Unbrick any Mediatek Smartphone using SP Flash TOOl
Unbrick any Mediatek Smartphone using SP Flash TOOl

This Tutorial is to guide you how to Install Official Stock ROM in any Mediatek Smartphones OR How to get your Bricked phone back to normal working condition. Sometimes due to an installation of custom ROM, not meant for your device you often end up bricking your device. No charging, boot loop or white lines on the screen are some of the signs of a bricked device.

But you can get back to normal through some simple steps which involve, flashing ROM through CWM but sometimes you can’t even get into recovery mode but, this isn’t the end of your phone. Today we’re with an article about how to unbrick your phone; you can even use this method to install stock ROM. We are going to use SP Flash Tool also known as Smart Phone Flash Tool.

Note: Do not flash firmware which are not meant for your device ,or else your phone will be completely dead . Even SP Flash tool will not detect your phone. So Check carefully the name of zip file.

Download Latest SP Flash Tool:

  1. SP Flash Tool for Windows
    1. SP Flash Tool 5.1744: Download (Latest)
    2. SP Flash Tool 5.1736: Download
    3. SP Flash Tool 5.1728: Download
    4. SP Flash Tool 5.1724: Download
    5. SP Flash Tool 5.1720: Download
    6. SP Flash Tool 5.1716: Download
  2. SP Flash Tool for Linux
    1. SP Flash Tool 5.1744: Download (Latest)
    2. SP Flash Tool 5.1728: Download
    3. SP Flash Tool 5.1724: Download
    4. SP Flash Tool 5.1716: Download


  1. A PC with Windows or Linux OS.
  2. USB Cord
  3. Manually install VCOM drivers on the PC
  4. Your bricked Android device.
  5. Original/Working Stock ROM (Do a proper research as flashing the wrong ROM would permanently brick your device)

How to Install VCOM Drivers for SP Flash Tool:

  1. Open Device manager from My computer. Click on any item & Goto Actions > Add legacy hardware.
  2. Now, Press next & select Install drivers manually.
  3. Press next & click on Have disk.
  4. From the browse option, select the VCOM drivers as per your OS.
  5. Once its done. You will see a screen similar to this:
SP Flash Tool VCOM Driver Installation
SP Flash Tool VCOM Driver Installation

Once you are done with the Installation part, goto device manager & you’ll find a device similar to this:

After Installing VCOM Drivers
After Installing VCOM Drivers

How to unbrick Mediatek MTK device – SP Flash Tool:

Step 1:  First  Download  Official “Stock ROM / Firmware” From your Official site.

Step 2: Install the download file.

Step 3: Now Power Off your device & remove the battery only if it’s removable.

Step 4: Extract “ ‘***”.zip i.e Stock ROM  (** Indicates the file name)

Step 5: Run Flash_Tool.exe from the SP Flash Tool folder

Unbrick Any mediatek device.
Unbrick Any mediatek device.

You will see something like this .

Unbrick any Mediatek Device.
Unbrick any Mediatek Device.

Step 6: Select DA Please make sure the Download Agent has been assigned..

Latest SP Flash Tool Options
Latest SP Flash Tool Options

Step 7: Select scatter file. Please make sure you select the correct scatter file that you found in the ROM zip. Select DOWNLOAD ONLY.

Select Preloader file -SP Flash Tool
Select Preloader file -SP Flash Tool

Step 8:   Once you have selected everything, Click on the download button at the top. Connect your phone with the battery in it.

Click on Download
Click on Download
a. MOTA SIU like (Recommended) :
Function :
 Only Boot.img,Recovery.img & Android will be updated, format->Download.
b. Format All + Download :
Function :
 Format Whole Flash and download all images.
c. Firmware Upgrade :
 Aim to protect important data from to be lost.
d. Custom :
Image files to be updated (format -> download) can be customized in this scene, 
that is, partial download is allowed.

Also Check:

Download Process Indications:







download1 download2Download Complete:

Flashing finished

Step 10: Now Power On your device if it doesn’t gets on Automatically to begin the downloading process.


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  • Mediatek da usb vcom drivers
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  • How to flash dead android phone from PC.

If you still need any help or if you’re facing problems in installation,  you can ask us in the comment section below. Let us know your queries about anything related to this post in the comment section. If you found this post helpful, then don’t forget to share this post with other Android users so that they could get their dead phones working in few easy steps without paying few dollars for it.

  • Shola

    Do I need the SCI USBtoSerial drivers installed like in your screenshot? because I have tried everything possible but my infinix x551 fails to connect

  • Kaunglay

    Hi I use sp flash tool and MTK device when I finish download but data in my phone is no deleted. Help me plz.

  • vompute computer

    hello please help I wanted help
    my gionee a1 is bricked and not opening even recovery is not opening
    bootloader is unlocked
    what should I do if it des not work?
    please reply soon
    and why are those download links cutted

  • Mayahn akaffou

    hello please i am begging for your help . i wanted to flash my infinix x551 but instead of installing the firmware x551 16g-1g, i have installed the x551 16g-2and now my fone cannot start and even when i used the infinx tool it stuck at 0%. please help me and sorry for my bad english i am francophone. please

    • I’m sorry to say but you literally killed your phone. Only the service guys can fix it now!

      • Mayahn akaffou

        ok thank you

  • hfjdhd

    Any other procedure to satrt phone agin

  • hfjdhd

    Does not working procedure u described ….still phone is dead

  • Abu Sey

    same with mine too tecno a7

  • Gul Hasan Khan

    Hello sir,
    I have Lenovo K4 note. My phone is not booting when I press power button phone is vibrate and Lenovo logo appear for some seconds then again phone is off and vibrate and lenovo logo appear & again phone is off and vibrate. phone restarting again & again. I use your flash method flash is successful but phone is at same condition….. please help me.

  • Жасулан Миркалиев
  • juned

    After formatted whole flash unable to flash new stock rom my phone is not detected by sp flash tool but pc makes a sound while i connect.

  • juned

    I have formatted whole flash and now i am unable to flash because my phone is not detected by flash tool but my pc makes a sound while i connect my phone so please help me..

    Phone : intex aqua power HD
    Battery type : non removable

  • Жасулан Миркалиев

    Hello! Could you help me? I did steps 1-8 but download was erorr. What i have to do https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2d0ec5225fb029a254c2533eb5b9cb824ba2f8ab4d891dc351a5f0606b2e662.jpg

  • Suvam

    Thank you alot. You saved my phone. 🙂

  • TechSTER™

    Minor problem, or completely dead….

    • Chris Papas

      The phone itself won’t power up, display charging etc. Talks to the PC and is recognised by the sptool, downloads the Rom. But that’s all.

  • TechSTER™

    I had the no sim and IMEI problem when I flashed a custom ported TWRP, but eventually I had to reflash firmware as I had no other option….

  • TechSTER™

    yep worked thnx


    I just saw all the method U described here……but i want to ask you that I can’t find location of many files which are shown In Sp flash tool ……SO what shuld i do NOW……!…So pls Help me here.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85e5778e29ae909934873d8a312be69d2ed0ddae3b34423347131f28d856d285.jpg

  • thnx sir..now my device is working fine..
    but the problem is that sim card is not readable..
    when i insert the sim card it show invalid IMEI no..
    plzzzzzz help me…
    tell me what to do..
    My device is pixi 3.5 – mtk6572 – 4009e

  • I downloaded the stock rom, sending to mobile ok, but start in infinity loop.
    How to solve?
    Pixi 3.5 4009e – MTK6275

  • Chris Papas

    Heed some help with an MTK Iphone 7 Plus, I believe it to be a 6571 Rom (model is A875 on the board).
    PC recognises the unit when connected via SP Flash tool. I use the SP tool to flash the unit.

    Flash is successful using the “MT6571__alps__MN4A2ZPA__875__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.22 read by asif” rom I downloaded.

    So it goes to completion using “Download” mode, but still no power, no screen display etc.

    Any thoughts.

  • ParaLaUAZ!

    There’s a great big black hole between steps 4 & 5 of the driver installation…..

  • shawn letsie

    hi sir, am trying to flash a huawei y520-u22, but i get errors, like system has stopped or all apps has stopped, i dont know what to do. help

  • JaBir Hussain

    sir, please help me, my coolpad note 3 lite has been softbricked.
    it is not charging so i cannot flash my phone through sp flash tool
    plsss reply soon i am waiting for you to hear your grand reply.

  • misha

    i am trying to flash a huawei y520-u22, but i get errors, like storage mismatch, i dont know what to do. help

  • Ambrish Mishra

    sir pls help.mera unite 2 comletely dead ho gaya hai.ye mere laptop pe detect ho raha,sp flash tool memory detail me nand flesh file missing de raha hai,isme rom sp flash ke thrue flash ho ja raha hai but na phone on hota hai na recovery pe jata hai.plsssssssssssssssssssssss replyyy

  • Hellbert “Bert” Rosales

    My phone is O+ 360 alpha plus 2.0 hung on logo, after flashing using sp flash tool, it won’t turn on or charge even successfully flashing the device.

