CM 13 ROM for Galaxy S3 I9300

Its 2016 & Samsung has yet not released latest Android OS for Galaxy S3 I9300. But don’t worry, thanks to Cyanogenmod (CM) for releasing Official Cyanogenmod 13 (CM 13) i.e Android Marshmallow 6.0. As Galaxy S3 I9300 won’t be getting an official Marshmallow update firmware its an awesome way to taste Android M build in your Galaxy S3 I9300. This ROM is completely stable & all the bugs, is rectified in the final version of this custom firmware. The entire process is pretty simple, you just have to flash the Cyanogenmod 13 6.0 ROM of Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 through TWRP Recovery. Make sure you follow every steps carefully or else you won’t be able to boot into CM 13 ROM.

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Features of CyanogenMod 13 (CM 13) in Galaxy S3 I9300

  • Finger Print support
  • Multi Window Support
  • New Sytem UI and more Customization
  • Better Battery through Doze
  • New “Do Not Disturb” settings, a good step up from Lollipop
  • Better Theme App.
  • All the features of Android M

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About CyanogenMod (CM)

CyanogenMod is an alternative operating system intended to replace the one pre-installed on your smart phones and tablets. If you’ve got an older device that isn’t getting updates anymore, or if your device seems unusually slow, or maybe you’re sick of spyware, adware, and other unwanted garbage on your phone that you can’t remove… Maybe your device is missing features or has been otherwise artificially limited in functionality. Perhaps you just could use a boost in performance. Or maybe you’d like to be more confident that your operating system has included some of the latest bug fixes. If so, CyanogenMod might be for you.


  1. Root & Install Latest 3.0.2 TWRP Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
  2. Check the battery percentage of the phone, it should be at least 40%.
  3. This ROM is only for Galaxy S3 I9300. Please don’t try this on any other smartphones.
  4. Backup all your data: Contacts, Photos, Apps & other files. (Although you will not lose other files except contacts & Apps, but its better to be on the safer side)

What works in CM 13 for Galaxy S3:

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Colours
  • SD card
  • RIL (calls, SMS and data) – SIM lock probably works now, too.
  • Camera
  • DRM
  • GPS
  • Now everything works perfectly! [Update: 22/12/15]

Known issues:

  • Wifi occasionally turns off after a minute or so when the screen is off
  • Wifi p2p doesn’t work
  • Netflix’s colours mess up after watching for a bit
  • Non-FAT32 SD cards don’t work
  • Fixed everything, Everything works perfectly!


Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 CyanogenMOD 13 6.0.1 ROM
Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 CyanogenMOD 13 6.0.1 ROM

Install CyanogenMod 13 6.0.1 ROM in Galaxy S3 I9300:

  1. Transfer the downloaded CM 13 & GApps zip, in your Galaxy S3 I9300.
  2. Turn off / Switch your Galaxy S3 I9300
  3. Press and hold Press Volume UP + Home Button + Power Key at the same time to boot into Recovery mode.
  4. Do not forget to perform a nandroid backup. Goto backup option in TWRP and select all the partitions including System, Data, Boot, Recovery, EFS and swipe right to backup.
  5. After performing the ROM backup, go back to the TWRP main menu and tap the wipe button.
  6. Then, select Advanced Wipe, as well as Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache (Don’t select Internal storage)
  7. Next, swipe to confirm. Wait for the wiping process to complete.
  8. Next, Goto TWRP main menu & goto Install option.
  9. Locate the CM 13 downloaded zip file & tap on it. Now swipe to Install the ROM.
  10. Once the installation process is finished successfully, Again Goto TWRP Main menu, Tap on Install & locate the GApps zip file. Swipe to install GApps Package.
  11. From recovery select “reboot” and enjoy.

Bootloop after installing the ROM?

Try wiping data, cache, dalvik, system and re-installing. Some people have reported that dirty flashing over CM 12.1 works.

Download CyanogenMod 13 & GApps for Galaxy S3 I9300

  1. CyangeonMod 13 ROM: Download.
  2. GApps for CM 13 Galaxy S3: Gapps 6.0 (ARM/6.0/Mini) Do not boot the ROM before flashing these, or you will have to factory reset. For Now on Tap, use mini or higher

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Final words

To enable Root access, Enable developer options and look in Settings -> Developer options -> root access. Currently Doze doesn’t work in Galaxy S3 I9300 but the developers might fix this in future updates. If your camera crashes frequently, download Google Camera from Playstore, don’t use the Camera of GApps. To Fix Stock browsing crashing issues, You need to grant it permission to access storage in Settings -> Apps -> Browser -> Permissions. If you have any other issue, contact Cyanogenmod using the report feature. Hope you are enjoying Marshmallow in Galaxy S3 I9300. Peace!

