Mokee Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5
Mokee Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

Kitkat for Titanium S5 – MoKee OpenSource is the biggest non-profit Android Open Source development team in China, with members from all parts of the world. They follow the latest development from Google closely and improve various parts of Android according to the users’ habits. Being a non-profit organisation, they utilise their spare time and own funds to keep this passion alive. Therefore, the costs for the forum and servers are solely beared by them. In order to provide a good user experience, they only included a few preinstalls in the ROM. Along with the advertisements in the forum; they hardly get enough to pay for the bandwidth. The point is, those are our only source of income, however many developers choose to exclude them when releasing unofficial builds. Unlike CyanogenMod, we did not accept monetary help at the early stages, as in China, most people do not understand the meaning of “making a donation”. They would think of it as buying a service, which is conflicting with our objectives. Anyways, they still made it until today, and even started to provide third party developers a chance to utilise their OTA system. All of these are the fruit of their hard work and passion so that we are getting Mokee ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5. They are proud of the happy users, and we are also proud of the support given to MoKee OpenSource. Most importantly, we are proud of the improvements they have achieved all these while, and the advancements never stop.

Supported Device: Karbonn S5,CM Skyfire2.0,Blu Studio 5.0S, Blu Studio 5.3s

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Features of Android 4.4.4 ROM for Titanium S5 :

  1. New theme chooser.
  2. Android 4.4.4
  3. UI tweaks
  4. Added many useful apps like viper4android
  5. Google Official MultiSim SourceCode
  6. WiFi hotspot working natively
  7. Faster and stableb with internal memory
  8. Smooth animations
  9. Heavily optimized Multi Language
  10. SIM switching accurate
  11. New dialer
  12. Black and white halo look
  13. Based on latest CM11 M8 source -Android 4.4.4
  14. Split view(Multi Window)
  15. Very Stable and smooth.
  16. Mind blowing Animations and Features.
  17. IP dialing
  18. Speed ​​Dial
  19. Music sleep mode
  20. Odexed for faster performance (only in official releases, nightlies are deodexed)
  21. Incremental updates
  22. OTA updates – update on the fly!
  23. Native exFAT support (Samsung devices only)
  24. ListView animations
  25. Multi window
  26. Calendar – with lunar and solar calenders
  27. Lunar calendar in lock screen
  28. Task switching sidebar in recent apps (the list will increase if you install supported apps)
  29. Bulk SMS recipients
  30. Adjustable SMS font size
  31. SMS sending delay
  32. Smart dialing
  33. Speed dialing
  34. IP dialing
  35. Custom carrier name
  36. Network speed in status bar (upload and download!)
  37. Built in timer in Apollo – determine when to stop playing music
  38. MoKee Setup Wizard
  39. Active Display
  40. Adjustable navigation bar height
  41. Unique Power Saver functions!
  42. Custom screen off animations
  43. Customizable recent apps shorcuts
  44. Lockscreen notifications
  45. Working CM11 theme engine
  46. Many more! Since we are constantly adding new features, see changelogs to keep updated!


    • Camera not working.
    • Few minor bugs.

ScreenShots :

Download :


Bug Fixes :

1. Install this App to fix Flashlight bug.
2. For Playstore & Gapps. Flash this file.  Download :  Link 1 | Link 2
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  • prince lakhanpal

    I install this rom. Its vry good but my google play service not working nd camera also not working.plzz tell how to fix it.

  • gordozone2

    This rom works s5 clone (mtk6589)?

  • Rajesh Kumar Rathore

    hellow ajinkya..
    have you made a marshmallow rom for karbonn titanium s5..? I’m eagerly waiting for it.
    have any amazing and bst rom for t s5 ? that you thought, you made your best .

  • Dipak Sharma

    What is the process to install ? please write step by step.

  • rahul trivedi

    hey lockscree takes years to open….plz have it fix….
    this rom is the best..
    but only lockscreen is the problem for me…
    email: [email protected]

  • AndErSan Magar

    Has the camera bug fixed yet??
    Have you found the camera bug fixed then please give me the link

  • dir sir i install the mokee rom but stuck on the boot screen .Any solution of it ?

