Resurrection Remix ROM for Lenovo A6000Plus
Resurrection Remix ROM for Lenovo A6000Plus

Lenovo introduced A6000 in Jan 2015 & A6000 Plus in April 2015. Lenovo A6000 received great response from all the users. It was also termed as one of the best low budget Android Smartphone. However, things have changed now, many new devices have arrived with much better specs & less cost. Lenovo slowly started losing hold from A6000 updates.

Things got worse after Lenovo A6000 Lollipop 5.0.2 update. Some of the common issues after update were battery drain, less free RAM, lag while multi tasking & the ugly VibeUI update. But thanks to all the hardwork of developers, we are getting the chance of using Android Marshmallow 6.0 in Lenovo A6000/Plus through Resurrection Remix ROM based on Cyanogenmod 13.

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Update 19th June 2017:


  • Resurrection Remix v5.8.3
  • More ROM features & best ROM for A6000
  • Everything working fine!

CM 13 based Resurrection Remix ROM has been added. It rarely has any bugs but few freezes which can be avoided by using less heavy apps. You might not be aware of Resurrection Remix ROM but its a modified version of Cyanogenmod 13 which has lot more customization options without compromising performance & battery life.

What is Resurrection Remix?

Resurrection Remix ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus
Resurrection Remix ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to Lenovo A6000/Plus.

Key Features of RR ROM in Lenovo A6000/Plus:

  • 32 Bit
  • Pre Rooted
  • Xposed Working (Not PreInstalled)
  • One of the best ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus.
  • Everything is working perfectly! All the screenshots are attached below!

ROM Info:

  • ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat
  • ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
  • Based On: RR CM 14 (v5.8.3)


  1. Rooted Lenovo A6000/Plus Smartphone: How to Root.
  2. Install TWRP Recovery: Lenovo A6000 TWRP 
  3. You must be on Lollipop ROM.
  4. Backup all your contacts, Apps & other data using any app like Titanium Backup.
  5. Charge your Lenovo A6000/Plus upto 30%!
  6. ROM zip file (Download link at the end)
Also read: How to unbrick dead Lenovo A6000/Plus .

How to Install Android M in Lenovo A6000/Plus:

Step 1. Download the ROM & GApps from the below link. Transfer both the files in your device’s SDcard.

Step 2. Switch off your device. Press & hold: Volup+VolDown+Power button simultaneously. Leave the button after 3 secs of vibration. You’ll see TWRP Recovery.

TWRP Recovery in Lenovo A6000/Plus
TWRP Recovery in Lenovo A6000/Plus

Step 3. Goto Backup. Select System, data, boot & swipe to confirm. It will start creating backup of your device. If in case anything goes wrong, you can restore this backup rather running through posts & asking for help.

Step 4.  Goto Wipe>Advanced Wipe>Select Wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik cache, Format System, Wipe data. Swipe for Yes! It will take 10-30secs to wipe all the selected data.

Lenovo A6000/Plus Wiping Data
Lenovo A6000/Plus Wiping Data

Step 4. Now Go to Install, locate the downloaded ROM file & swipe to Install the ROM file. After the ROM flashing process gets completed again goto Install & Flash the GApps file.

Step 5. After everything is done, wipe cache & dalvik cache. Now Reboot your device.

Step 6. That’s it! First boot might take 2-3 minutes. Don’t worry! Setup your Google Account & restore all your apps.

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To enable Root access, Enable Developer options & check “Allow Root access”. You can disable it any time. You might find some minor bugs like Proximity sensor doesn’t work, random freezes but its completely your device to upgrade to Android M. You can downgrade anytime by directly flashing Android Lollipop ROM from recovery.

  • Chinmay Samal

    use twrp recovery.img. it supports nougat

  • sandeep singh

    hey i just got a new issue named as “error executing updater binary in zip /external_sd/ (name of rom) unable to update rom. please help me out i want to update my lenovo a6000 to RR CM 14 (v5.8.4)

    • Chinmay Samal

      do’nt use recovery.img of this page. use twrp recovery.img. it supports nougat

  • Nikhil Leeuwenhoek

    no volte support still. also charging issue

  • Anant Gupta

    hi there
    i installed rr rom on my device, and when i go for ota update it says cant check update, plz help how to fix this. and one more question out of audio fx or dolby atoms which one is better

  • TestKvg

    Hi i installed RR CM 14 (v5.8.3) after that am unable to boot my device, pls help me

  • Ano Jose

    im running cm 12.1
    its lollipop bases, not exactly lollipop though.
    will i be able to flash the ROM?
    or do i have to revert back to stock lollipop ?

  • Sarath MV

    Any recent issue with the ROM I should be aware of , I saw many but it is common in a ROM , so are all issues solved…,?

  • Shravan Dwarka

    Can I install it if I have kitkat on my phone?