  • Prince

    I installed VCOM drivers successfully on my bricked xolo Q800. I want to install TWRP but when I start download nothing happens only bar gets blur. Help me with it

  • Arpit Tyagi

    My Device is Micromax Unite 2(8gb+1gb).
    previousy my device is going on recovery mode but stucking on logo and restarting. But when I flashed the rom using sp flsh tool. My device is comletely dead.
    It is Detecting by My PC But not starting.
    Please help.
    Downloaded rom from Mounisky.

  • Axay Jamwal

    sir my device is not detected by pc whenever i connect it to pc it only do charging and neither the phone storage or sd card are shown on pc how to flash roms ??

  • ripon

    Well, the program’s working. Already installed drivers and it’s detecting the phone as well. Also have the original, exact firmware of the phone… The only problem is, whenever the process is done, no errors whatsoever, the phone is not flashed. The phone is still the same, no change. What to do?? Mt6582 gretel p1 tab.

  • Bikash Gupta

    hello sir, i tried to flash my smg360 clone, i went through all the process and it says done aswell, but when i tried to power on my phone it didn’t get started. and now it even doesn’t show charging lines/// plz help me sir

  • Bart Aerts


    I tried to follow the manual, but get this error. Anybody know a possible solution?

    Thank you in advance. Greetz, Bart

  • Prince Perez

    my lenovo a536 says “NO COMMAND” then i use sp flash tool then it nvr charge and boot up :((. in sp flash tool it says ” PMT CHANGE FOR THE ROM; IT MUST BE DOWNLOADED” help please https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65e78615e287890b12e69b9ef0b64a31d37db7a1ce19282d14e03191b7cff75a.jpg

    UPDATE: the Yellow loading is done and it says DOWNLOAD OK, but my phone doesnt boot up 🙁

  • arvind chauhan

    thnx sir..now my device is working fine..
    but the problem is that sim card is not readable..
    when i insert the sim card it show invalid IMEI no..
    plzzzzzz help me…
    tell me what to do..
    My device is Lenovo a319…

    • Mari Muthu

      maui meta ver tool u try can.all the besr

  • Ventagli

    My device detect and show MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port without “yellow exclamation icon”. My problem is when I press the “Download” button nothing happens.

    • Shorn Sebastian

      Same here .. You got any solutions?

      • 357 Chronic

        click download then connect phone…then put battery in phone

  • sunny

    sp tools not detecting htc 620g. how to flash with sp tools?

  • Rhea Arsenio

    how can i repair the NAND flash of my cellphone? oppo joy3/A11w wer can i download a legit and working scatterloading file? need help!

  • Rhea Arsenio

    me too, my oppo joy 3 wont work.just keeps on vibrating…ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected. any solution sir?

    model: OPPO Joy 3 A11w
    help is greatly appreciated..thanks!

  • Tejarny M Hadeydhayur

    please i have dead infinix x507 that require flashing and i try to flash it and sp flashtool said <the target device is NAND not EMMC..please what can i do to it….u can inbox me via my mail [email protected]……please your reply is needed ASAP

  • Praveen Sundarajan

    I have a micromax doodle 4 (q397) with no power button and its stuck on bootloop. The phone is rooted but I haven’t turned on usb debugging. Even though somehow I managed to enter recovery mode, I can’t select any option in recovery cause there is no power button. Will the above article will be a solution for this or is there any other solution?

  • dcolo

    Hi guys so I have a umI z. I tried to install twelve but as soon as I got it installed my system wouldn’t boot up anymore! Stuck in bootloooop!so I tried wiping data cache dalvik cache but nothing helped. So I tried to flash the original Rom for my dievice using my twelve recovery. But it said “invalid zip file format. But after trying to reboot to twrp the stock recovery showed up and now I have a bricked phone and no customerrecovery… HELP

  • Abjal Basha

    Hi i am using meizu m2. my phone .my phone is not working due to flashing wrong ROM. my phone repeatedly restarting. i am unable to go recovery mode.phone can goto fastboot mode. please help.

  • Shairf Al Akkad

    Hello , I have Chinese i6s Plus MT6582 , I used the correct Rom for it, when finish updating my device is dead even master reset not working now
    Please Help !!!

  • Happyy Charles

    Will it work for lenovo vibe s1 because I tried to root it but it failed then when i boot it shows “boot img fail!”?

  • From where did you get the stock firmware? Sometimes the file has proper names & the inside content is of different device.

  • You might have flashed the wrong firmware. Please mention your device name & the ROM you flashed.

    • Aditya Mal

      Device name – Spice Dream Uno Mi-498
      And I’ve flashed (Spice-MI-498-Sprout-Reference-Pack-1379542-KPW53-ALPS-KK2-AOSP-SPROUT-SP-P5.zip)

  • Syed Sajjad Haider

    when i connect my phone.. its starts charging. i tried many times.. removed battery but still when i connect.. it starts charging.. i don’t know what is happening.. please help me

  • Usman H

    Qmobile S5 flashed with sp flash tool but is stuck on qmobile logo. How to resolve this? I have tried on firmware from two different sources.
    I can enter into recovery and bootloader and fast boot etc.

  • James Liu

    I just signed up to say Thanks guys! My dead phone came back to life! Salute!

    • We love you for that! Glad we could help you in any way! 😉

  • manoj

    when im flashing with flash tools, my charge was in 14% and when in yellow bar suddenly it stopped at 5% more time and after that i unplugged and my phone was dead now i dont know what to do?plz help

    • Can you charge your device? Does the screen light up when connected to charger?

  • Aditya Mal

    Spice Dream Uno bricked after flashing.Please help.I’ve sp flash tool v.5.1648.

    • Get the stock firmware & follow the steps above.

      • Aditya Mal

        Sir actually I was flashing the stock rom and it was successful. But then the phone didn’t wake up. Before flashing I can use it in fastboot mode and custom recovery. Please help me to get back my phone. My PC still recognising it. Please.

  • Akansha Doshi

    Hi, thanks for your article, but my phone is not getting detected even after installing both the drivers. Can you help?

    • Is you phone responding after connecting to a charger?

      • Akansha Doshi

        No. It is not responding at all.

        • I guess its completely dead. Visit your nearest service center.

          • Ankit Gupta

            I have same problem
            My lenovo tab2 a7-10f not detech by computer even after removal of battery
            I had used sp tool and use format option
            After OK message I removed USB
            After that moment it never detect by my computer
            Please any tell me any solution!!

        • Suvam Mondal

          I followed this method and it worked perfectly.

          After installing all the required usb vcom drivers, the computer wont recognize the phone at first, ignore it. Follow the next step, i.e., flashing with SP Flash tool. Connect the phone after clicking download and it should work. It worked for me.

  • John Ocampo

    OPPO A11W (Joy 3) just vibrates after successful download process. What’s wrong? Please help. Thanks.

  • John Ocampo

    Any chance of fixing your phone?

  • Please use the latest SP Flash tool version.

    • HT

      Sir I also have
      The same problem of storage mismatch and I have already download use any latest SP flash tool
      My phone is Micromax a350
      Totally bricked

  • Benjie Robledo

    Storage Type Mismatch
    Scatter Storage Type is HW_STORAGE_EMMC
    Target Storage Type Is HW_STORAGE_NONE

    How It Fix This Error…. Please Reponse As Soon As Possible

  • Mehar Zeeshan

    Hi sir .i have samsung 9082mtk 7562.after flash it did not work.the phone is going dead mood.and did not conect again with pc.if it connect i try flash again .but after flash it does not work

  • gurusd

    i got an infinix x352 but the stock rom i download from hovatek is not working with my phone… i have communicated with them already cannot do anything right now… is there a custom firmware i can use to re-flash my dead brick android Infinix X352? this has been formatted included the bootloaders and is completely dead…

  • Mehroze

    Hi bro, i did the flashing process for my lenovo a526 as it went into a bootloop which wont stop even after formatting. I did the process just like shown above, but its stuck at the red bar (download da 100%) and wont move forward. Help please.

    • Anonymous

      U need remove battery and than put in again

  • orly lamigo

    i flash my iphone 6s mt6571 and i lost the apple boot logo,kindly provide me link where can i download the latest scatter file for my phone with apple boot logo.

  • near

    Hello, I bricked my phone, and to restore it, I used the backup of a rom of the same model with sp flash tools but, after the #flash, the phone lights but the screen remains black with fesses that Circulate. Yet it works I may even receive calls, please how can I fix this, thanks in advance

  • Jovylle Bermudez (Twero)

    My oppo a11w is bricked

    showing only mtk usb port in the devicew manager
    not preloader vcom
    please help

  • John Ocampo

    My OPPO A11W won’t turn on after flashing. It just keep on vibrating. Please help!

    • Jovylle Bermudez (Twero)

      we have the same device

  • md omer ali

    Hi bro I have almost done everything but when I am connecting my mobile to pc they was showing me usb not recognized and automatically disconnected my mobile can u tell me any solution

    • Start the download process, it will show “Waiting for device”. Connect the device at that time, it will start flashing. Once the process starts, the device won’t eject.

