Magisk Manager, currently ascendant in its path to replace Chainfire’s SuperSU Root manager has been hit by turbulence. Earlier this month the application was taken down from Google Play Store due to it voilating with Google’s strict malicious behaviour policy. At a later point, its developer started developing a BETA version of the application but Google had updated its SafetyNet so Magisk could not bypass its latest integrity checks. Some users got around this by disabling their Magisk Modules and put the Manager into Core Only Mode. However, due to Google constantly working against such workarounds it is really hard to make the Manger work on the Pixel devices.

Now, recently, topjohnwu posted about a new BETA build for v.13 of Magisk Manger which comes bundled with Magisk Manager v.5.0.2. Now, Magisk v.13 and onwards will no longer be compatible with any version of Magisk Manager lower than v.5.0.0. Later on, he also spoke about how there might be a way for Magisk Manager to be hidden from other applications that are scanning for it. You can download the latest BETA update from here and following is the changelog for it,

  • [BETA] v13.0(96f8efc)
    – [Fix] Use busybox as fallback on older Android versions
  • [BETA] v13.0(a90e8b6)
    – [MagiskHide] Update hiding policies, enabling modules on latest SafetyNet update will pass CTS
    – [Fix] Adjusted flash scripts to only use /system components
  • [BETA] v13.0(b3da28e)
    – [Fix] Fix a small but rather critical bug in Magic Mount, using multiple modules should work now
    – [Fix] Don’t compile shell.c for
  • [BETA] v13.0(1e87780)
    – [Fix] Fix CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE issue in custom recoveries
    – [Fix] Fix daemon crash due to “e2fsck” tool outputs differently on each devices
    – [Fix] Fix Magic Mount bug causing adding files to /system and /vendor root crashing
    – [Fix] Fix another potential Magic Mount error in some extreme combinations
  • [BETA] v13.0(0b4baad)
    – [Fix] Fix daemon crashing on devices with /data encrypted
    – [MagiskSU] Add namespace mode option support
  • [BETA] v13.0(0980cb6)
    – [General] Merge MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop, magiskpolicy into one binary
    – [General] Add Android O support (tested on DP2)
    – [General] Dynamic link, from system to greatly reduce binary size
    – [General] Unlock all actual block devices for read-write support instead of emmc only (just figured not all devices uses emmc lol)
    – [General] Manage ext4 image through binary
    – [MagiskSU] Does not fork new process for each request, add new threads instead
    – [MagiskSU] Added multiuser support
    – [MagiskSU] Introduce new timeout queue mechanism, prevent performance hit with poorly written su apps
    – [MagiskSU] Multiple settings moved from prop detection to database
    – [resetprop] Updated to latest AOSP upstream, support props from 5.0 to Android O
    – [resetprop] Renamed all functions to prevent calling functions from external libc
    – [magiskpolicy] Updated libsepol from official SELinux repo
    – [magiskpolicy] Added xperm patching support (in order to make Android O work properly)
    – [magiskpolicy] Updated rules for Android O, and Liveboot support
    – [MagiskHide] Remove pseudo permissive mode, directly hide permissive status instead
    – [MagiskHide] Remove unreliable list file monitor, change to daemon request mode
    – [Magic Mount] Ditched shell script based mounting, use proper C program to parse and mount files. Speed is SIGNIFICANTLY improved