  • Vivek Mp

    The battery capacity is 2100mAH but after installing this ROM it charges up to 1500 mAH only….the battery is not stable

  • Pavan Kumar

    Boss gapps are not installing it said installation failed and also it said that rom is not compatible

  • Sheeraz

    Yes shashank you are right, that is not possible we can’t switch to VoLTE network.

  • amir nuar

    I’ve installed this RR rom. But the battery drained so fast. How to overcome this problem??

  • Santosh Pattnayak

    Please tell me a rom volte support for a6000 plus

  • Santosh Pattnayak

    Can I use volte after flash this rom on my a6000 plus????


    Wifi issues even after flashing Custom kernal patch..please help me guys….

  • Aazib Ansari

    Sir, I have installed the custom ROM (Resurrection remix) in my Lenovo A6000. everything is working fine but whats app is not running upto the mark. it takes too much time to deliver a messege. and GPS is also not working.
    Please find me the solution as soon as possible.

  • Using Custom Kernel, yes!

    • Aazib Ansari

      Please tell us how to set the Kernel to get VoLTE and OTG support.?

    • Shashank

      I dont think you are providing correct info about the VoLTE capability of lenovo a6000.
      Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 is not VoLTE enabled, So how can any custom Kernel can impart VoLTE capbilities to it.

  • fatheen

    Is there any chance lenovo a6000 plus to support VoLTE and OTG…at any time….??

  • Did you use TWRP recovery?

    • abrar

      Admin bro….I think you are a member in XDA developers….,
      They gave RR ROM 5.8 android nougat update….and it is working very fine except few bugs like
      1. Can’t use internet if two sims are inserted….but it is working nice with one sim
      2. Google play downloading is not working with mobile network,but nice with WiFi
      3. No theme engine

      So plz inform them about my feedback….am not able to reply there that’s why am writing here….thankz

  • Ujjwal

    I tried to install it but it writes that footer is wrong and signatur failed.
    What should I do please tell me soon…..

  • Bharat

    updated rom is awesome,
    working fine…
    except fm radio( unable to change frequency) and also for (applock and 360 security app) I am unable to give usage access permission in settings because this app is installed but missing in usage access setting.
    please show some solution how to fix it..
    hoping you will help me..

  • Hey,
    1. No, you need to update to Lollipop before installing any 6.0 ROMs.
    2. Yes, it supports Jio Sim.
    3. There isn’t any major bug. I was using the device for around 3-4 days with RR ROM. It was by far the best ROM to install in A6000.


  • You might be doing something wrong. It works fine.

  • Vijay Kishore

    Thank you for this new rom. Every thing is working fine except some issues. 1. Free ram as mentioned ( 500MB ) is not available. Only 285 MB of ram is available. Next I am not able to install apps to my sd card. It is using Internal memory only. 3. File manager stops unexpectedly. Will let you know if i find more . Can you please let me know how to overcome these issues.

  • Dhruv Narasimhan

    3 Ques dude…

    1) I am still with kitkat (4.4) not upgraded to lollipop ( & Unable to upgrade as it has some issues)
    can i still use this rom???
    2) Will it 4G volte support ( Reliance Jio Sim) ???
    3) Is there serious bugs in this rom after its intro from 18 sep….!!!

    Thank you for reply in advance bro….!!! ( But pls reply)

  • Meduri AJAY KUMAR

    my network was not work (sims) in my phone how can i fix it please

  • Dark Lantern

    i followed all the instructions and the flash said it was successful. but after rebooting it, it showed all the new boot screen of resurrection remix and all and then got stuck on the boot screen with a message below “starting apps”

  • aniketh 20503

    Someone please tell me how to delete misc files without losing root access and data

  • aniketh 20503

    I mean GB

  • aniketh 20503

    And now misc has become 6 GH

  • Dhaval Patel

    not working stuck on boot logo, i have done all things as per instruction except gapps is some how not installed

  • aniketh 20503

    now its still not booted for ten minutes

  • aniketh 20503

    it says no os installed but i still reboot should i have done it

  • karthik

    dear dev,
    i installed this rom on my a6000plus..i used it for 2 weeks.and today it suddenl reboots and it is displaying rr logo a R symbol.
    I think it is bricked .. pls help me..quick response needed.

  • Ari Are Hier
  • Romy Singh

    @devslab:disqus – How to use the multi-window feature?

    • In Settings App > RR Settings > Extra settings. You’ll find an option as Multi-window(Experimental), something like that.

  • karthik

    I installed rr rom on my a6000 plus..when I tap on is showing that “unfortunately settings has stopped”
    Help me with this .

  • Aftab Ashrafi

    Dear developer… does the data works on using dual sim on 5.7.4 version…..and also plz provide me link to download original rom because 2 times it said that rom is corrupted

  • Aftab Ashrafi

    Why it shows that file is currepted while installing the rom

  • Aftab Ashrafi

    What is custom kernel patch ……is it necessary to install or flash plzzzz help me because I want to install this ROM on my main device

  • shafi

    How to disable heads (halo) from screen …any idea I tried but not working and also double tap to screen off also not working… Otherwise also perfect

    • You can disable heads up from Notification customization & double tap to screen off works on status bar. Double tap on the status bar to turn off display.

