iPhone 8

Several earlier reports have pointed out that Apple will be sliming out the bezels and embed the home button and the fingerprint sensor into the display of the flagship iPhone. A new report today however suggests that Apple may decide to move the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device.

The report also confirms few things that we have already heard about. It reports that the 10th anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone Edition and also says that the iPhone Edition will have an all glass design. It also reveals that the flagship iPhone will have a vertical dual-camera setup on the back which would be horizontal when used in common landscape mode.

While the idea of a fingerprint scanner on the rear is completely possible, it is unlikely. While companies like Samsung have gone in with this idea to provide a bezel-less design upfront, we highly doubt Apple to do the same.

Various posts from trusted sources like Bloomberg, WSJ and the New York Times have claimed that the iPhone Edition would embed the fingerprint sensor into the display. Also, Apple has been working really hard on developing embedded fingerprint technology. We have seen various patents from Apple in this regard and Apple has the “courage” to make bold decisions. While not all patented ideas make their way into the final product, there has been a lot of evidence that Apple has been working on this technology.

Apple is a company aimed at perfection. A fingerprint sensor on the rear would mean you will have to pick up the device to unlock it.¬†Apple likes to tweak their phone and fix even small things. For e.g., Apple introduced the “Raise to Wake” feature into iOS just because the Touch Id sensor was too fast and people couldn’t see their notifications on the lock screen. Therefore, I can hardly see Apple ignoring this discomfort.

While Face-Recognition technology may help, we may face a few minor problems since this is a first generation technology. Apple is a company that emphasises on usability and I don’t see Apple shifting the fingerprint sensor to the back any time soon.


  • gaurav rana

    Apple is far from perfection, it’s just a myth spreaded by Apple itself to lure new customers. Apple is a cheap charity product – cheap products which are sold at very high prices to help poors the only difference Is Apple doesn’t help anyone with that money (oh the iPhone red does but doesn’t it put a yes that its just like a charity product) I don’t a charity product to pay apple employees, at that price I want something with all the latest and greatest tech available like the Galaxy S8 which is true perfection, who gives you everything from an iris scanner, face recognition and yeah it’s at back now but the fingerprint scanner is still there. Apple being so perfect couldn’t give an above average dispay even? A newer design in three years? Wireless charging which is around the corner from a couple of years even samsung is replacing it completely with wired charging by providing fast wireless charging, where’s VR in Apple world, try uploading a 10 min video on drive and the fastest claimed chip A10 starts to sweat. Apps aren’t optimised for multiple Windows, can it think about giving anything like providing option to login to the same app from two different accounts simultaneously like Samsung does with knox. Where is perfection in Apple? It can’t be average even. Stop being dillusional and just praise what’s truly something in real world.

  • Andrew Pascente

    Lol raise to wake feature was always on Android like Moto display & LG and Samsung’s always on display. Also their “perfection” is 1000+? No thanks.