It’s a well-known fact that Samsung’s flagship S series features slowly trickle down to its A-series devices. It happened with the glass-metal design, the waterproofing feature, and up next on the list seems to be a full-screen display. More precisely, one like we saw on the Galaxy S8 Active. And why not, since everyone around seems to dig them. Even on mid-range devices. So why not Samsung who took the design mainstream with the Galaxy S8.
However, a true Infinity Display is still too good to put on the A series, thinks Samsung.

Today, we’ve witnessed some renders of cases made for the A5 (2018). And apart from the thin bezels, there is a Bixby button on there too. One more noticeable change is the fingerprint sensor placement. The cutout for the camera suggests it is beneath the camera. And that would be a great thing to do. So, next year, the A series is about to get a lot better. The new design will probably adorn all the A series phones as has been happening in the past. So, just stretch the A5 (2018) and you have the A7 (2018).

We’ve also had earlier renders of the A5 phone itself hit the Internet with a pretty much same design that we see here. It’s a pity Samsung isn’t giving the mid-range phones the curved displays. Traditionally the series debuts in January, so we’d expect the same timeline from Sammy next year too.

  • riverhorse

    Make that the bezel-less A7 instead, bringing the screen size to 6+”, and send it to T-mobile USA with 600mhz support @ 128gb Exynos version(rootable). Would sell like hotcakes.