  • abcd

    is it safe to use finance & banking apps on this system?

    • Yup! Don’t worry about any data leaks. Although its open source, it doesn’t have any tracking code.

  • sha

    I flash RR ROM ,working good,but phone get heating too much..
    ..any solution…. Pls reply.

  • hi devs, the rom is awesome!! 🙂 but there is a few bug.. please informed me if there is new update that fix some bug issue. My email is [email protected]
    Thank you so much.

  • Gopal

    GPS not working please help

  • Avinash

    hey developer, this is Avinash.
    your rom is very good n very fast ,everything things works fine except one thing
    I am using jio sim in this I am unable to receive call through jio4gvoice because volte is not supported in lenovo a6000.
    please help me very important otherwise i have to install my official lollipop 5.0.2 but it lags much

    • Basil Mathew Aikkãrakudy

      Im also having the same problem

  • Apoorv

    I have installed RR in my lenovo A6000+ using TWRP. I also flashed GApps immediately after it, the process was successful. But after rebooting the phone I couldnt find the GApps in my app drawers and hence they dont seem tobe installed. Everything is working fine in my phone except the fact that am unable to install GApps even after successfully flashing them. Cana anyone help me?

  • Apoorv

    The downloaded file comes in the form of a folder. Now when you asked to install the ROM file, after selecting the the folder of RR remix, am not getting the swipe option directly. Instead am presented with two .img files, namely boot.img and splash.img, on selecting one am presented with the flash option. So which one to use?
    And also there is an option of flashing it on either boot or recovery? Which one to use?

  • azhar ALAM

    I have using this ROM for few weeks and I found one bug that in notification flash lite option automatically disappear most times.I checked in the setting flash lite is showing in setting but not showing in quick setting panal…if any one know how to solve this problem please contact me on my whatsapp 9122586826


    FM radio not working ,am using RR 5.7.4 in my a6000 plus ,pls someone help me to fix this
    Thanks in advance

  • zach

    After flash rr.I waiting for start until now Stuck at boot (3 hour),PC just detect android,please help…

  • DzikrRully

    Stuck on “patching image unconditionally…”

    How to fix it?

    On Lenovo A6000 with s061 minimalist rom

  • fatheen

    Is there any method to change 4G LTE band to 40 in this rom….if any trick to increase the internet speed in this device plz inform me

  • sagar saxena

    all good buddy performance battery ui all good but the only serious issue is images are not loading at all…its taking forever to load… so jst letting you know of it… fix it please.

  • vinod

    Everything is fine,done everything as you said,working super.but after 10 days i had forgot my patern lock and tried to hard reset by pressing volume up+down+power buttons,but it strucked at logo,seems like i had lost boot in recovery mode,any solution to install again twrp or should i change any settings?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can install TWRP by booting into fastboot mode.

  • rahul

    signature verification failed…
    what should i do?

  • endoq g bastian

    I already installed this rom…it’s awesome..but i found a problem..dual sim…i only can use the same simcard at slot 1 that i used at lollipop rom..when i try to replace by another sim card to can’t access the internet…i’ve tried with two or three sim cards..and it’s still the same..( the problem is only happen at slot sim 1 ).now i only can use sim card that i use at lollipop rom…please help me to fix this problem…or do i have to downgrade to lollipop rom again?thanks

  • shashank

    Is this ROM ,VoLTE enabled.?

  • yogesh

    The ROM is working awesome but im facing problem with installing Gaps.
    first i tried ARM pico , its installs but shows problem , “unfortunately google play has stopped.”
    i have also tried nano Arm . bUt its shows the same problem .. how can i fix it.

  • Rido

    is it possible if i flash it using CWM?

  • Apurv

    Camera quality is not good. Some blur image captured. Changing destination sd card then image cant captured.How to improve quality of camera image?
    And how to update RR v 5.7.1 to latest ?

  • kunnal

    Is there a need to flash kernel ?
    Reply fast
    I have only flash the rom

  • shubham

    Hi bro rom is very Good but battery is draining faster. is there any fix for it…….tnx

  • Sam

    This is the best ROM ive installed so far works great thanks to the devs. It was a pain finding the Gapps for this,, finally found one… now everything runs like clockwork.. this gapps link worked for me

  • Ambar

    My WiFi is working fine in this new ROM so what difference will happen if I flash that WiFi fix ? Will it improve my device performance, battery, etc?

  • Saamy

    I installed this rom one month back now i am using this os from last one month,
    Everything is ok. Performance, sound, apps installation, connectivity, internet speed , downloads.
    But the only problem is battery. if you charged 100% battery if you used continuously it will come only 4-5 hrs. But if you keep the phone without any work battery is good.

