Kitkat for Karbonn Titanium S1
Kitkat for Karbonn Titanium S1

Here it is the king of all ROMS a mixture of CyanogenMOD 11, Stock ROM & Extra Features which can only be found in Mokee Open Source. I personally love this rom very much because if you ask for a perfect rom , this is what i will suggest. After great efforts from XDA Developers you can enjoy this rom on your Karbonn Titanium S1. This is Mokee Open Source Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S1. I got nothing to say about this rom its Screenshot says it all. This is pure Kitkat 4.4.4 . I hope you enjoy this rom.

ROM Features :

  1. New theme chooser.
  2. Android 4.4.4
  3. UI tweaks
  4. Added many useful apps like viper4android
  5. Google Official MultiSim SourceCode
  6. WiFi hotspot working natively
  7. Faster and stable with internal memory
  8. Smooth animations
  9. Heavily optimized Multi Language
  10. SIM switching accurate
  11. New dialer.
  12. Black and white Halo look.
  13. Based on latest CM11M8 source -Android 4.4.4
  14. Split view(Multi Window)
  15. Very Stable and smooth (On ART runtime too)
  16. Mind blowing Animations and Features :
    • Active Display
    • Lock screen Notifications.
    • Native Power Saver App.
    •  Omni speed indicator
  17. IP dialing
  18. Speed ​​Dial
  19. Music sleep mode
  20. contact smart dial T9 Pinyin
  21. lunar calendar display, solar terms, the festival.
  22. Improvement and excellence to enhance the efficiency of the phone
  23. System-level privacy protection, effective protection of cell phone privacy.
  24. Magic Fun extension centers to provide Google service packs, facial recognition and other independent auxiliary module
  25. Short Message select a contact
  26. Customize the content of messages font size
  27. Come and go electric, phone records SMS attribution
  28. Flip mute, refused to answer the phone
  29. Task switcher sidebar
  30. Task Manager Lock
  31. custom operator name
  32. List animated
  33. Active Display active display
  34. .png Crusher optimization
  35. Screen video, shot
  36. split-screen mode
  37. double click off the screen
  38. To customize the navigation bar height
  39. Off screen animations custom
  40. Non-invasive window to call.


Camera not working and few minor bugs.

Screenshots :

Downloads : ( Password : 21f4 )

I hope this Mokee 4.4.4 rom is working fine. If you loved this rom then please Like & Share this post. If you have any questions & feedback you can comment below. Good Day !

  • ronish

    plz help me… I need lollipop for karbonn titanium s1 plus..

  • Aadarsh

    Plz do you all have any custom ROM for Karbonn titanium s1 plus… If u have…plz contact me in this mail…[email protected]

  • Kotieswaran

    hello guy , could you plz share the link of custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S1 plus ..Plz this is my email ID – [email protected]

  • Prince

    Hey can you provide another link to download the ROM
    Not able to download it from Pan Baidu as it is asking for registration and Indian phone nos. are not allowed to register!
    it would be a great help if you provide me with a new download option that doesnt contain any registration stuff!

  • varinder

    plzz also provide kitkat rom for titanium s1 Plus

  • varinder

    plzz provide rom for titanium s1 plus

  • Aditya Jha

    Hi Ajinkya, I'm unable to download from Pan Baidu – it required me to register but I can't. Please reupload it on another website, I shall truly be grateful.

  • The Legend

    Is There Any Lollipop Rom For Karbonn Titanium S1 ?

    • sandeep kumar


  • Krishna verma

    is any cyanogen 11.0 kitkat 4.4.4 for my karbonn titanium s4 plus with 1 gb ram and 1.3 ghz quad core processor MTK6582
    please suggest me a rom with download link

  • Alex Liberti

    which processor mtk mounted this karbonn?

  • Yogesh Dighe

    HI Ajinkya.

    How can i revert my original OS of my Titanium S1.???
    please reply me.
    Give me original ROM or Backup file.

  • Abhishek Roy

    the above provided gapps does not work with the rom file..plzz provide with a working gapps file..even jst playstore is enough..thnk u

  • Jay Parekh

    Ajinkya the overall rom is ultrsexy but the camera bug is the center for disappointment please fix it dude
    dying to use the rom with camera fixed

    • Sorry, but camera cannot be fixed as it's a rom of S1 clone device as Karbonn doesn't provide source code of its phone.

  • Anonymous

    Can you fix the camera bug?
    or is there any other rom you have?

    • Yes you can search on blog for more custom roms of Titanium S5.

  • Anonymous

    can you make mokee rom 4.4.4 for karbonn titanium s5 without any bug mainly camera is must..

  • Aakash Das

    What is gaaps bro and give the steps to flash the zip plz

    • Gapps are google apps like Google drive, Playstore, Gmail etc. Install the Gapps & ROM : Install Custom ROM. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    Does this work on titanium s2..i am trying to find custom roms for s2 but no use..thank you

    • No, this won't work for titanium S2. You can contact me here to test roms for titanium S2 : KarbonnROMS

      • Vinayak

        Ajinkya, I have spare Karbonn Titanium S2 Plus which I would to use for testing and also interested in upgrading it to CM, Lollipop, etc. Please let me know whenever you have any of those to test.

  • Abhishek Roy

    dude this rom drains battery like anything… any solution for that????

    • Use greenify to hibernate background apps thats the only solution. Hope this helps !

  • amit kumar

    Hi can you make a custom ROM for Karbonn 18+.
    Brother there no custom ROM available for this model if you I'd I am really obliged for this kind of work for Cook you can download stock ROM from here
    Forget the comment given their because I download this and also flash it. this file is not corrupted so,please make a custom ROM for Karbonn a18+

    • Can you please tell the MTK Chipset version of A18+. Download uncle tools from playstore & Check under device specifications. Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    And how to fix the camera Bug? Any Ways?