Huawei is going back to what it does best – connect people and now things. Rising up to the challenges thrown up by Internet of things, the Chinese telecommunications giant has announced a new Hi-Link standard as well as a Lite OS operating system for Co nested devices.

Huawei Honor brand president George Zhao said the reality of connected devices now is disappointing as all companies have closed ecosystems. “The scenarios being presented are impossible as the devices are from different companies and ecosystem,” he said adding why a protocol like Hi-Link was needed. Hi-Link will understand all device languages and will speak to all of them in one standardised language.

Huawei announced partnerships with Haier and Broadlink for connected appliances and also announced that its new Lite OS SDK will be open for everyone to develop new things. Lite OS is supposedly a fourth of the size of existing IoT kernels and much faster. “This kind of cooperation will make smart homes really great and operational,” he said. The company hinted at routers with Hi-Link inbuilt to act as the hub for all smart devices in the home, whichever company you they might be from.

The announcement was made at an event to celebrate the second anniversary of the Honor brand from Huawei.