  • Vinay

    I just installed Resurrection Remix 5.7.1 in my lenovo A6000. Everything is working well apart from Gapps which I’m unable to install. I have tried flashing nano and micro version of ARM Gapps but they don’t show up in the phone after reboot. I think I will have to flash the Gapps along with the ROM again. To do so is it mandatory for me to install the lollipop ROM again or can I just follow the same steps in this article with the custom ROM and also do I have to paste the zip file(of Gapps) in the internal storage or the SD card.
    Please reply ASAP as I liked this ROM a lot and have no intentions of reverting back to the laggy VIBE UI.
    Cheers 🙂

    • dev

      check wether ur phone is arm or arm64.try flashing arm64 version of gapps.

  • Yogendra

    ressurence remix has a serious issue of charging. Many times charger not detected. And if charger is detected but not getting charge. Any solution for this. ??? . . i am not able to charge my phone then this rom will be useless

  • muralikrishna

    iam try to install but i didnt create backup. now iam struck in team win.p;ease give me a solution to get previous version

  • Ashish

    If i im in rr rom and if i use 4g netowrk…will i get 4g speed or not…some of my friend told me.that i will get 2g speed in rr rom…

  • Jagdish

    Also is there any setting like advanced boot,(Which was In my previous mokee based rom) having option to reboot in recovery mode, as I am unable to go to recovery mode by pressing keys at startup. (This issue I was facing before installation of this rom, I was able to go into recovery mode only through advanced reboot section in setting).
    Thanks in advance.

  • Jagdish

    Rom is good. But issue I am facing is I am unable to connect to 2g internet through my simcard, 3G on other simcard works perfectly, I tried changing sim slot, but in vain. Also my pc is not showing either internal or external card. Please Help!!!!.

  • saleem

    Awesome ROM….but Slow charging

  • swaran

    Superb ROM,but I’m having little problem with high accuracy mode,i don’t get location inside from my home or car..but in device only mode I’m getting location( not so pinpointed) this a synchronization problem between AGPSand GPS? Please please reply….

  • digivijay ingole

    i wiped cache dalvik cache system and flash the rom and then gapps and then wiped the dalvik cache and cache and rebooted my phone but it is just showing ressurtion remix and then installing app and then again ressurtion remix and the again installing and so on .pjone is not turning on . what should i do

  • Karthik

    how to set default internal storage as sd card and camera snap as blank when change to sd card how to fix it please help me.

  • ANU

    friends got the solution for RR LOW call volume IN A6000 PLUS
    go to explorer with root access mode then goto >system>etc>mixer_paths_qrd_skuh.xml
    then go to handset>RXI DIGITAL VOLUME 92>change it as per your need donot increase above 99

  • Md Farhan

    rremix a6000 super su installing binary fits freeze bro………………….what to do

    • Shashank Kumar Dwivedy

      It is pre rooted.
      So why you are doing that.
      Must read the information before installing anything.

      • done bro* everything working superb except incall volume

  • Md Farhan

    hi i have flash RRemix cm13 in my lenovo a6000 —– everything working fine except call volume adjusment and second bug is no option for deactivate sim2 or sim 1 ….anyone help me

  • Azhar Khan

    Thanks, Worked perfectly, no bugs, such an awesome rom, it was first time installed any custom rom , damm easy and simple

  • Abrar

    I have wifi problem in this ROM
    Me and my friend installed this ROM properly….everything works properly,even battery backup also fine…we have wifi facility in our college,and it asks to sign in all the time we connects….but after installing this ROM ,wifi gets disconnected always….so it is very difficult to use that wifi….any wifi fixation…??

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yeah, even I have faced this issue. You can try this wifi fix: WifiFix

      • Abrar

        Used this WiFi fix……but now WiFi is not at all getting on…..very sad

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Flash Custom kernel.

      • Abrar

        Please just suggest me the best custom ROM without much bugs…..

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Resurrection Remix or CM 12.1

  • ANU

    rom is great .but only one proble is the call volume is too low?
    how can i increase that?
    i cant goto enginnering mode?

  • sandeep singh

    how can i get back to my stock rom, please help me guys.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Follow unbricking process.

  • srikar

    hi sir! i installed rr rom and g apps as u mentioned above all went well. but i stuck in “Starting apps.” resurrection remix logo. since i was in miui8 rom yesterday but it has bugs so i wipe out system, cache and internal storage with twrp recovery but i’m unable to wipe dalvik cache. i failed to backup my data for 7-8times i skipped that and unfortunately i wipe out internal storage. plz help me. now i’m unable to install any rom all roms are stuck at loading… or starting apps. plz help me. what is my phone status

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash new TWRP recovery.