      • I have Xperia M5 E5663, I tried to flash a generic ftf with FlashTool in flashmode, it asked to flash the FSC script, but i clicked no, but the flash still continues and finished it successfully anyway.
        Afterwards, it asked to disconnect the usb, my phone turns off immediately and have no reaction to any power on modes (All of those fasboot, flashmode, & normal mode, even the hard reset methods), it only reacts with a RED led on the top, only turned on when i plug a usb cable into it.

        What should i do? Should I just bring it to the Service centre?

        • nevermind… I bring my device to service center already.
          I already successfully rooted my device in MM too

  • Nick Arthur

    Hi guys i think here will be my last stop… i have a ee eagle tab which is huawei mediapad m1(s8 301L) i installed incompatible rom on it and it got my tab bricked.. its has been experiencing boot-loop for more than a year now and am so worried. i have seeked for its stock rom so many times but dont know where to get em. can someone plz help me get it or help me in any other way. i will b very greatful .. the tab is all i have . someone should help me….

  • Kaif muhammad

    My smart phone gives its massage _FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (ERROR CODE = 32)

    Plz solve its problems

  • Spitaleti Felipe

    I am from Brazil, i have a doogee X5 (8Gb) and need help.
    I updated the rom to stock (it was with a custom), but now the phone no longer works, the backlight lights up, and the touch sound as well, but it has no image in android, recovery mode, or CWM.
    I utilized the mt6580 flashtool, try a lot of diferents roms, try erase the bootloader, format, etc.
    All roms has the same problem, only sound..

    Can someone help me?

    • I guess there’s no official firmware available for the device.

    • VDavid003

      I guess something near boot is corrupt.. Are you using the right scatter file?
      Are you installinv the right rom? I have the same phone and there are 3 revisions of the device. The first is rare and not really supported but it is up in needrom.com . The second(what I have) is the most common, often called as Doogee x5 ddr2 The third is less common but is the newest. It is also called Doogee x5-b or Doogee x5 ddr3.
      Oh and an other thing: is factory mode showing up? Opening it is like going to recovery but use volume down instead of up.
      Glad if I could help you

  • ran

    Thank you very much.
    Is it possible to flash only one image , not all of them ?

    I try to flash also with fastboot, but it get hang in “erasing…”.
    Isn’t fastboot possible to flash ?


  • Download Official firmware.

  • Erica


  • I’ve installed the driver correctly, I’ve got working TWRP and Stock ROM. My problem is just that after clicking on “Download” and plugging in the device (Tab a10-70f), nothing happens. If Iremove the device I get an error, so the device is found somehow. But nothing happens, I’ve tried it for several minutes and once even one hour with no response, it stays at 0%. What now? :/

  • bhaskar

    error code 1013 in micromax canvas knight …

  • andy

    My smart phone is not responding to the charging also after I format from sp flash tool
    The format was failed at 15%

  • andy

    My smart phone is not responding to the charging also after I format from so flash tool
    The format was failed at 15%

  • Henri Durt

    Hello i have a big problem with a briqued xiaomi redmi pro, i have tryed to unbrick it with SP flash by “flash all+Download” with official chinese/english ROM, but the problem is that when downloading i have this message error with the “cust” folder:

    does someone know the solution for this “sp flash tool” message?
    thank’s a lot

  • Majid Benslimane

    my problem is that i couldnt turn off my phone, when I click in the power button im listning to the sound of unlocking menu but nothing left in my screen (the lights of the buttons are also working)…

    Any suggestions ?! (sorry for my bad english i’m french)

    Thank’s anyway…

  • ran

    Does it download ALL paritions or are there are any paritions which these tool does not access ?

  • Ruslan Soprano

    what if i have MTK6750 and flash tool dont support it

  • Ruslan Soprano

    meizu m3s MTK 6750 SPFT doesnt support?

  • Mr.Amir

    =============== Memory Detection Report ===============

    Internal RAM:

    Size = 0x00020000 (128KB)

    External RAM:

    Type = DRAM

    Size = 0x40000000 (1024MB/8192Mb)

    NAND Flash:

    ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected!

    EMMC :

    EMMC_PART_BOOT1 Size = 0x0000000000400000(4MB)
    EMMC_PART_BOOT2 Size = 0x0000000000400000(4MB)
    EMMC_PART_RPMB Size = 0x0000000000400000(4MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP1 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP2 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP3 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_GP4 Size = 0x0000000000000000(0MB)
    EMMC_PART_USER Size = 0x00000001D2000000(7456MB)

    ============ NAND Test ============

    SKIP! NAND Flash was not detected!

    what about this? NAND Flash not detected. Please someone help me.

  • thariqsukkoor

    Bro, My device : Micromax A116, MTK6589.
    It is not booting & not even charging. My device getting detected by SP tool. But getting following error during download process. BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069). Please https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5bf3c249e97aa79a9065e520959642655e38011e929e6680726add92c1e73ee1.jpg help me to recover my phone.

  • itsmebap

    what if its still boootlooping ? pls help

  • Koushal Saini

    i got error


  • anik

    bro i want to flash my redmi note 3 3gb ram phone
    but flash tool says

    • Meaning: Hash (integrity) check of the images being flashed failed.


      * Use SP Flash Tool V5.1516.00 @ https://goo.gl/ABPMHc
      * Ensure to select the right Download-Agent
      * Navigate to Options > Option > Download and untick DA DLL All.

  • Problem phone

    Sp flash tool does not detect my lenovo s860.What should i do?

  • helci

    instalei a rom em um celular orro x… ele ta lingando mas nao aparece nao na tela… da pra ouvir o som dele ligando mas a tela fica preta…. o que ta errado??

  • Rao Pisay

    Everything went right , but after connecting phone without battery ‘sp flash tool’ not at all detecting the device , I’m using ‘Spice Android One’

  • Cesar Padron
    • Error 0x8

      Message: BROM ERROR: ?? (0x8)

      Meaning: The size of a file is larger than the available / possible partition size

      * Ensure that the file(s) you’re trying to flash are actually for your exact phone model
      * Try another stock ROM
      * Change the phone’s emmc chip
      * Try using a different PC

      • Cesar Padron

        ok, let me do it and I will tell you… thanks

  • Jiff Chiu

    Hi. I have here a Huawie G610-u20 in which it is currently dead boot (it only vibrates when I turn on the phone). I know flashing and I already have the necessary files for the flashing of stock firmware. My problem is that when I flash the scatter file (download it), the phone keeps on restarting. I mean it keeps on reconnecting the whole time. When I check it on the Computer Management>Ports>Drivers, I can see its Pre-loader but it still reconnects. Any ideals on how to fix this error? I would really appreciate the help.

    • Unplug the device, load necessary stuffs in SP Flash tool. Click on “Download” it will show “Waiting for device”, now connect your device without battery using a good USB cable. It works everytime! 🙂

  • kostaspap

    hi i have a lenovo a5500-H at the moment flashing the rom a5500-HV wich is compactible the flash interupted now device show in pc device manager but not power on flash tool dont see the device can you please help me thanks

  • Joris Luder

    Hi, thanks for the clear explanation. It all worked fine, untill I wanted to boot my phone (Jiayu S3). still nothing happend. So I tried about 5 different roms (original old, original newest, custom) but whatever I do, it does not boot. The only thing that shows is a selction with 3 options, but when I select one (quick, custom or normal boot) it sits for a while and goes to black again.

  • suraj singh

    i found this error while installing the rom
    my model is panasonic P81

  • Edwarts89

    Storage type mismatch! scatter storage type is hw_storage_emmc target storage type is hw_storage_none,,help plz

    • Please mention device name & from where you got the scatter file.

      • Edwarts89

        OPPO JOY 3 A11W,,can u give me link for original firmware.
        My device now hard brick.

          • Iko Viado

            the same error pls give me the link! Arc Mobile Nitro 400d


          • Edwarts89

            Still same problem, i try to use Flashtool v.3 S_DA_EMMC_FLASH_NOT_FOUND (3144) & Flash tool v.5 Storage type mismatch! scatter storage type is hw_storage_emmc target storage type is hw_storage_none.
            (same firmware)
            But anyway thanks for the information.

    • Jovylle Bermudez (Twero)


      we have the same problem

      exactly the same

      Storage type is also mismatched

      i have tried 3 firmware

      still having sthe same error

  • Milas

    Hi I’ve just instaled kitkat on my s3 mini I’ve got 4 circles animating and cant go back to factory reset will this software work then I can go to TWRP for recovery


    i tried to flash htc d616(now dead, no sign of life) using spflash tool v5.143 but i got the following errors:
    1….if i selelect download only …..BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE(5069)
    2…if i select firmware upgrade…PRO_INFO :failed to get PMT INFO
    3…if i select format all+ download ..BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE(5069)

    how to solve this problem, I have used the same firmware and on the same device 1 month ago and it worked fine but now i am getting these errors please helpp!!


    i am trying to flash htc d616 but i am getting “brom error 5069” even after formatting i got the same error..please help!! (using sp flash tool). My phone is dead and not even responding to power button.

  • Gina Bridges

    I successfully flashed stock rom, but tablet will not boot. There is no battery icon when charging, only a black screen. I have tried pressing buttons, different chargers, different charging cables but still tablet seems dead. It is seen by the computer and sp flash tool.

    • Did you flash the correct Stock ROM? I guess the stock ROM was not official.

