HTC has now made it’s top end variant of the squeezy shiny HTC U11 available in the UK. The 6GB RAM/128GB ROM variant comes with a hefty £699 price tag. Also, the new variant can be ordered only from Moreover, if anyone has an HTC Club Membership, he/she will be entitled to receive 10% off settling in for a price of £629.10. Not to forget, the entire shimmering color palette is available to choose from. That is black, blue, silver and red if you can’t recall it.

The 4GB RAM/64GB ROM variant has already been available for some time to Britons at £50 lesser (RRP) than the 6GB variant. For that difference, buyers get extra RAM and storage plus dual SIM capacity. Otherwise, both variants are one and the same. Do take note, that this is the pre-order period, the devices will start shipping in early September, says HTC.

Despite being a great flagship for this year, the HTC U11 has not hit the right chords with the global public. It has also faced a formidable foe in the shape of the Galaxy S8. The hefty phone comes with stock-like Android Nougat and impressive camera (highest rated on DxOMark). To top it the liquid metal design got rave reviews from a lot of reviewers.