  • srikar

    hi sir! i installed rr rom and g apps as u mentioned above all went well. but i stuck in “Starting apps.” resurrection remix logo. since i was in miui8 rom yesterday but it has bugs so i wipe out system, cache and internal storage with twrp recovery but i’m unable to wipe dalvik cache. i failed to backup my data for 7-8times i skipped that and unfortunately i wipe out internal storage. plz help me. now i’m unable to install any rom all roms are stuck at loading… or starting apps. plz help me. what is my phone status?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please perform complete system format & remove the MIUI TWRP recovery (3.0.0) & install the recovery image provided on Devs-Lab.

  • Swaran

    Hey devs-lab, can I get 5.7.1 RR ROM for lenovo a6000 plus?

  • swaran

    i have only two issues
    1. wifi hotspot: with jionet public hotspot,when i connect to the hotspot,i don’t get the sign in option sometimes… tried disconnecting and connecting number of times..(after some try i got the sign in option but this process was working fine with my stock rom,usally get it in first attempt)…. no problem with bsnl public hotspots though
    also the wifi keeps disconnected when i download through firefox but no problem with torrent

    2. dual sim problem

  • Amit jaykar

    Audiofx is missing, When I flash Capps call ui, audio fx is still crash why ?
    plzz help me..

  • Karthik

    Restore failed how to fix it … Please help me.

  • ab

    Is there any newer update

  • Arvind

    Hello Team,
    A wonderful ROM u have made and i must say i have enjoyed it for a long time..Now i want to go back to my KitKat stock rom..But i’m unable to boot into download mode in this ROM….any ideas or suggestions u have?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash Lenovo’s Lollipop ROM from TWRP recovery. Then you’ll be able to boot into Download mode.

    • BINOY

      yes, to install stock rom flash it with using lenovo enter download mode press both volume up and down button together and plug the usb cable to the works 100%

  • Sapan

    Can I install this ROM on Lenovo A6010 ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff


      • Sapan

        Please suggest me ROM for Lenovo 6010.

  • Daniel Velev

    RR 5.7.0 here –>…w?pref=2&pli=1
    -In-call volume increased still not adjustable though
    -Updated Cam libraries by Crazy Joker added
    -Camera Next Mod added credit goes to @PrathameshMS

    Change log for RR…CHANGELOG.mkdn

  • Rohit

    v5.7.0 already available with better camera and stablity but low in-call volume hasn’t been fixed: (

  • Abhinav

    i am not getting the twrp screen

  • akki

    Install Google zip file
    But it say update google play service

  • akki

    Good app can’t install

  • akki

    Patch, source
    Need to download or not

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      No. Only Patch.

  • Flashed the ROM yesterday and have found the following bugs (some are a little too annoying):
    1. Flashlight in QS is not stable, every boot has causes it to appear or disapper.
    2. Flashlight option in power menu causes to reboot.
    3. Default wallpapers are sometimes cropped or may reboot may cause it to be zoomed in (a little hard to explain this :P)
    4. Cannot select a default SIM for calling or SMS, it chooses my second SIM every time. (VERY ANNOYING)
    5. The device model shows Lenovo K3 – T.

    1. Please remove the alphabet layer in the app drawer (it completely kills the looks)
    2. Cannot find a way to access the QS when the phone is locked.
    3. Please dont ask for a password when I access the dialer from the lockscreen.
    4. Can I have a way of changing icons for a specific app?

    Overall performance:
    1. Battery decent enough.
    2. Heavy apps open quite quickly.
    3. Dont really like the camera app.
    4. Not a big fan of Omniswitch.
    5. Multitasking is decent. Multi-window is OK at best.

    The ROM is a refreshing change. And, yes the bugs need a fix. Help DEVS!!

    • Sagar Vikmani

      The SIM problem has been rectified with a few reboots.
      Also, can the wallpaper be non-scrolling?

      • Devs-Lab Staff

        Use Google Photos while setting wallpaper

        • Sagar Vikmani

          Ohk! There’s definitely a SIM problem if you are using two sims!
          I change the settings, no effect… Then I reboot and the changes happen! Then somewhere down the line, somehow it uses my second sim to call!! Need a fix. HELP!!

  • Shashank

    I have found small bugs.
    1.I have added the option of flashlight in the long press power menu. But as soon as i try to switch on the flashlight from the power menu it reboots. One soecial thing i will like to mention is that it happens only after alternative boot.
    2.Also i have added the option of flashlight in the quick settings but the flashlight icon dissapears after every alternate boot.
    3. And while the flashlight is turned on the screen blinks blue for a very small period of time. It continues to happen till flashlight is turned off.(My screen is 100% fine, so there is a issue in the ROM)

  • Rohan P

    Hello Team,

    The ROM is Good !! But Need Some Help in the Below Points :
    1.I am not able to Install GAPP package since the Phone is Not Opening in Boot Loader.
    2. I am Unable to Connect the Phone to Laptop With the ADB tool it is showing as Null.
    3. If I want to change the ROM or Restore the Original back how can I do it ?