      • Gina Bridges

        It was the ROM from the same tablet from a backup that I made.

        • Then you might have used TWRP recovery to restore the backup. Did you create the Scatter file by yourself or downloaded it from somewhere else?

          • Gina Bridges

            I made a backup with Mtk Droid Tools, so perhaps it is not flashable with SP Flash Tools.

      • Gina Bridges

        I have the ROM from a previous backup of the tablet.

    • roger

      hello thanks so much! gf killed her phone and i couldnt fix for the life of me until i came across this post. worked perfect 🙂

  • Kima Khiangte

    Can you please help me find Xolo Opus 3 stock rom. I’ve downloaded from firmwarefile .com and needrom, but this 2 site give me only system.img file. I have no idea what to do.

  • Duden

    Hi sir, can you help please, my phone lenovo k4 note. It on marshmallow now I want to downgrade to lollipop again. When I flash I got error 6047 on spflastool. Then I tried all version of spflashtool nothing help same error show up. I tried to format the phone on the spflashtool format, did I do wrong click or something else. Now my phone cannot be detected by spflash tool. Before I did Format it still detected vcom by spsflash tool. Please tell me if you have any solution for flash my phone. Thanks so much

  • paul

    hi sir i have an acer z530 , and i want to recover it using sp flash tool because it is stuck in the boot logo , is it the same process? i downloaded the firmware.

  • sandeep yadav

    hello sir,
    After successfully stock rom downloaded. the phone is not boot up is there any hardware issue or its permanently dead. reply as fast as possible

    please help me sir

  • sandeep yadav

    hi dev sir,
    model number- micromax unite 2 (a106)
    i have done auto format from sp flash tool after 100%. i am trying to upgrade official firmware but it is not done .its struck on red bar and brom 2005 error is shows now my mobile is not starts or boot and charging also not working but when i connect to laptop its shows in device manager-unknown usb device( device descriptor request failed). so please tell me that how to solve these problem
    i hope you reply as fast as possible dev sir

  • AndrianJalu

    Amazing!! You just saved my phone (and my wallet LOL)

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Great! 😀

  • Gopal

    Hi my phone is k4 note and i am getting error BROM ERROR: S_SECURITY_SECURE_USB_DL_IMAGE_HASH_FAIL (6057)

    Please help me out

  • DusanSerbia

    Hi i need help here.
    Device ;Htc 620g Dual sim
    Error :Nand Flash not detected

  • bohsin

    not working with my wiko rainbow.It gives me this : BROM ERROR NO SPACE(5069).I checked with sp flash i found ERROR:NAND Flash was not detected. I really need help

  • Ramesh

    hi buddy

    thanks a lot it was of great help. please make some videos on the topic.

  • KUDITE Koffi Francis

    Hi all,

    I have the a dead Zgody F1W after flashing it with a wrong stock.
    I’ve try all the possible tespoint on the board without result.
    Do someone have the pinout of this model ?


  • Toye

    My tecno l5 is not downloading on so flash tool, it just sits there for hours, what am I doing wrong ?

  • Rey Brian Narandan

    it worked for me!!! Kata i3s

  • Simon

    I recently tried to flash an updated firmware for my Blackview A8 from NeedRom.com using Mediatek SP Flash Tool 5.1604.00. I got the usual green tick confirming it was successful, but I was unable to start my phone. Not even to logo would display. I can’t even get into recovery. When I try to reflash now, I get a Brom Error. Is there any way around this please?

  • Mike

    Hello Dear Devs-Lab Staff.I have a problem with my Lenovo A5500-HV tablet.my tablet had bootloop problem.accidentally erased a partition with fastboot command,after that tablet were dead.again accidentally I could boot it up again by flashing a rom via sp flashtool and Everything works properly but Strange problem occurred.the Device can not be charged in OFF state, when I connect charger the device bootloop 2 times and then run android and going to UI without any problem and all functions work normally without any problem(touch,running apps,camera,wifi and …), but it takes three days(very slowly) to recharg to 90% and will not be charge more than 90%.
    and other problem is that when I want to enter to recovery the device going to recovery and show Android Robot but after 5-7 seconds reboot again and return to android UI normally.
    please help me, I have most of Rom versions for this Tablet and I can work with most versions of sp flashtool.How can I fix it?
    I am waiting for your response.
    Thank you.

    • emmanuel

      could you tell me how you went about flashing your tab I own the exact same tab and I have the same problem

  • sir im getting error that need to turn on debug mode by CTRL+ALT+T ………………………..hint is Please press CTRL+ALT+T to turn on debug log then download again.

  • shiva

    my phone stuck in boot animation cant respond to hardset buttons i hold power button buts its off screen and again on but still stuck in boot while wrong cwm flash installed
    my pc cant recognise my phonw while stuck in boot please help me

    my phone is micromax canvas sparks 3 please help me faster,., .,.,.!

  • Dredds

    may phone bootloop then i try to flash it but it didnt rurn on at and didnt even charge and now its not responding when i connect it to pc to see if it can be detected in but its not. Please help me sir
    Btw, my unit is cherry mobile s3 power.
    thanks and more power!

  • alok kumar

    thankz buddy….it worked on my device

    thankz a lot

  • naniediaries

    This works for me. Thanks so much! 😀


    hi, hi have micromax android one aq4501. the phone was completely dead. and it doesnt switch on.. so i decided to do flash. i had done all steps correctly in sp tool and after giving download and when i connect the phone, it was not detected. now what to do?. help me in solving this issue

  • Zam

    I have problem with my bricked elephone p9000, it still can be detected but every time I try to flash the phone I keep getting “Brom error : status_ext_ram_exception” what did I do wrong

    • al tello


  • Aigars

    Hello! Need help unbricking Vertis 4510 the above given metod doesent work,any help would be much apreaciated

  • Zam

    My elephone-p9000 is bricked, so I disconnect the battery and try to flash stock rom but i keep getting “Brom error : status_ext_ram_exception, what should I do

  • Frogman

    trying to flash old brick android phone but it says

    Storage type mismatch!
    scatter storage type is hw_storage_emmc
    target storage type is hw_storage_none

    • Sparkolas

      Frogman – I’ve got the same problem. Any success with this problem?

    • ben ditzoso

      i have the same problem. please help devs-lab. reply or email me:
      [email protected]

  • rahul

    what is da

    • vish

      download Agent

  • Ray LZ Joey

    I have an XGODY x600 (MT6580). I think I softbricked it – I tried to flash a ROM and it told me to unlock bootloader. I unlocked and now I am stuck in Bootloop. I have tried to use Smart Phone Flash Tool but I don’t what to mark to flash my phone. I have marked everything at least 3 times and still the same error (DL GET DRAM SETTING FAIL (0x13BE)). What does that error mean and what do checkboxes do I need to tick to for SPFT to unbrick my phone? Also here is a screenshot of what I have ticked now because I am starting to get lost….. http://prnt.sc/byp2r2

  • Pardster

    So my girlfriends phone (thl 5000) got into a bootloop, the first time flashing didn’T work, after reinstalling windows on the pc used for flashing it did work, the phone worked for 2 days.
    After 2 days it had a similiar bootloop again (the thl logo apeared slightly longer this time)
    I simply tried flashing it again (with sp flash tools and the provided firmware from thl, once using ‘firmware upgrade’ and after that not working ‘format all + download’)
    SP flash tools shows that the flashinng was successfull, but! now the screen simply stays black when trying to turn it on.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Seems like some hardware issue. You can try contacting your device’s support.

      • Aneez

        Hey can u help me!? When i flash firmware nd it is stuck in logo._. And when i test ram test in sp flas tool it shows “nand flash didn’t detected”…. and when i go to recovery mode and try to wipe and it shows somethin flag failed ,default user data failed and cant mount data cache system tooo….. U will have help me if u r a good brother ……My phone is lenovo A526

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Don’t know about this error. You can try contacting Flash Tool developer.

    • Ray LZ Joey

      I don’t have that type of phone but does it charge? Because mine still charges, but when it reaches 0% it takes at least an hour to recognize that it is plugged up, then finally starts charging.

      I don’t know because I have been rooting phones for only 2 years. Just a suggestion though, leave it on the charger (phone off) for at least 2hrs – if you don’t get any sign that it is charging then, yes, contact the Device Support. If it does start charging then you are still in a Softbricked mode, and just take it easy – do one Checkbox at a time or do all without preloader. You can email me at anytime. ([email protected])

    • james

      me too..screen become blank after flashing..but it vibrated when i touch the screen. what happen? is it related to hardware or software?

  • BlackSkillex


    I have a Umi Touch and wanted to flash it with the Flash Tool. I don’t know what happenend really, but it erased all of my data. I can’t boot, even Bootloader and Recovery is broken. So it wont boot to anywhere. When i plug it in with USB cable on PC it recognizes something. Do you mean I am able to repair it?

  • Vansh Singh

    I installed the stock rom for Lenovo a319 and after it finessed I tried to turn on my phone it’s not Turing on and not charging this was already happened to my Lenovo a3000 H but I fixed it using A3000 fix tool and but now when I connect the phone it connects but in sp flash tool I start to flash the rom but it shows dram error 4032 plz help me

  • yoad

    my alcatel 6012a device dosent boot up after this method .

    the devuce is connecting to the the pc, and The software recognizes the device .