  • Hey bro, i have dwnloded n installed the rom with TWRP recovery after succesfully installed i rebooted the phone then it showd moke open source logo. After that when it comes for selecting languages i selected the languaged by swiping but the NEXT not working. Not getting clicked when i click in NEXT but the touch of screen working fine with seletcing language. Plz bro help me what is the problem ? Why the Next option not working

  • Dharak Doshi

    can i install third party camera app for make camera working???

  • anilkumar pingili

    Please need of Karbonn s5 stock ROM small size one .
    Thanks in advance

  • does it support otg??

  • Jay Parekh

    Can it be possible to use the kernel source codes of other s5 roms and use it in this..?


    this does not have any camera app…what to do about this

  • Anonymous

    Can anybody suggest a site for kitkat s5 zip file

  • yogesh suthar

    where is the camera in this rom….if i use 3rd party camera apps than they says like :"cant't connect to camera"….plz say how to fix

    • I have mentioned it in post 'Camera not working.' That's a kernel bug. So, i'm really sorry for this. I hope a camera fix for this rom will be released soon.

    • yogesh suthar

      can you please make a new karnel for karbonn tianium s5 …
      which supports OTG also…?

    • Making custom kernel requires kernel Source code. Karbonn doesn't provide source code of their phone for open development. So, its impossible to make custom kernel without Source code.

    • yogesh suthar

      bro can you please make a rom like samsung galaxy note 3 for karbonn titanium s5…. pleasee….brother…..

    • hey yogesh,
      You can try Galaxy S5 rom for Titanium S5.

    • yogesh suthar

      yaaah but now i am getting bore with galaxy s5 rom so…… i want note3 rom…

    • Manish kumar Jha

      need a modified version of lollipop for karbonn s5
      mail me @ [email protected] fr lollipop

  • Anonymous

    Hi I installed this room but its stock in startup ? ?? Displaying the Mokee Opensource and doesn't boot. how to fix this issue. ??

    • Anonymous

      Even this custom rom gets stuck.. no use:((

    • Dear user, the solution to your problem is use the latest cwm to install this rom. The link is given in Post. Please check it & install. ROM is working fine on other S5 device.

    • RainMan

      Bhai I did install the latest cwm and then tried installing the rom.. After booting it halts at Mokee Open Source. This is with the latest ROM which u have mentioned.


      Ajinkya, any plan on SPLASH SCREEN of K-S5?

  • Anonymous

    plz make custom rom for karbonn titanium s9

    • I am currently working on custom rom for S9. Stay tuned for rom updates for S9.

  • Anonymous

    After successful Installation everything works Fine except Screen Lock.. Once I lock Screen then it never turn on. It show Black Screen Only

    Please Fix This

    Email- [email protected]

  • after installation how long does it take to go to main screen? .. for me it is continuously showing "mokee – open source" …

  • Anonymous

    tnx 🙂 .. its time to port this rom on my device,. tnx again to the one who posted in here.. (y)..

  • Srinath Srinivasan

    do you have any roms for s5+ ?

  • Anonymous

    Hi… i have karbonn a26 pls post custom rom for it there is no one custom rom on google pls as i kbow u r the fathere of karbonn roms u can do it right ??

  • Princess

    Please give me a response

  • Princess

    Can you give me Cyanogenmod 11 M10 snapshot for my Karbonn A35 plus fully tested ?
    I will give you 50$ for it.
    But i want it in this week.

  • sir camera is not ??????


      sir not the teacher

  • Anonymous

    sir camera is not to fix it

  • Anonymous

    hey ajinkya cn u plz make a kitkat rom for karbonn s5 plus

    i hope u wud make one

  • plzz..! uplod for karbon a29

  • installation aborted problem

    • Did you installed this rom on your TitaniumS5? This ROM is only for S5.

  • lookss awesomee ,,, wish i had karbonn titanium s5 :* (Y)