    Thanking You.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      1. Install Gapps from TWRP recovery.
      2. It might be because of improper installation of ROM.
      3. Take a backup of previous ROM before installing the ROM from TWRP recovery. If you don’t like the installed ROM, just switch back!

      • Rohan P

        Hi i am not able to Boot into TWRP Recovery nor the Boot Recovery of the Device !! and I am not able to connect the device in adb mode to lappy too..

  • Karthik

    Please Can you upload more screen shots for this Remix Rom.

  • Shashank Kumar Dwivedy

    How to Set the preferred data sim to “ALWAYS ASK”.

  • Karthik

    Can you upload more screen shots for this Remix Rom

  • Jenil

    Apps are lauching quicker in this ROM. The only problem Im facing is, low in-call volume. When Im increasing the volume during a call, the volume slider is moving, but volume is not increasing. Pls suggest me a solution for this bug. My device is a6000.

  • Shashank Kumar Dwivedy

    Excellent Performance,
    Very customisable, very stable and lots of elegance
    Super ROM for A6000(mine)

    But Sound Quality and Calling quality Seems to be sub par
    Please Give a solution.
    I really love this ROM

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Soon will find a fix for that! 😀

      • Shashank Kumar Dwivedy

        Please ASAP

      • Shashank Kumar Dwivedy

        Please make me know how to set the preferred data sim to “ALWAYS ASK”

  • Pranay

    Please give a solution for the Mic and Handsfree problem…..

  • Parasu

    Hello Devs-lab

    I installed successfully this ROM..but unable to install gapps…coming error this not compatible your drive…I downloaded arm64 Android 6.0….that correct for my lenovo a6000plus????? Or other?? Arm??pls tell me…..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The ROM is 32-bit. You need to install ARM version.

      • parasu

        ARM version which bit I will download???? 32bit or 64 bit????

        • Devs-Lab Staff


  • techipie888

    gd job dev-labs finally u satisfied us for what we need , wth this rom evrythng works flawless, like evrythng is much much bettr thn the listed roms . but as we say nothing is prfct in this wrld (:p :p lol) though this rom is also hav some issues
    . speaker sound is too low
    . call sound quality is low
    . bit slow chrge
    .battery is ok but not perfect as the stock rom
    othrwise this rom is perfect
    thnk u dev-labs for this rom, hope u’ll fix the issues soon

  • Pranay

    Pls Can u fix the mic , handsfree and the sound is too low to hear while listening to a call

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Did you flash the patch file?

      • Pranay


      • Pranay

        how can i downgrade to lollipop stock rom pls tell me

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Just flash this ROM (Lollipop for A6000 | Lollipop for A6000 Plus) from TWRP recovery.

          • Pranay

            thanq very much but pls can u fix that handsfree and speaker problem ?? everything is awesome in this rom

            • Pranay

              That Rom Showing error while flashing pls give me a suggestion

          • Pranay

            That Rom Showing error while flashing pls give me a suggestion

      • Mahesh

        The problem is even after patching.. The mic is highly sensitive and it captures minute sounds like instances when you move your fingers on the phone during calls. I guess decreasing the mic sensitivity a bit will help.

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Will try to find a fix.

  • Mahesh

    Mic is too sensitive. Call recipient complain about noise during call. Any fix?

    • Anonymous

      ya true Call quality is very low
      battery is like “OK”

  • Manu T S

    I have this rom installed. But i want to upgrade it to new version.
    Do i want to go back to lolipop to flash this new rom dated 12 june ?
    is the can’t connect to camera bug fixed in june 12 version


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system then install.

      • Manu T S

        format in the sense ?
        also this patch file is after applying the 12 june version?
        also please tell me how to apply the patch file

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Flash the patch file in the similar way you flash ROMs.

  • techipie888

    this rom is fine ….. lite as compare to any othr M rom .
    thr is only 1 problm whn i flsh dis rom it work fine bt aftr flshing suprsu it stuck on starting mode the only thing i see is its logo . i flash this rom wth suprsu and wthout suprsu , wthout suprsu it work fine bt wth suprsu it stuck on starting mode

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The ROM already has root enabled. Why would you install SuperSU?

  • Vivek

    i have installed this rom and i have flashed as you have instructed. but i cant find google play services or any other google apps like play store in my device. i had backed up modt of my gapps that i had been using on android 5.0.1 using ESfileexplorer and tried installing them too.. but then im getting the error message ‘unfortunately google play services has stopped’ .pl help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Use ARM32 Gapps for new version.

  • While flashing the ARM64 gapps recovery says its not compatible and after installing ARM it says success full but its not available while I turn on my device its all blank plz provide a solution to this

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please do a system format before installing. Then install ROM, then Gapps.

  • Anonymous

    hey Dev-Labs
    can i use it on my Lenovo A6000?? not A6000Plus!!!
    i’am bit confused

    • Devs-Lab Staff


      • Anonymous

        Which Gapps i have to choose?
        i have lenovo a6000!!! arm64?