  • Yeah, the old CM 13 was updated to CM 14. As the previous OS had few bugs & FCs, a new updated CM 14 was released.

  • Yaniv Ben-Malka

    The link to download CyangeonMod 13 ROM referes now to OS Version of ‘Lineage OS 14.1’.
    Does that means I am downloading CyanogenMod 14.1 instead?

  • Dusk JosePh

    try the philztouch for samsung

  • Mahmut Goktas

    How did you find CM13, I am looking to
    but there is only CM14

  • Syed Zulqarnain

    i installed twrp recovery and tried to boot in recovery mode but it didn’t work. it shows the phone logo screen and just stays there.
    i have already flashed it once using cwm recovery and installed android 4.3. could that be a problem???

  • This is for i9300 models.

  • Chagas

    Rooted with Odin. Everything went 5 stars, all steps as explained.
    No errors until now (CM13, not CM14).

    Thank you!

  • sawwman

    Hi , Is this rom (cm 14)fixed galaxy s 3 neo?

    I instal cm 13 to galaxy s3 neo but don’t work camera?
    I need help?

  • Bilal Akmal

    I tried clean flashing this on my i9300 running TW 4.1.2 but got no sim detected and unknown baseband, so i restored my original rom and Sim was working again and baseband was valid. Any help is appreciated

  • Khalid Waleed

    please answer me quickly.Can this rom run in f2fs ?

  • Mike

    Does anybody know what i need to do to install this ROM on my samsung galaxy s3 (i9300) international version running Android 4.3. Can I install this right away? Or do I need to upgrade My Android one step at a time to something higher than 4.3? Thank you

    • I would suggest you to install Lollipop first. You can also install Android 7.1 for Samsung Galaxy S3. 🙂

      • Mike

        Okay, great. Thanks a lot

  • Alfred

    HI ! i need some help for my S3 when i update to cyanogenmod 13.0-20161031-nightly…
    my wifi very week and my signal line when open is H no few minutes will be come E again can anyone help?

    • Yøūñg Àlphã

      Same for me bruh

  • Dan Cho

    Hello, I got some issues with the SG S3 camera on CM 13. I’ve installed the latest CM nightly and the GAPP_mini via TWRP. I’m currently trying to find the suggested “Google Camera from Playstore” but there is no such app. Can anybody, please send me a link or another suggestion of a fixture of the unstable app activate of the Camera?

  • eyad

    The download link is not working.
    How am i going to download the rom? 🙁

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      That’s weird! Link seems to be working perfectly fine!

  • John Smith

    I am in this reboot menu.
    But who the heck does set so SENSITIVE swipe?
    I am not able to load ,,install” option.

    Can anyone help me?

  • Mandy

    I have pin protected SIM. it’s detecting the SIM but when I enter the pin, it says pin operation failed. What to do now?

  • William Kiefer

    Meu S3 ficou com erro após instalar os GAPPS, se eu reinstalo a ROM sem os apk da google, sem problemas. Porem quando gravo os GAPPS, ocorre erro de processo precisa ser fechado a todo instante, ficando impossibilitado de ser usado.
    Tentei usar o pacote mais TOP (aroma).

  • Mordi

    Super , my S3 is now new phone for low cost 🙂 Thank you !

  • Stefan

    Thanks for tut. All working for me. No problems with network or sim.
    i use:
    Pico Google Apps ARM

    • Bender

      Thanks! I will try it. Now using 12.1

  • krak

    help! my wifi signal became weak after updating to marshmallow..always disconnects even im already in front of the router…im using Samsung galaxy s3 i9300…tia!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      you can try reflashing the ROM.

  • abubakr fatmi

    hi! i have s3 i9300 i installed cyanogen mod of android 5.1 on my phone but now it wont work…..when it opens it is stuck on cyanogens logo that bear type logo…… help plz dont know what to do

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You might have dirt flashed the ROM on TouchWiz rom. I would suggest you to install twrp recovery again & perform a complete system format from TWRP recovery. Now install this ROM.

