In a recent article in Digitimes, it was alleged that Apple is close to launching a refreshed 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro in June. This the article bases on the mass production of the model which it states started sometime in March or April. Currently, the companies contracted are churning out around 500,000 units a month and by July this number is to treble up to 600,000 units a month. This is due to the supply chain’s shipment of components for the manufacturers have been increasing recently.
The reason for such ramp up in the production at the factories could be due to the projected market demand. This is aided by the fact that the company could present an announcement at its WWDC event. This projected increase in production also gives the market analysts and observers a baseline to predict the overall shipment numbers of this new 10.5-inch iPad Pro who are making predictions of up to six million units.
This new iPad Pro with its 10.5-inch display is not only going to be a bigger version of the cheaper iPad released earlier this year but also comes with updated internal hardware such as the Apple A10X SoC. Apart from this, the device will feature reduced bezels as well as a TouchID module. Due to being a “Pro” device, the new iPad will also support accessories like the Apple Pencil.
Currently, these are all rumours and cannot be substantiated unless the company makes an official announcement or statement regarding the device. Also, there is no guarantee that the device will be launched in June and if it misses the mark, it would not be the first time the upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro is missing its deadline. The tablet was expected to launch sometime in April but did not.
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