Samsung’s DeX accessory that was unveiled at the Galaxy S8 launch ceremony was a pleasant surprise. Partly, because nobody saw it coming, and partly because it is something that is quite useful for on-the-go work. For the uninitiated, the Samsung DeX is a dock that allows that instantly grants users with a desktop interface provided they have a monitor.

The most recent implementation of the tech was by Microsoft’s Continuum. However, since the Windows mobile devices themselves were largely neglected, that concept died away with Windows mobile’s demise.

However, we now have another big player willing to go hands-on with this concept, Huawei. The info comes via a report from a French tech website, Frandroid, which says that the Huawei Mate 10 might just come with such an accessory. The Mate 10 would also need a similar dock as DeX but Huawei is also tipped to use a wireless solution.

According to the report, the Huawei Mate 10 would be compatible with Mirabooks making it more compatible then Samsung DeX. A clue to this was a statement from Miraxess CEO Yanis Anteur himself.

“For now on we recommend to use the Mirabook with the Galaxy S8 for DeX and Windows Phones for Continuum. I also have a secret news for you (sic), the new Huawei smartphones announced on 16 October will have a DeX like feature and should be compatible with the Mirabook.”

Notably, this is just the first instance reported for such a Huawei product, therefore we don’t have any images or even vague ideas about the interface. Not to say, that Huawei can’t do it. Because, after becoming the second most popular smartphone brand, this move is definitely possible.

A desktop interface supported by a mobile device is something not many OEMs have delved into and it has untapped potential. However, we have yet to see if this gets widely adopted. Come October 16 and we will surely find out if this was a hoax.