  • Basim

    Hello, I just intalled CM13 in my I9300 that is SIII. Everything was fine until the setup came to customise,that is language selection.I couldnt click next bcz a lock symbol is coming up. Pls help me out. I am beginner 🙁

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Might be a installation issue. You can install the ROM again.

  • Luke

    First time user with an S3 (i9300). Tried cyanogen 15/07/2016 nightly build with mini GApps So far appears to be working great, though I can’t find an FM Tuner like on the stock ROM. Not sure if this is cyanogen or gapps.. Liking what you’ve done so far otherwise. Cheers

  • Josh

    Hello there. Today I finally installed cyanogenmod and i have a problem with gapps. Im using cyanogen from 2016 July 08 and the same for gapps. When I’m opening Store, it goes white for a second and then it goes back to main screen. I need to install google services. Appreciate any help.

  • Julian

    Songs start lagging when I play them through my bluetooth speaker. I think it started after the cm-13.0-20160621-NIGHTLY update.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Revert to previous version.

      • Julian

        The previous version wasn’t very smooth, apps took forever to open.

  • sashwat

    Hi…I’m confused which ROM to install…the latest one or SNAPSHOT added on 2016-01-15…plz help me to select the best one…thank you.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The latest one!

    • Luis

      snapshot are the lastest stable release.

      Nightly are automatically upload very day (maybe unstable)

  • Alehandro06

    I have installed the CM13 with GAPPS 6 and when ever i am trying to use the Phone app (after dealing the number and when i click on call button) the system reboots…
    Any ideas?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Might be some old system files messing. Format system & install again.

      • Alehandro06

        I did already 3 times! Same result

  • Mcali

    I just followed all procedures.I Rooted & Installed Latest 2.8.7 TWRP Recovery. Then installed CyangeonMod 13 ROM and
    GApps for CM 13 Galaxy S3: Gapps 6.0 (ARM/6.0/Mini). Everything is fine infact perfect but my phone has lost network. Its detecting sim network but cannot connect/register. No Service message

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system & flash ROM again. If this doesn’t fix the issues, try IMEI restore.

      • Linx

        It’s clear this rom is causing network issues with the S3, why are you still recommending it?

      • Alehandro06

        I agree on the comment from Linx below:

        ”Linx Jun 20, 2016 at 5:49 am
        It’s clear this rom is causing network issues with the S3, why are you still recommending it?”

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Well, looks like you are new to Android ROMs & stuffs. No one forces you to install anything. Its your device, you have made the decision to use this ROM. This bugs have occurred in latest updates, which will be fixed in next update. The ROM is provided by Official Cyanogen team.

  • Amrit

    I did install all the way mentioned here. The flash was successful but only problem I faced was that there is no mobile network. It says “Emergency Calls Only-“.
    When I tried to make a call it said “Not Registered on Network”. I tried changing other sims but it did not worked.
    Please help me with this.
    Thank You!

  • Vernon Charles

    I have a GS3 SPH-L710, I have installed both CM12 & CM13 with appropriate GAPPS mini’ but data will not connect. I am able to use wifi, but data never connects. can anyone help?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Make sure to perform a complete System format before installing anything.

  • santosh

    I am unable to receive calls.and can’t call ..during that time phone is rebooting

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Perform a clean install.


        I did but the same problem sir. how to fix it sir

    • Nicolas Valbuena Jaime

      I have the same problem, I love this rom but I cant find the way to fix this only bug I have…. any help???

  • muhammad attia

    after flashing sgs3 int with cm13, sim not detected, broadband is unknown ?
    help needed
    thank you

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Do a complete wipe (Format system,data,cache,dalvik cache) before flashing this ROM.

      • praga

        I have done this. Still no luck.. the same issue persists.. “sim not detected, broadband is unknown”.. I used CWM instead of TWRP.

    • Cesare

      same problem…I’ve used CWM. Problems with the SIM card and when i try to dial a number, S3 reboot!

  • Adam

    After the initial install I was able to use WiFi to download a few apps etc. Now, whenever I try turning the WiFi on it says it’s searching but then next time I go into the network list menu WiFi is off again.

    I don’t have a SIM card for this phone, was mainly wanting to use it via WiFi for music etc but now it’s useless.

    Any advice would be great.


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto Recovery & Fix permissions, Wipe cache & dalvik cache. Now reboot & check!

  • LjL

    How EXACTLY can this add “Finger Print support” when the S3 does NOT have any hardware fingerprint sensor?