    At the end of the flashing , everything looks normal , but the device does not turn on .

    I tried two Roms 6012d + 6012x

    The device does not enter in recovery mode

    I do not know what ells can i try

    Any ideas ?

  • Failinghard

    Hey, i bricked my phone, i used every 3 of those options…and one of those must have bricked my phone. It’s still getting detected by my pc as DA VCOM PORt etc. But not by the flash tool. Any idea on how i can get it to work? btw, it doesn’t boot up, i think. I have the elephone S3, where when it boots up there isn’t a vibration normally, so i can’t tell whether it’s booting or not. Need help quickly, before my time for sending it back to amazon it all used. i just got it today and bricked it. it’s stupid from me..but Please help me!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install drivers manually & try.

  • shikhar tiwari

    my download is stuck at “download DA 100%”….what to do….my model is xolo q700s…..pls help

  • Aamir

    sir i have qmobile i7. I have formatted it with sp flash tool and after formatting it is not turning on now. What should i do now please reply. Will it be correct or i should throw it in garbage.

  • Skopix

    Hi, i have serious problem, i have lenovo k3 note (k50t5) and i flashed custom rom, recovery…. all was fine, now everything stopps so i decide reflash, but TWRP or SP flashtools cant write anything into internal memory, SP flashtool says “sucess” after flashing stock rom, but there is still that custom rom 🙁 what can I do?


    • hei

      try Hard Resetting your Phone.. That should kick the new rom in and delete the custom rom…

    • Arjun

      hi sir i have a big problem plz help me soon

      i got a smartphone S7582 dous MT6572,
      for repair this is stuck on logo
      i flash with sp tool
      flashing successful but after flashing display light not working but phone is working without display light… how to fix plzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Maybe this might help you: www. youtube.com/watch?v=qb93GgJ8rBc

  • onn ismail

    hi sir

    My phone xioami Redmi Note 3g won’t on after flash using SP tools, but the device still detect in my pc hardware…what should I do?

  • tapan sarkar

    Sir…my sp tool can’t locate recovery. IMG when I m trying to locate img file by clicking on DA n select the folder where I stored stock ROM and recovery file it shows no items found you r searching for….

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You need to load preloader file before flashing recovery file.

  • Tom

    Hi, I just bought this tablet:
    [external link]
    it’s a mediatek 6592 Shengxian 3g tablet.
    I accidently did a fastboot recovery with the cwrp and now it keeps looping the mediateck android screen. would you kindly let me know where I can download the original rom?
    Thank you so much.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Such Chinese phone doesn’t have any Official stock ROM provided by the company.

  • Marlon

    can you please help me to fix my phone. im using acer liquid e380. it is totally bricked. when i try to flash a stock rom using spft, my phone was not recognized even i installed the VCOM drivers. i changed usb data cord but still my laptop won’t recognized it.

  • Marlon

    my phone is not detected with my pc when in using sp flash tool.

  • fuad

    yo, im flashed my phone with new rom with sp flashtool but after done my phone cant turn on and no notif about charging too and i cant use that. is it dead already?

  • Umalohokan Mabangis


    I formatted my phone Cherry Mobile Fuze (MT6582) using flash tool then install stock rom. The installation is success but the phone did not boot nor charging. I can still flash the rom but the problem is still exist. Please help me dude.

    • Achal

      Found any solution? Please help

  • Leo

    Sir my is lenovo a7000 plus after i updated it got stuck on logo,I tried to flash a7000 plus ROM but its got white screen only,how to fix this boss

  • aify

    hi devs-lab
    im have smartphone acer e39,
    my problem is, after i format using sp tools, my phone cant turn on but cable still can detect,
    i tired flash same rom, but noting happen, my phone still cant turn on..

    how to fix its ?



    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Its dead

  • sunder rawat

    Hello sir, My karbonn sparkle v is in bootlooping with its logo so i perform format all +download on sp flash tool with its stock rom after it doesn’t on and its blank but is detect by pc and sp flash tool and after it i again download stock rom its shows okk in sp flah tool. But phone doesn’t on what the phone is parmanent brick or not and how can i solve it plz hlp me.

    • Dan

      which model is that

    • sathish

      I too have the same problem did you solve it?

  • Luna King

    my phone was stuck on blank screen after performing a data wipe on a custom rom , now it’s battery is drained my pc won’t recognize my device . my phone has mtk6592 processor and a non – removable battery . model number :- Micromax Nitro 2 E311

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Charge your device upto 1hr. To connect your device to PC, open Device manager in your Windows PC & keep it open. Now connect your device to your computer. Check if the device manager refreshes or any new device appears. If any of this appear, just follow the above manual method of installing MTK drivers. Now connect your device by holding both volume button & flash ROM from SP Flash Tool.

      • Luna King

        Charged for about 4 – 5 still not booting neither recognized by pc. Now what , please help

      • Luna king

        I charged it for about 4 5 hours , still not booting neither recognized by pc. Now what please help….

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Its dead!

          • udara

            can yo fix it

  • Justin Solomon

    hey I done somthing wrong, I don’t know if this is the right thread. Firstly my problem is when I turn my phone on logo appears and just white screen. nothing else. it doesn’t get recognised by pc. when I try to boot into recovery mode, gets stuck at logo(did something wrong here too, i’ll later). What I was trying to do at the first place was trying to install a custom rom. My device is Huawei y560-uo2 kitkat 4.4.2. I wanted to install lolipop 5.1.1. So as per this tutorial —(https://boycracked.com/2016/03/04/cyanogen-mod-12-1-android-5-1-1-lollipop-for-huawei-ascend-y5-y560-l01/) i should root my phone so i tried to root it with adb method, unlocking booloader was successful, but after replacing the current recovery with custom recovery, I could no longer boot into recovery, just stuck at logo. but I could boot into android. Then i tried kingroot apk, worked fine. so now I have root access. then I tried to install the custom rom, but it would need a working recovery mode. then I started searching for flashing rom without recovery, then in a tutorial it had some cammands which would install from my adb folder. everything worked well. then on this step where I should wipe my phone with this command: fastboot -w and install new rom with command something like: upadate (filename.zip), error occured saying error in syntax. currently i have my device’s stock rom, new rom, adb, android sdk. will it get into working again? is it bricked? HELP ME plzzz!!! contact me 0n +91 9961-339-672

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Your device is not bricked! You have just formatted your system partition. To connect your device to PC, open Device manager in your Windows PC & keep it open. Now connect your device to your computer. Check if the device manager refreshes or any new device appears. If any of this appear, just follow the above manual method of installing MTK drivers. Now connect your device without battery & flash ROM from SP Flash Tool.

  • angie

    Hello, I need a scatter file for blu studio 7.0 lte. Will you please help me to locate one or a firmware that has one built in. The firmware I downloaded doesn’t have one in it and since my phone is softbricked it won’t connect to my computer for me to push the files to it. I am screwed with everything I’ve tried. Please help me if you can. Thanks

  • Aakash

    Sir I have done all procedure and so flash tool show download done but when I switched on my phone l. My phone doesn’t show any start up logo of company or doesn’t go to recovery mode .
    What I do

  • Stanimir

    Hello Devs Lab,

    I am writing to you in a need of help. I am using Elephone P9000Lite and recently tried to root my phone, but during the process the SPFlash tool that I used hanged out and thus not formatted my phone completely. Now my phone does not even want to start. Fore more detailed information and simplicity of this reply I post below a link to my XDA-Developers thread:


    Is there a chance to recover my phone from that state or I need to buy a new one?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have micromax android one (mt6582). I flashed it, flash was complete. But it is not booting up. I also tried to format the whole phone using automatic format and manual format. But still when I flash it completes without any error but not booting up.
    Help me please!

  • Johan Krawczyk

    Hello! Good Evening! I am from Venezuela. I’ve followed every step you ask in tutorial. I am using a newer version of SP Flash Tool (v5.1604.00 Build 0x325324) My phone (Huawei Ascend Y320 U-10) started having problems with software, everything just gave error so I decided to Flash it’s stock ROM. I searched the specific ROM Huawei launched for my Phone (U10V100R001C70B400N) my Phone is for Digitel here in Venezuela. Everything just looks perfect until now. I flashed it as you describe but it keeps freezing at logo, and nothing else, factory reset after flash: Doesn’t work either. Reading on other forums, I verified that I needed to check the “DA DL ALL with checksum”, using this method phone freezes flashing at 34.06 Mb and gives error “S_DA_SDMMC_READ_FAILED (3153)” Could you please guide me past this point? Thanks in advance!!