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          If you are installing this ROM, use ARM Gapps.

  • Shekhar

    FM and camera is not working, how to fix?

  • Sumit

    best custom rom ever without bugs and very fast,excellent battery backup, go for it, THANX DEV LAB STAFF.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      A much better ROM coming soon! 🙂

      • vaibhav

        Any other ROM coming in recent future based on marshmallow for lenovo a6000?

      • amit


  • dev

    How to root cm13 on levono A6000 plus …
    I didn’t get root access even after enabling root in developer options ….please help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash file.

  • thomas chacko

    ma display light not working ples tell solutions
    am usng thz os in 2 weeks
    suddenly ma ph disply of f ??

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Might be some hardware issue with your device because the ROM is working fine in other devices.

  • Manu T S

    I am using this ROM for 2 days now
    Very good one except the provided camera app showing error “cannot connect to camera”.
    Pls suggest a fix for this

  • Karthik

    Can you upload video for this. Its more helpful for us.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Will try!

  • Dhananjay

    hi im finding an option for Camera, after above ROM. Plz assist..

    • vaibhav

      a better camera app

  • akshay

    For install this rom our device
    Root need or not

  • Anant

    Is it necessary to install Dolby

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nope. It’s completely up to you!

  • hasmukh

    I Am trying my lenovo a 6000 to advanvs wipe inludinding system,data,dalvik casche,and casch but not wiping error is wipe is feild please help and one more issue in advans wipe extra option i am showing adroid secure and sd-ex please help to wipe my mobile

  • LifE

    The fix for the Facebook and Messenger is following:
    Use Root Browser from GooglePlay.
    Rename to
    Path for Facebook app data/data/com.facebook.katana/lib-xzs/
    For Messenger data/data/com.facebook.orca/lib-xzs/


  • LifE

    Is there any fix for the camera, because it says “Can’t connect to camera. It might be in use by another app” even after reboot. My phone doesn’t want to connect to the pc… No matter on which USB mode it is.
    Which kernel would be the best to flash, so the FastCharge, Camera and USB connectivity would work?
    I have a problem with God’s Kernel r2.

    Thx for your answer.
    Best Regards, LifE

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t install God’s Kernel!

      • Aftab Ashrafi

        Is it necessary to install kernel…..
        Or it works only by installing ROM n gapps

  • Karthik

    Thanx. Can you upload video for this. Its more helpful for us.

  • Lloydie

    Everything about this ROM is awesome! :-). But the radio… Its always closing when I opened it. It says “Unfortunately, FM radio has stopped.” Do you have any solution for this? Thank you. Keep developing. :-).

  • Karthik

    Is there any bugs in this rom please help me soon ex fb and whatsapp …

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Using this ROM in A6000 from 4 days. Everything is working fine. Bit battery drain. That’s it!

  • Droidnoob

    I’ve another query, I took a backup of my data ,system and boot as recommended(prior flashing)that includes my apps .What if I were to restore only the data from my backup ,will the apps work on cm13 as they did on stock ROM?Much gratitude,dev.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you are coming from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1, all apps will end up throwing Force close. If you are switching from 6.0.1-6.0.1, yes all the apps will work normally. Hope this clears your doubt.

  • Raja

    Extra buttons are present on the screen. how to remove?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto Settings>Personalizations>Navbar> Just off the Navigation bar.

  • Droidnoob

    Got this thing up,but could someone plz tell me where is the kernel file and which kernel would help enable USB fast charging ,Idk what I’ve to do to get fast charging .

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey, Custom kernel seems to be creating problem with this ROM. We will inform you as soon as we find any way for fast charging. Till then enjoy the ROM.

  • Karthik

    Is there any bugs in this rom please help me…

  • hasmukh

    I Am inatall twrp recover can i install cm 12.1 or cmd 13 R0m in lenovo a 6000

  • Anupam singh

    Task manager not opening . help

  • Anupam

    boot loop is occurring . Please help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Do a clean flash. First format the system from TWRP then install the ROM.

  • T.Ravicharan

    cynogenmod 12.1 has wifi not turned on pls fis dev’s-lab……pls fix it all functions also very good but wifi not turned on

  • WTF

    I flashed ROM, then Gapps, then k¨God’s kernel, and my phone cant even show starting logo for 3 secs or custom recovery/fastboot

    • Jude Rahul Mathew

      Hey buddy, your phone is Hard Bricked. maybe you missed a step or something went wrong while you were doing it. I don’t really know but some hard bricked device can be fixed by ourselves. Just Google it and try to flash it to official firmware or you have to service it.

  • Karthik

    Is there any bugs in this rom please help me

  • siddhesh

    Plz Whatsapp ka GRP create karo na , n if rahega to muze add karo » 9619003943

  • i.Rush

    Can I flash this rom from miui 7 based on lollipop???