  • kathir selva

    How much time system would take bootup after installtion.????after 30 mins still show logo and android is starting screen …what can i do now??

  • HaididKhairell

    hey dev , I’ve got a problem with the videos

  • Deyaa

    I have flashed the cm13 on my i9300..
    All things went right and the both rom and gapps were flashed successfully ..
    But the first messages in screen were : google play and google pkay services and the other gapps were stopped!!
    No one of them are working !!
    Please tell me what to do ?!!
    Notice:my i9300 is arm and I dow downloaded the pico gapps

    • Tatu

      my smartfone too

    • Flo

      let me guess: you flashed it with cwm.
      try twrp instead then it will probably work.
      as far as I know pico gapps is too less btw. try mini.
      good luck

  • Rochy

    After installing cm13 ;my phone not detected sim and wifi is not turned on:camera perfomance deecrease .any suggestion for me

  • Hey, My GS3 has no root, and it is a SGH-I747 model, locked with AT&T. It is running 4.4.2 KitKat. For some reason it doesn’t like to connect to my computer. If somebody could tell me how to root it without using a computer (and towelroot isn’t supported), that would be great. I would love to install the CM 13 on it, but I cannot do that without root, unless somebody know how to do that. Could somebody please help me? Thanks.

    • Aaron R

      You need a computer to do it. I have the SGH-I747M which is the Canadian Version Galaxy S3. It took me a while last year to get it rooted with a lot of bricking and I learnt the phone inside out. I found out how to root it after many tries and installed Cyanmodgen 12.1 on it and now I have CM13 loaded with it updating the nightlies about once a week. Have the odd little issue here and there with it but over-all I love it. If you want to root your phone and find a computer to do it with let me know and I’ll send you all the info on how to do it and the files you need.

    • Mike


  • Peter Schamp

    After the succesfull installation of cm 13 and gapps mini I reboot. In the first setup I can’t get any further because of Google play store crashes.
    Am I missing something?

  • Lucas

    Hola buen dia, tengo un problma con trebuchet. se detiene permanentemene

  • monica

    Hi, I have a crash report for Google Play on Gt-I9300 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow . Howard can I resolve this problem? Thx

    • Klaas Jan

      same problem

  • rj

    “Unfortunately google play store has been stopped” over and over. I don’t get past the screen where Android searches for updates. Installed cm-13.0-20160326-NIGHTLY-i9300 + open_gapps-arm-6.0-stock-20160326…

  • Hamza Alarakia


    Much thanks for this, it is appreciated. However, when I install both the files as per the ALL the steps above, I get an error message during initial setup saying: “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”. What could be the issue?

    I used Kingo Root for rooting and installed TWRP, before I used TWRP 3.0 but all I get is this error.

    Kindly advise the soonest.


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Which Gapps package your are flashing? Don’t boot the ROM before installing gapps package.

  • Noel Corena

    Hola tengo un problema tengo un S3 i9300, instale la rom CM13 pero al momento de instalar las Gapps no me instala me sale aborted error y ya probe con todas ARM/Android6.0/ Stock o la mini o la nano, la micro todas y todas me tiran error de instalacion :C y si si arranque la room 🙁 antes xq la primera vez me dio error de instalacion y arranque la room pense q igual se habia instalado pero igual vuelvo a formatear y a reinstalar la room reemplazandola nuevamnte para salga q no a arrancado y todo de cero intlar con gapps pero nada lo mismo me vuelve a dar le error :C en un foro q ya no encontre leii q habia q particionar nose q xqq las gapps de android 6.0.1 piden mas ram de lo q tiene para ofrecer el s3 y por eso da el error al particionar se quita pero nose ni que ni como se hace ayudame no se q hacer porfavor :C

  • Jzzzz

    many errors occurs . but from ur guide of clean installation . it is done thank u thank u thank u so much….. love uh.. also will donate .. :*

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Awesome! Buy some food for homeless from that money! Peace 🙂

  • Sam

    Sim card not detected in this rom.. also the imei number is gone.. pls tell the solution for this

  • Ramaz

    Hi, after installing CM13 can’t move apps to external SD card and auto screen rotation doesn’t works.