  • Oteim

    Have a lenovo p1m I flashed a also room worth spflash tool it completed in boot can hear sounds but screen black polls help urgent

  • Obia CBN

    Hello I have a tecno s9 tab that wont charge or boot.It is literarily dead.How do I revive it.This problem started after I tried to flash it with sp flash tool ,Initially it was in a bootloop: just revibrating anytime the tecno logo comes up without powering on completely.So i tried to flash it again with the flashtool.But now it is not responding at all.Unfortunately, the phone is seaIed and I cant access the battery.I have researched this problem over several websites and applied their recommendations without any success.Currently, I have a stock rom and have uploaded the scatter.txt to sp flashtool.Sp flashtool however cant recognise my device.I need help.Pls

  • vepul

    My micromax canvas 4 is softbricked upto a degree that it dont even turn on…..
    I m flashing a stock rom but i gives error when download
    i m damm sure my phone dont has any hardware problem
    I bricked it by formatting
    Pls help
    Company is saying we ll hv to rplce its motherboard, but i think they are trying to fool me for their profit

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Check if it is detected in device manager. If you can’t find your device, then I’m sorry friend. You need to replace the board.

  • Hello Dev….I have lenovo a6000…and I installed 12.1 cyanogen mod via twrp mod…now I want to go for original stock ROM for lenovo a6000…and I don’t gave stock custom recovery its shows only twrp…but twrp didn’t have download mode..so pls help me…I need the method and video

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash Stock ROM from TWRP, you’ll get download mode.

  • arvin uetani


    I have a Samsung S4 China phone (mt6572) that I flashed using the wrong ROM. I have tried several custom and stock ROM. Right now my phone will turn on (you can see a faint light on the screen) but nothing comes on. Phone will vibrate when you push the power button. I really hoping that you can help me with this.

  • willie

    flashed phone with wrong firmware now phone wont turn on or charge.
    however it is still recognized by computer as (MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port) & (MTK USB Port)
    when i tried to reflash with what i believe to be the correct firmware i get an error in the
    flash tool.
    when i try to flash now i only get the first “red” bar that goes to 100% and then i get the error
    brom error s_ft_enable_dram_fail (4032)

  • vikas

    Hello sir, My mobile is Moto G 2 XT1068 Kitkat 4.4.4. I tried recovery through fastboot mode keys Power= Down vol key. After that restart phone and stuck at moto logo. I take it to local repairer then mobile service center they says mobile cant flashing complete. During flashing in half period flashing disconnect, cant complete flashing. they says cant flashing or repair otherwise have to change motherbord. Mobile can charge or can be go to flash mode, but it still stuck at logo. Can it repairable or not. If yes then how. Pls reply me. Your reply is appreciable. Thank you. Mail- [email protected]

  • ashraf

    sir :
    on my andriod devise i had been installed a theme engine of lollipop then i restarted the device then i switch on then it was strucked there only so it doesnt running so please help sir

  • Hey dev labs u r fabulous man…

    i m having a karbonn A25+ which was working quiet well yesterday ..i jst wanted to change my sim card so i swiched it off & when i was switching it on again i found that it booted in factory mode …so i removed d baterry start it again but it happened d same evrytym…so i unscrewed it checked the volume keys with multimeter but found nothing….even i desoldered the key strip but nothing happend….so do u have any idea of what happend to it…
    Thanks regards

  • nikhil kumar

    recently i flashed my lenovo a7000 with stock rom but it didn’t turned on ? what should i do? its just vibrating after few seconds. plz help

  • David U. Molina

    I accedentally flash the recovery image for boot image and my phone gets blinking if I will open it even I want to go to recovery it goes the same what should I do.

  • ahmed makhlouf

    simply i have HTC 816 G ( d816h ) – model : 0PGL200 – non removable battery
    i searched IMEI i found that my phone is mt6582 but on backup MTKdroid tools it showd scattered file for MT6592

    after installing cwm with mtkdroid – i tried to flash IMUI7 rom mt6582 it got my phone into bootloop
    now im stuck at soft brick ( or hard idk ) – bootlooping always
    i cant install any of the phone’s roms even stock rom with CWM
    i tried to install many things like other custom recovers . stock roms . original backups !
    ah , back up – i have an issue that my original backup i made was original android recovery so it’s .backup not .zip format

    anyway now my issue i cant flash stock rom to my mtk device as it keeps bootlooping when i connect it to the pc ( charging )
    idk what to do please help me as soon as possble

  • Clement

    I have a Huawei Y600-U20 Smart phone that fails to boot, it stucks at Huawei Logo.
    I had this problem before and i was able to flash it through recovery mode with this firmware Y600-U20_V100R001C456B008_Firmware_Malaysia_Indonesia_Philippines_Others_05021NTQ (SD card).
    Now i cannot use the recovery mode to flash the same firmware, i can enter the recovery mode but the android recovery mode seems faulty, the android robot is displayed but keeps blinking after every few second. There are no command menus displayed as it used to.
    Can anyone help me on how to revive the recovery mode so that i can flash my phone.
    NB: When i connect to the PC/Laptop the same Huawei logo appears. Is there any way to flash the phone?.

    Your assistance is highly appreciated.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Can you boot your device into Fastboot mode? If yes, you can flash custom recovery from flashing using ADB.

  • vks

    The tutorial is as detailed as it should be. Thank you Author “Devs-Lab Staff”. i am able to resurrect my “Salora Arya A1+” phone based on mtk6582. I thank you again for this helpful website and tutorial. Long live devs-lab.com

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Soham

    Mircromax Canvas A1 not booting after format all and download flash

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Is it completely dead? I’m sure you might be seeing the logo. If so, try booting in fastboot & flashing recovery.

  • alvin

    Hello guys. Someone help me. I have MT6572 S6 clone. I try many rom, EMMC and Nand storage. But always failed to flash. Brom error 4032 . My phone is in hard brick. Totally dead after flashing wrong rom. Someone tell me that Im flashing wrong rom. I had try testpoint or holding + and – or power button all combos but its always failed. What Can I do to findthe real rom of my phone. Super thanks guys. I hope you will help me. [email protected]

  • kishan jadav

    Help me
    My xolo a500l bricked so I download stock rom by so flash tool but it’s not working properly so what can I do?!!

  • Paul Vincent M. Gallego

    > My phone (non-removable battery) is stucked at the boot logo maybe due to the restoration of backup the I’ve done that leads me to no access of my custom recovery using combined keys. Whenever I tried to hold volume up and down it directs my phone to the two choices which are recovery mode and factory mode but by the time that I will be selecting the action to perform my phone will be doing again the same thing which is showing the logo over and over again instead of directing me to factory or recovery mode. Aside from that how am I suppose to go to “Download Mode” if my phone’s battery is non-removable?

    > Next Question: I already got my stock rom from our group on facebook but I can’t find the “scatter file” to be used for the sp flash tool. What should I do? My phone is limited edition (MyPhone Agua Iceberg Slim) and can’t find the proper files to flash over the net. Anyone who’s willing to help me? :'(

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey Paul,
      Here’s the proper Stock firmware for your device (MyPhone Agua Iceberg Slim): Download. It has the scatter file. Now talking about How to boot in download mode, Switch off your device. Load the scatter file in SP Flash tool & connect your device by pressing Power + Volume buttons(It works majority of the time).

      • Paul Vincent M. Gallego

        Thank you for the said file Devs-Lab Staff. But I guess it is too late already to recover my phone since it is no longer booting due to the action I had performed using sp flash tool. I don’t know what exactly the condition of my phone is. But I guess it can still be detected by my pc. By the way thank you again. :'(

  • Mukesh

    I am using xolo q3000.
    I tried to install CyanogenMod rom 11 in my device and now stucked on boot logo.
    When the phone is switched off, it shows battery charging icon and whenever I am trying to switch it on, it freezes on boot logo.
    Now I have tried the sp flash tool to flash with its stock rom but nothing is happening after I click download or firmware- update buttons.
    I connects to pc but immediately get disconnected.
    Flash dosnt start.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you can boot into fastboot mode. Just flash device’s recovery & flash stock ROM directly!

  • Arun

    Hello sir, please help me.
    I accidentally formatted everything except bootloaded on my micromax a190 device while using sp flash tools and now its not switching on no boot loop just a black screen :/. How can i fix it ? Please help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash Stock firmware.

  • Mudya46

    I have xiaomi redmi note 3g. Last month, i used sp flash tool..i have some a big mistake, when i choose “format all+download” option and then done it, my phone never booting.
    Would you mind to tell what going on my phone?
    I have to try flash it with sp flash tool again with diffrent option scatter, it done..but never life again..

    Please help me and tell me what i suppose to do..

  • Randell Beukes

    Hi I have a Huawei y520-u20 which belogs to me friend. i got he device showing me a white screen when i switched it on. im trying to flash the official stock rom to the phone. for some reason im getting the andriod welcoming sound but i dint get the os interface. can you perhaps direct me in the right direction her please. oh im not a Andriod or linux Guru (yet)

  • nathan

    I have a sudroid z18 stuck on boot loop. I can’t get PC to recognize unless I hold volume up, plug USB, then connect battery for 1 second
    But this still doesn’t show. What is step 9?


