Looking beyond the flavour of the year 2017 (bezel-less), we see smartphone design has reached a dead end. Unless we have foldable screens next year. And no, we are not talking about the Axon M kind of foldable phones. We’re talking about true bending displays. Samsung has been the long-running contender for the first spot in this area. But a recent interview with Huawei CEO has revealed a new dark horse.

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, sat with CNET, to answer some questions regarding the brand. Yu said that Huawei is definitely working on a foldable phone but it is not ready yet. Optimistically speaking, he said it should be next year.

The Huawei CEO also highlighted the particular design they are working with has two screens and that it is not their final product.

“Huawei isn’t ready to launch the device, but it could as soon as next year, he said. First, the product needs better, more flexible screen technology, as well as better mechanical design. We have two screens. But we still have a small gap [between the screens]. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap.” he said.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any patents or images to show you what the device would look like, we hope 2018 finally becomes the year of foldable phones.

Apart from that, Richard Yu also stated that Huawei has plans to expand to the US. The company has in the recent past made it clear that they want to be the top manufacturers barring none.