  • AndiiMeow

    Hi there dev. I have been struggling with my i9300 for weeks now coz the gapps isnt working. I have tried everything but the gapps still bombs. The download above i have tried too in the way it was explained but the error code keeps popping up saying that the gapps file isnt the version for my phone. Please help!!!! I miss google play, google play music and gmail!!!!!!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Which ARM version you are trying to install? Use ARM > Android 6.0 > Mini+ Gapps package.

  • Pablo

    instale “Marshmallow Android 6.0.1, en Mi motog 2014” y Funciona; pero …, ¡No no reconoce la tarjeta SIM: No pude Solucionar El problema. que tengo que hacer??????

  • Arrow

    hey dev! i have galaxy grand device! & i downloaded correct files for my device just need your help I installed cm13 but when i install gapps while installing gapps it always reboot in between installation. rom gets intalled correctly but during gapps it reboots the system! can u help me?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Sorry, but the above ROM is for Galaxy S3 only.

  • valery

    after cm 13 installed impossible to have access to the phone by usb cable

    • technocrazylex

      I am actualy having the same problem

      • Patterson

        change the setting which appears when connected through usb on the lock screen from “charge only” to “MTP”. enjoy

  • Lucas Momosaki

    Thanks for the step by step installation process.
    But I have one question , after the succeed, all the back up i did before the installation is inside my phone and i’m out of internal space, how can i erase and open space?


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto TWRP > Wipe/Restore > Erase Internal storage.

      • Lucas Momosaki

        but doing that, will i erase the CM13 and all the stuff I did?

        • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Conor

    Thanks for the Guide! Spent the last 3 days trying to get my S4 back working, an outdated TWRP was the problem causing gapps to Crash.

  • Sergio

    ¡Hola!, escribo, desde Chile: Seguí todos los pasos para la instalación y tener “Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, en Mi S3” y funciona; pero…, ¡No Funciona Ninguna “Gapps”!… ¡Las he probado Todas!… ¿Tiene Solución?… ¿O, hay que esperar “Nueva Actualización”?… ¡Sólo “Gapps”, no Funcionan!… ¡Gracias!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey Sergio ! Instalar el gapps junto con la ROM . No arrancar la ROM antes de instalar las gapps . Muchas personas informaron de esta solución y lo he mencionado anteriormente también! Feliz de verte aquí!

  • Axl

    Currently I’m on CM11 and would like to install CM 13 on my i9300 soon. I have CWM recovery installed. Can I flash CM 13 with it or is it necessary to use TWPR?
    What gapps version would you guys recommend?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      We have mentioned everything above. Let us know if you need anything else. 🙂

  • please i install the cm13 on my i9300 but gapps keeps crashing help pls…

  • hayyan

    Please can you help me solving? My issue for I9305 will I need to flash xxbma6 modem to fix ril and how to solve ext SD

  • marko

    A mi me funciona perfecto. Pero… de vez en cuando se apaga y prende por si solo. Queria actualizar al nightly mas fresco por si se soluciono el problema. Debo hacerlo todo de cero o es posible “actualizarlo”?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Sólo esperar a futuras actualizaciones o puede intentar hacer un restablecimiento de fábrica y borrar la memoria caché

  • Jorge L Lakah

    Buen dia. Yo seguí todos los pasos para la instalación y funciona. Pero, no reconoce la SIM: Dice No hay una SIM Card instalada. No he podidio solucionar el problema.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey , considere la memoria ROM después de un formato completo Sistema de TWRP recuperación . Como ninguno de los usuarios reportado ninguna de esas cuestiones . Esto podría haber ocurrido debido al parpadeo sucia sobre otras roms .

  • Vishnu

    Network problem cm 13 i9300 plz solve tz issue…

  • Wendell

    Same problem as “gaurav” said. I tried to install many diferents gappsgapps version (pico,mini,stock,full) but any one works. I tried a full wipe and install cm 13 again than some gapps but its not worked. I still having the error on gapps instalation. Please Help me.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Make sure you flash the gapps package with your rom. If you boot your rom, then go back and format system & flash both the files together & reboot your device.

      • Tatu Gamer

        How i “Flash my gapps whit rom? i dont know

  • gaurav

    I tried installing CM 13 on my SGS3 i9300. However, I had used CWM recovery. I successfully installed CM 13, but there was an error when I tried to install Gapps mini (ARM/6.0). It said that installation aborted. The reason was that it could only install Gapps on a fresh installation of CM 13. Please help.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t dirty flash on non-cm roms.

    • TWERPleader

      +gaurav I have the same problem but I am on my S2 GTI9100.