HTC U 11
HTC U 11

HTC has already launched one of its flagship phone for 2017, the HTC U Ultra which is the bigger device coming in with a display size of 5.7+ inches and a ticker display. Unfortunately for HTC, the device didn’t get the reviews as well as the response that the company was hoping for from the device. HTC U Ultra was criticized for having 2016 specs launching in 2017 and some controversial decisions like removal of headphone jack. Though, the company is already trying to draw people’s attention away from the U Ultra and towards the next flagship from the manufacturer. It was earlier rumored that the device will be called the HTC U.

Today, we have some new reports from the best possible source, VentureBeat. For a perspective, Evan Blass nicknamed @evleaks, the famous leakster works for VentureBeat. VentureBeat has cleared once and for all that the next device coming from HTC will be called the HTC U 11 and not HTC U or HTC 11 or HTC Ocean. As weird as the name may sound, the company has decided to name its next flagship with this name.

According to the report published by VentureBeat, the new name comes “in an effort to bridge past and present naming schemes.” And, it pretty also makes sense regardeless of other opinions. While the number 11 signifies that the smartphone is the successor of HTC 10, the U in the moniker places it in line with the latest HTC U series.

The report also revealed that the HTC U 11 would be made available to users in five different hues namely: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, and White. However, not all of these colors will be made available in all regions.

HTC would be hoping for the success of this phone like never before and the company is already trying to create the hype around the phone. We would know about all the official details about the device come May 16. Stay tuned for the HTC U 11.

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    Good luck htc with U. U will need it