In this world of smartphones every user wants Official system updates as soon as possible by their manufacturer. What system updates does actually is it provides some performance,bugs fixes & Other new features. Karbonn A30 comes with Android ICS 4.0 . Today, we are  here with Pure Android Jellybean 4.2.2 Custom ROM for Karbonn A30. You can consider this as a system update as its Pure jellybean with some custom tweaks added. Android 4.2.2 gained popularity in the market just because of the new Notification panel with notification tiles. So, not talking much lets checkout the ROM.

Features :

  • Android 4.2.2 (Port from Amoi N820 JB2 v1.1)
  • Pre-Rooted.
  • Busybox.
  • Init.d support.
  • Rebuild kernel for support this ROM.
  • Rebuild kernel for touchscreen issue on somw device.
  • Rebuild kernel for memory management.
  • And flash for see other fiture Android 4.2.2
  • Added Samsung wallpapers.

Bugs :

Not yet found any major bugs except camera auto-focus but, if you encounter any bug after installing custom ROM than do a factory reset and fix permissions through CWM.

Screenshots :

How to Install :

  1. Reboot into recovery.
  2. Do a Factory reset, Clean Cache, Dalvik Cache, Android Secure,Data.
  3. Select Install from sdcard.
  4. Locate the ROM file & Select ‘Yes’.
  5. After installation, Reboot.
  6. Download the Lockscreen App from above & Install it.
  7. Done.
                We hope this Jellybean Custom ROM for Karbonn A30 doesn’t disappoints you & offer Complete performance. If you enjoyed this post please like & Share this post. If you are a tech lover and love to write/ discuss about anything related to Android, Windows or iOS you can post it on Devs-Lab and make good money out of it for more info check here. Good day !

Last updated on: Aug 16, 2015 @ 6:22 pm



  2. hi

    i have been hunting for a custom rom for SWIPE MTV VOLT phablet. specs are similar to a30. would you think this new rom for a30 would be compatible with swipe

    • Hey Murtaza ! I just searched your device details it has MTK6577 4.1 so this won't work for your device. But, i think ROMS of Karbonn A27+ might work on your Swipe MTV Volt as they both have exactly same specs. Checkout all the ROMS for A27+ here : A27+ ROM List

  3. Hi.
    I enjoyed your custom rom, but facing a peculiar issue and unable to use my phone any longer.
    I did a factory reset through setting menu, it rebooted trying to delete/erase data, android man appear and after few seconds it boots back and tried to erase the data with android man logo. This bootloop is happening for hours together. I am unable to goto CM recovery using volume down + power buttons or volume up + power buttons or volume up + volume down + power buttons.
    Volume down + power button leads to a Chinese menu, which i guess is testing screen.
    I am unable to go to CM recovery. Please help.

  4. Dear Ajinkya, Please develop a custom rom for Karbonn A30 based on Lolipop or at least Kitkat , awaiting eagerly, thanks in advance, please send me email also informing this

  5. this custom rom is best .please develop a kitkat rom for karbonn a30 and fix the camera bug.
    thank you ajinkya and 1 more thing is every think is good but please change boot logo of transformer .

  6. i want to install stock rom but sp flashtool is not detecting my phone.tell me something….its showing searching even after installing drivers

  7. We usually dont get CWM for Karbonn A 30 so use MTK droid tools carefully….I used MTK droid tools so use it carefully or it might brick your phone…!!!!!

  8. If you want to install this rom : READ BELOW ( i did this )
    1) Have your stock rom backup or full stock rom
    2) Get CWM recovery ( to make it easy , download MTK droid tools and read the process of flashing CWM carefully!!!!!!!! on the website….find it..
    3) After flashing CWM , copy the given rom in sd card and boot in recovery mode.

    Follow these carefully !!!! { Keep your phone connected to its charger } for safety .
    1) Wipe cache
    2) Go to advanced and wipe dalvick cache.
    3) Then select wipe data/factory reset option.
    4) Then, select install zip from sd card
    5) Select choose zip from sd card.
    6) Select the given roms location and select it…
    7) After that wait for some time.
    8) Wipe cache and dalvick cache again.
    9) Done !!!!
    { remember in CWM the side button is for select and volume button is to move up and down } this rom might have camera problem so keep your stock rom ready.

  9. Could you please fix the bluetooth range problem,its very short(20-25cm with stereo headset) other wise everything else is good.

  10. 1) I tried third party app but its still showing green screen after sometime.
    2) Front camera is working perfectly.
    3) What was Anand Dubey talking about camera apk flashing???? that might help..
    4) I used camera zoom fx app and camera 360 app.
    !!!!!!! I AM STILL STUCK ON CAMERA PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. first of all I THINK THIS IS A BUG :
    1) There is no camera apk in system/app.
    2) Still its showing the camera app in menu.
    3) It cannot be uninstalled because it is not bieng showed in any kind of uninstaller.
    4) I tried a person's flashable camera zip file which i got from a website.
    5) It was for 4.2.2 android but still my camera was not working.
    6) But with that flash there became two camera app and two galery apps.
    7) I have my stock roms camera apk but i dont know how to flash it.????
    8) My camera works fine with stock rom.
    9) I dont want to switch to stock rom again.!!!!
    10) Now how can i fix this????

  12. I installed your custom rom and my camera is not working.
    it shows black screen and says " could not connect to camera "..
    i cannot uninstall that camera app because it is not showing in titanium backup….HOW CAN I FIX THIS????
    WHat shoul i do …..!!!!!
    i am waiting from 2 months….for solution?????

    • To remove the Camera.apk Install ES File Explorer. Grant root access to ES File explorer. Open System & Goto App and delete the Camera.apk. Use any third party camera.apk 😀 Hope this helps.

    • According to me both are best& Stable but MIUI would be a better option as its too boring to use the Stock Android look. I think you should Go for MIUI. Hope this helps. Do leave your feedback/Suggestions. Thanks for visiting !