    LETV LE 1s X507 Bricked.Used TWRP recovery and wiped EVERYTHING (including SYSTEM and INTERNAL MEMORY).
    ADB does not identify the phone , nor FASTBOOT IDs it.
    Tried all kinds of drivers (MEDIATEK , GOOGLE, UNIVERSAL,NAKED) . None works for me.
    The Letv bootscreen stays up , if left on Power ON (not animation, the image before that).
    PS: I Can access RECOVERY

  • Name:Aseem

    I flashed my coolpad note 3 lite and it was flashed after disconnected I switched on it is stucked on logo

  • Ananya

    I hve htc desire 816g dual sim and it shows no .zip file located…..volume down is also not working and it boots directly into recovery….whenver i connect my phone to sp flash tools it boots into recovery and the rom is not flash the booting process cannot be stopped however HELP URGENT

  • Harold S.Ardiente

    How can i Delete the Cwm Boot animation using Sp flash tool

  • Adam

    Any custom ROMs for Wiko Rainbow Jam (mediatek version)? Or could i flash it with marshmallow? Let me know bro. Thanks

  • Bini

    download DA 100℅ is only show….in red Color nothing happens after a long time waiting…. Help. Sir

    • geoffrey15

      same issue here

  • Gabriel bezerra

    ( Lenovo A7010 vibe the same k4 note ) .
    How to enable debug mode USB with android bricked ? my phone is bricked , but when I try to install the android FlashTool the phone goes to the battery charging screen, and FlashTool not start the copy of the system. I have installed the driver ( lenovo usb driver 1.1.16 )

  • Zeeshan

    Many thanks. i did this on Innjoo note pro and this device get back to normal

    • Aubrey

      What did you do? How did you fix it?

  • Robert Adolf

    I have a tecno phantom Z, its battery is non-removable, its bricked and it shows a black screen, so as for now inorderfor “download” on sp flash to work,I need it to be off. Right now I do not know if its on or off….please help me how to torn it off…………………………..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Press & hold the power key for 10secs.

  • rubel

    My Wallton x3mini formet than dwonload sp tools but i am no backup my phone after downlod is completed and my phone is totally date haw to recovary my origin Rom&my Wallton x3mini..possess Help me boro.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Recovery.img is not there in adb folder?

  • debjyoti

    my karbonn a99 star is stuck on bootloop i have tried to flash stock rom downloaded from androidmtk.com. i have installed the neccessary drivers but sp flash tool do not starts the download what can i do ?

  • Olumide Bada

    hEllp always getting error 3148 tried all solutions..pls help

  • Fatjon

    i have a samsung galaxy s advance gti9070 . and its completly dead . no recovery mode , no download mode nothing. when i connect it to my pc i see at device manager u8500 usb rom , that keeps reconectin every 3 seconds .
    can someone help me with any solution ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Samsung device are repaired through Odin. In Odin, start the download process & wait until it says “Waiting for device” & connect your device.

  • Chilli

    Doesn’t work for really bricked devieces :(.
    Need to find another solution for my daughters Zopo ZP700 that was seriously harmed by Virus (Virus rooted device, altered ROM including bootloader).

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Is your device getting detected in device manager?

  • Lucky ji

    Hello sir, i have xolo q700s device and i firstly i installed its stock rom on it and that was jeallybean version and i was trying to upgrade it in lollipop version. i used karbonn sparkle v stock rom for that and i converted that stock rom in custom rom and then i tried to install that in the beginning i went to 65% and after that process got stuck and now my computer is not event detecting the emmc of my phone there is nothing no boot, no light on screen nothing.
    so now please help me with it how to recover that.

  • selwyn.rajwadi

    i am facing a problem with my lenovo k3 note
    when i connect my phone without battery computer does not detect it
    so what should i do?

  • Eliano

    i was trying to install android L karbonna27+ on my bs 471(alcatel on touch idol) and the installation was aborted because of package error and phone when on,it off automatically can you help me out with it? pleaseeeee!

  • rudresh

    Sir sp flash tool after device connet and not responding showe plz help meee

  • harsh

    sir i format my spice from my sp flash tool after formation complete my phone is completely dead it do not flash again give me a solution plese

  • Jake

    How Many times I complete download but my phone won’t still turn on.
    I do really need help. my phone is lenovo a328 mt6582.

  • jay

    Runbo X5 hang on loading or android logo only,,i try all latest rom using SP flash tool v 5.16 pero no display black screen with back light lang,,then nag try ulit ako flash sa later ersion ng rom ng runbo X5 from v2.4.8 to v2.1.9,,undetected na ng PC ang phone ,,,please need your guys..i also try first v2.4.5 and 2.4.0 but not success,,,plsss

    • Mak Matthew

      Its now Completely Dead.
      Contact some of Tech Professionals to Repair your Phone again.
      P.S : You need Money for this :

  • Bello Temitope

    After selecting the scatter files and clicking on download after a minute or so it shows BROM ERROR: S_FT_DA_NO_RESPONSE(4001)
    DA didn’t send respond data to flash tool!
    please help

  • Munda


  • Munda

    every time I flash a memory but memory full error show. Pls help me

  • Priscila

    Hi, can you help me? My cell was bricked and I made this process, so my cell lived again. But now I can`t access the phone, cause the touchscreen don`t works. The power, up and down volume buttons are ok, and the battery is charging normal too. My cell is a jiayu f1, and I installed 3 different roms, no one could work the touch. Thank you very much!

  • Samara

    Thank you very much! It worked to my jiayu f1 that i think was dead.

  • Thala Gopal

    Thanks for your HELP !!

    I got my Phone back to nornal……:)

    • Dan

      how did you do it

  • cr

    Need help. I flashed a X-BO V11 MT6572 using flash_tool. The process were fine but when turn on the phone, just show a white screen. I can listen the usual starting sound, but the sreen remain white and later the borders are going dark until all goes dark. Nothing else happen. Repeating the process produces the same result. Help please.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You might have flashed different stock rom.

      • cr

        Hello. I used the stock rom specific for this model at “X-BO V11 By latest-setup.org” and did some research before. So everything seems to be fine for use this stock rom.
        What can I do now?
        Thank you.

  • Rohit

    hey i have karbon titanium mach one s310..i downloaded its rom with the flash tool inside it….but nw when i press the dowanload button it connects and then disconnect (through the sound i knw)…pllzz help me why it is nt geeting connected to it…

  • Shyam barange

    hello sir,
    i tried to flash ROM in mmx a120 but it is showing the following error and my phone went into dead condtion.
    error : s_dl_pmt_err_no_space (5069)

  • gismo

    hello i try to load scatter file and a small window tha sais “processing…” appears and then nothing i have been waiting too much time. and i have tried lots of scatter files from several roms

  • yurt

    I want to ask a simple newbee question:
    Why are there two types or roms? One with scatter file type and other zip file type (contains meta file)?
    There are manty instructions for meta file type roms but my phone provides only scatter file type rom.
    Thank you for the answers

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      ROMs with Scatter files are flashed through PC using softwares like SP Flash Tool. While, zip files can be flashed through recovery mode available in device. If your device has too many roms with scatter files then use SP Flash tool to flash the ROM. You can refer the above method to flash ROMs too.

  • Divyansh

    hey any solution for android one? ?

  • Hello! i have one phone clone S6 – MT6572… and i flashed a rom complete… preloader incluid… and now, doesnt power on… nothing… nothing!! i tested one thousen of drivers and roms… but allway recibe the same error… “4032”… and the red bar never change… could i bring back of dead? pls helpme!!!
    Screenshot: http://s17.postimg.org/o4ntxslun/Error_Celu_Chino.jpg

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Its dead!

      • omg!!!!!!!
        are you sure?
        don’t search anymore solutions..?

      • nooooo!!!! i dont wana bilieve that! pls help me!

  • divyansh

    bt now please give me some solution….
    please sir please help…..how to repair it now…. please any solution.
    ….and my ohone is still recogniswd by sp flash tools
    thnks in advance

  • divyansh kumar

    sir having a great problem please help…..
    i’ve installed stock rom on locked bootloader karbonn sparkle v android one phone nd after 2-3 try the full flashing process is finished with green ring but phone is not booting no logo is showing also not booting in fasybooy mode also dont showing charging logo…..phone is still recognised by sp flash tools
    sir please help llease…..

  • divyansh

    sir having a great problem please help…..
    i’ve installed stock rom on locked bootloader karbonn sparkle v android one phone nd after 2-3 try the full flashing process is finished with green ring but phone is not booting no logo is showing also not booting in fasybooy mode also dont showing charging logo…..
    sir please help llease…..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      I think you have bricked your Android One device. Many readers have reported Android One bricking issue in past few weeks. Maybe because of flashing wrong firmware.

