Google is convinced that Instant Apps will be a vital part of the Android ecosystem. If you have heard about it the first time though, we won’t blame you. The feature is yet to see global scaling. That changes today, as Google announced in a blog post that instant Apps will now be compatible with 500 million devices. Now, if you are wondering, which devices are these? Google hasn’t declared that in the post. However, it is reasonable to assume every device from a major OEM is covered.

Instant Apps is a great concept. It is sort of a modular concept for apps. Instant Apps allows users to pull that part of the app that is urgently needed instead of installing the whole app. It is a win-win for users as well as developers. Users don’t have to wait for the whole app and developers get more traffic and eyeballs. The idea was introduced a year ago at Google I/O 2016. And this year in May, Google released the SDK for developers to start using the feature in their apps.

Now, Google’s announcement is just halfway to the end. Still, developers must integrate the functionality before users can actually see the idea come to fruition. To hasten that, Google cited some examples that prove the effectiveness of Instant Apps. The blog post said apps like Vimeo, Jet (a shopping platform), Onefootball and Realtor benefited in terms of traffic, conversion rate, increase in user sign-up and more sharing because of Instant Apps feature.