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Amit Bhowmick

    Except camera everything is awesome.

  • Vrihad Agarwal

    there is no fm radio but it is listed under system app remover.
    and the audio fx system appears again after removing it from system app remover ( i have installed Dolby and therefore wants to remove audio fx)

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Remove App from system/app folder. (Use ES File explorer)

  • Hi All,

    Anyone installed this updated ROM, is everything fine, is there any issues bugs?
    becoz i would like to install this..

    Thank you.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      I did try it! It freezes sometimes & you need to wait mins to get it normal. But all other features works great. Facebook & Messenger App doesn’t work!

  • Ali

    After updating from lollipop to CM 13 on lenovo a6000 my headphone jack is not working .pls help me

  • nihal

    Don’t install this ROM it has so many bugs and waste ROM no applications are opening and Dolby also I suggest to not to dont

  • sourav

    its open not in english? how to fix

    • let the installation complete and when the mobile started you’ll be given the option to choose language.

  • Mr. BT

    hello, after i install this rom why my phone always restart?

  • Sohel

    What’s the solution for call sensors is not workings (nearby the calling speaker) during a call.



  • vishwak

    do I hav to root my phone first ?

  • ray stark

    Not working wht to do

  • M Vamsi Krishna Reddy

    Camera not working even after bug fix flashing as soon as I opens the camera phone is getting restarted

  • rushikesh bhagat

    Can I flash this ROM I’ve KitKat 4.4.4 can I flash this ROM director I want to get lollipop first?
    Please help

  • Muhanned

    everything showed up a success, then when rebooted it is stuck on lenovo logo. what do i do?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system before flashing this ROM.

  • ijat

    very good tutorial and i enjoy this rom but have a update to fix bugs?

  • Shrestha Omer

    We can transfer our apps to sd card?

  • SAM

    “”””Can’t install Gapps. (as u call it flashing)
    it gives “gapps installation failed”
    any solutions? “”””

    This is SAM, even im facing the same problem, why aint you respond ????
    you copied this from some where else kya???

    then why dont you respond ???? we trusted you and bricked our handset,,

    now “G-apps”” isnt installing,,, what the solution ?? we need to “unbrick” and go bac to Lagging Kitkat kya??’

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Everyday we receive more than 1000+ comments & you expect us to reply for issues like this? No one else faced this issue except you. The above comment comes from same ip Address & location as of yours. You might be doing something wrong. Sorry for sounding mean, but we have never cheated our readers & this ROM works perfectly fine (tested in A6000 & A6000+). If you did something wrong, its not our mistake. Please read the procedure before jumping to flashing.

      • hussain

        need facebook crash fix


        even though the rom is fine, camera is not working any fix for that ??
        else this is a great rom

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Camera is working!

  • Noob

    Can’t install Gapps. (as u call it flashing)
    it gives “gapps installation failed”
    any solutions?

    • aditya

      there is solution for every thing you need to download only 6.0 gapps or the gapps installation will fail for sure and it mite lead your phone to brick

  • mad

    The pacman rom is compulsory or not

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nope. Just to let you know that Lenovo A6000 has Pacman ROM too.

  • Jaxob kary

    Hey is Google now tap working

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • oualid

    the facebook app
    & the messenger app

    are crashing they don’t work in 6.0 or the 64bit

    any fix

  • oualid

    the flash is not working any fix for it ?

  • An honest review about CM 13 from me.
    I have been using this unofficial CM 13 from last 15 days, and I must say everything is working decent apart from the things given below:
    1. It automatically restarts sometimes and when it does, it never scans a wi-fi and I have to manually restart to make it working.
    2. Facebook app does not work, it crashes.
    3. Don’t know about other games, but Need for Speed also crashes.
    4. As soon as I try to edit and image using built-in Photo -editor, Gallery crashes.
    5. call sensor near speaker does not work, even if my phone is on my ears the screen keeps on and I accidentally press something while on call.
    6. Disconnecting a call needs a screen wake up using the lock button, only then the call windows open so hang up.

    1. Doze feature is simply superb, and over all battery life is great. I can easily have it for 24 hours with Wi-Fi and Clash of clans.
    2. User interface is amazing.
    3. Different theme option.
    4. Multi-tasking between apps and overall perforce is remarkable.
    5. App permissions are working perfectly, now i can easily decide what an app can access on my phone.

    Did I miss something? Do comment.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Thanks for adding value to the comment section! That’s the perfect details about the ROM. Cheers!

  • here is any bug in this rom?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      There are few Sim & battery bugs which are yet to be fixed. It is not yet meant for daily usage. However, you can try it to taste 6.0 in Lenovo A6000.


        That is good.

      • chris dani

        Hi, are all the issues fixed? or does it still have a few bugs?


  • it is stable or not?

    • Ankur Chatterjee

      The ROM is simply awesome. With some glitches but that doesnt matters.
      But can you add USB OTG support? If yes then how.