Huawei’s last major announcement of 2017 is on October 16th when they will show off the much-hyped Mate 10. Or is it? The Chinese company just sent out press invites for a December 5 event to be held in London. Curiously the teaser hints a device with even slimmer bezels than we already know are on the Mate 10. Adding to the intrigue is the tagline, “MAX YOUR VIEW” which is not what Huawei has used for the Mate 10.

Now, the Chinese behemoth has remained mum about the identity of the mystery phone and that is adding to our excitement. Some have expressed opinions that this could simply be a relaunch of the Mate 10 or even the Honor 9i. But looking at the minimal bezels we think this has to be something else. It could be the Honor Magic that showed up last year as a concept or even a completely new device. Also, the invite shows two frames very close to each other which gives us the impression of a foldable device too. On the other hand, it could just be two variants of the same device.

Further deciphering the image, we can see the “#IOOI” words which indicate dual cameras on the intriguing new Huawei hardware. Bezel-less has been the buzz word this season as most brands have come out all guns blazing with the concept. However, true bezel-less phones that have less than 5% space on the screen are yet to be seen. Apple’s iPhone X is close but that notch on the top really comes in the way. Apple would be better off with a full bezel instead of it.

There is still more than one month before the event takes place so we have plenty of time for more leaks. Let’s hope Huawei has something to blow our minds and not just a relaunch of an old device.