-called bezel-less phones are only half true to the concept they represent. We have yet to see a complete true all-screen phone. Yesterday, some leaked renders of a certain Meizu ‘mblu ZERO’ device made their way on Twitter. The render gives us a glance at just one side of the device, nonetheless, the concept is eye-catching.

While it would have been better if we could have seen all corners of the ‘mblu ZERO’ it appears it is truly bezel-less at the top. Too bad we can’t say the same for the bottom since we can’t see it. We could assume this design to be in line with the Mi MIX, only it has rounded corners. In that case, the headpiece would be replaced by bone conduction audio tech. Also, such a device will be a premium offering from the company, a cut above the rest in its portfolio.

However, recent thoughts of Meizu VP, Li Nan indicate that such a full-screen phone does not go well with Meizu designers adding that it causes problems with the fingerprint scanner. Moreover, Li Nan also conceded that they are working on an awesome design for 2018. Most recently, we’ve heard of a device codenamed ‘Ocean’ which is a bezel-less phone and sports a Qualcomm chip instead of the MediaTek chip which they usually employ.