HTC vive vr 2017

Something which is scary and exciting is the future, which unfolds a new way to live everyday. We usually have a tandem mindset of completing work all together, this ability of us has boosted our productivity in many ways. We wanna feel many things as such we wanna visit beautiful places but due to certain limitations we aren’t doing it, this led to necessity of forming of Augmented Reality.

In a philosopher’s word VR is a device to fool the head to think at some place where you actually are not (Like movie Inception kind of!). And the best device right now to gain an Augmented Reality feel is the new HTC Vive VR wireless which was launched at CES 2017 Las -Vegas.

Highlights Of HTC Vive VR:

  • Real World Awareness as the front facing camera blends with the real world elements into virtual world.
  • The straps are comfortable and adjustable so prolonged use won’t be an issue.
  • A wide viewing lens of of 110 degrees that is almost as immersive view which one can fathom.
  • Impeccable accuracy with 32 sensors for a 360 degrees of motion tracking so the host gets the most realistic and precise feel.
  • Full HD+ resolution of 2160×1200 with a 90 Hz refresh rate frequency giving the eye popping and smooth action
  • Good news for the ones with spectacles it comes with adjustable foam which fits almost all eye glasses and facial structure giving the best comfort among the market.
  • Wireless controlled so feel free and move freely.
  • Immersive hi audio dac for an amazing sound output.
  • Steam live support so play your favorite games.
  • Working open source project so future for the supported games is bright.
  • Termed as best of Product by many websites for CES 2017.

Hoping to see it soon in the Indian Market but it has a staggering price of $799, choice is upto the purists if its worth the price then you can savor the best of tech reality right now.Do leave a comment below regarding your thoughts about it