      • divyansh

        bt now please give me some solution….
        please sir please help…..how to repair it now…. please any solution.
        thnks in advance

  • Emanuel

    Hi! i read all comments and try its… but my s6 clone dont start.
    3 weeks ago -telephone still works- i flashed preloader…. and, never more it works !!!
    Do yo have other idea for me? or i have a new brick form my desktop?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try this “Manually install the drivers by the method given above. Downloaded the original Stock ROM for your device. Load the scatter file in SP Flash Tool. Remove your phone’s battery & connect it to your PC. Keep your PC’s device manager open, you’ll see MTK Device (After connecting your device) As soon as you see it, Click on Download button. Once the process starts, it will get completed properly. (If you device keeps ejecting after connecting, first start the SP Flash Tool Download & it will show waiting for device. Now connect your device. Done)”

  • Rupesh Aswani

    My phone is dead
    Not starting
    Can’t flash stock ROM using SP flash tool because phone connects with pc for a second then disconnects I.e. can’t complete flashing
    Tried using other cable n PC but same situation please help to flash my phone by any way

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Manually install the drivers by the method given above. Downloaded the original Stock ROM for spice android one from here : Spice android one. Load the scatter file in SP Flash Tool. Remove your phone’s battery & connect it to your PC. Keep your PC’s device manager open, you’ll see MTK Device (After connecting your device) As soon as you see it, Click on Download button. Once the process starts, it will get completed properly. (If you device keeps ejecting after connecting, first start the SP Flash Tool Download & it will show waiting for device. Now connect your device. Done)

      • Tsatsu

        hi please I have the same problem of the usb removing and reconnecting but my device is detected as a USB serial Device, How do I get it to detect as a mediatek device

  • Almart

    Hola, tengo una Table Lenovo A1000F, me equivoque al actualizarla a la ultima versión, pero ahora cuando inicio todos los programas se congelan, me da el mensaje que desafortunadamente la applicación “x” se detuvo, pero así sucede con todas, no me deja hacer nada, aunque la reinicie me sigue dando el error, todas las aplicaciones se van cerrando una a una, incluso la que es para configurar la table, por lo tanto no me deja hacer nada. Ya traté metiéndome al menú de recovery en el cual borro la información y la caché (HARD RESET), acto seguido reinicio la tableta desde ahí mismo, prende bien, como si nada, se ve la imagen de fondo que venía de fábrica y aparece con la hora y bloqueada, pero al desbloquearla me empiezan a saltar todos los mensajes de error y sin poder entrar a la configuración de la table.
    Me gustaría saber si hay alguna forma de reinstalar la ROM a la table ya que no me permite hacer nada y aún haciéndole un HARD RESET desde el RECOVERY nada funciona. Quisiera saber si se puede instalar su ROM desde la SDCard, ya que tampoco me deja conectarme con el pc atraves de usb. Espero puedan ayudarme. Gracias.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey , si no quiere meterse con Flash Herramientas y todo, descarga de recuperación personalizada para su dispositivo y flash cualquier ROM . Si aún desea instalar Stock ROM, puede descargarlo desde aquí stock rom y siga el procedimiento anterior . Si no se detecta el dispositivo, intente instalar los controladores USB manualmente Let me haga saber si usted quedó atascado en cualquier paso .

  • Gabi Junior

    Its Urgent! Hi I am having this Tecno Boom J7 and I had a made a mistake by disconecting it while it was formating for I couldnt see the progress by then i got errors and I choose to mannually flash it. It formated completely but since then my phone is dead I have even tried to plug it in the whole night but there is no respond. It only display the red DA 100% bar on splash tool. Please help me. Much appreciation from Africa.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Most of the time, ejecting your device while flashing permanently bricks it! But if the device is still getting detected, you can try following the entire procedure again. Just connect your device & check in Device manager, if it shows any new device after connecting.

  • Harish

    DEAR,Devs lab please read my comment and gine solution

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Sorry we couldn’t reply you! After reading your comment, it looks like your phone is completely dead.

      • Harish

        yes my phone is dead

  • zdanial

    Excuse me…. i have zte blade q lux 4g and I try to root it but I realized it later the root file is wrong. I dont know what to do, so I choose the option delete android and download in the sp tools…….. now my phone cant even charge……..please help me….

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash Stock ROM of your device.

  • dheeraj

    For above process ….bootloader should be lock ya unblock????

    • Harish

      I can’t understant what you r telling

  • Devs-Lab Staff

    Try this: download

    • Harish

      Sir, I first itself downloded this file i flashed with this.But my phone not working.you told me that that is may be worng stock file you are flashed.sir please give me a guide to makew work my phone..
      i have upgraded my cell phone KITKAT with guidens of your website using CWM.beause of some problems i thougth to go to stock rom.some of them told me to use SP FLASH TOOL.SO,I viewed your website HOW TO USE SP FLASH TOOL in this page i sawed that and i flashed.
      1.I downloded stock rom in androidmtk.com in that SP FLASH TOOL is there i opened that and i choose all the opetions and gave downlode but it didn’t start. then i sawed this page want to install VCOM drivers i istalled that two things that is DA and PreLoder.
      2.I choose DOWNLODE ALL opetion and choosed ALL IN ONE option in downlode-agent and choosed MT6577 SCATTER FILE in scatter file.then more things came down.I selected all.
      3.Then I gave downlode i inserted my phone by UBS and putted battery in studenly in flash tool red colour line gone i that written DOWNLODE after that one VOILET AND YELLOW came in that written DOWNLODE FLASH %. But down the NAND is not changed to EMMC . After finishing i took my cell phone and i pressed on START botton it not ONING
      4.I try so much times of flashing it not worked.

  • Harish

    please give me a link to downlode original stock file for karbonn A25.

  • i was installing my rom and when i reached 50% my pc suddenly off and my mobile hard brick can you please help me for fix that ..

  • Harish

    i done my flashing but my phone is not oning my phone model is karbonn A25 please replay me fast………….

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You might have flashed wrong Stock files

      • Harish

        Then please give me a link to downlode original stock file

  • Mutaz

    I have a chinese Lenovo S858t which come with annoying preloaded apps
    I have tried to flash using SP flash tool and installed the custom rom

    but, I continued to receive this error, I followed all the steps but the below error always comes

    obtain DRAM failed

    below is my phone info taken by MTK droid tool:

    Hardware : MT6592
    Model : Lenovo S858t
    Build number : S858t_S217_141011
    Build date UTC : 20141011-160600
    Android v : 4.4.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1328.MD.TG.MP.V13, 2014/07/13 03:23
    Kernel v : 3.4.67 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Sun Oct 12 00:02:49 CST 2014

    it completely OFF now and unable to switch it ON, but detectable on my computer and have the correct driver installed.

    please help urgently, am not a pro

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      May I know the ROM file you are trying to flash. Most of the time this issue occurs due to wrong Preloader file.

  • biraj

    I have on query on SP Flash tool. When we select “Download Only” option, will this do Format->download for the selected checkboxs ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      No it won’t format device. It will just flash the available files.

  • Adnmix

    Hey bro,

    I bricked my X-BO V6 mtk 6572 and then i looked for the original firmware but when i flashed it evrything seemed normal even the green cricle but when I turned on my phone it does the boot sound and starts but i cant see nything of what its doing. The screen looks like an old TV without signal. What can i do?
    Please I need your help!!

  • Mathew

    I am having an issue in Redmi note 2. I tried this method and its not working. When i try to do the firmware upgrdae and download ,SP Splash tool says, PCI info not found. Can you please help me on this

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Sorry buddy but Xiaomi Redmi note 2 is not a Mediatek device. Its Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410. But don’t worry we have method for Snapdragon device here: Unbrick Qualcomm devices

  • shubham

    It dosent show connection or any thin

  • Danny

    hi their I have a LG LGMS323 and was using Odin flash tool to root my phone and in the middle of rooting it or flashing it some how got unplugged and now it won’t turn on at all or charge is this fixable and if so please help me out step by step instructions . I can even find it when I hook up my phone with USB cord to my pc even in device manager my e-mail address is [email protected]


    Comment:sir,i flashed a wrong kernel in my micromax canvas 5 e481 n soft bricked,plz tell me how to unbrick it bcoz stock rom isnt available,i have cwm installed but not able to restore my backup although it shows restore complete

  • my spice android one contains marshmallow 6.01

    after update it works like battery draining quickly.and few days ago when booting it is stucks on spice logo and animation. i tried factory reset but nothing happen.

    i connect to pc it detects my device for 5 sec in device manager & then yellow exclamation mark device driver not installed properly because device not working.

    i want to install kitkat 4.4.4 plz help me
    plz provide me download links and proper guide of instructions.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Manually install the drivers by the method given above. Downloaded the original Stock ROM for spice android one from here : Spice android one. Load the scatter file in SP Flash Tool. Remove your phone’s battery & connect it to your PC. Keep your PC’s device manager open, you’ll see MTK Device (After connecting your device) As soon as you see it, Click on Download button. Once the process starts, it will get completed properly. (If you device keeps ejecting after connecting, first start the SP Flash Tool Download & it will show waiting for device. Now connect your device. Done)

  • Yash Patil

    My mobile is bricked cz of faulty ROM I downloaded stock ROM & try to connect it to PC but sp flash do sent started downloading my mobile can’t able to connect with PC so what I do

  • guru

    sir i my micromax a075 phone is hang on logo and i try to use sp flash tool for repairing it but my device is not connecting to pc it showing device not recognize pls help me and

  • harsh

    i have a mmx a093 canvas fire…..so i installed a wrong rom accidently and reboted it….it made a bad sound like speaker when get a small amt of energy ….again n again constanly…i somehow flashed it using sp flash tool …but the sound stopped….and phoes not starting….help me plz…

  • scott

    i used same tool for MTK6592 octa core set.
    i was flashing custom recovery but removed the cable after it shows 100% (RED)
    and ever since my phone is not responding. any hard keys are not working.
    Please help

  • zaidou

    I am on lenovo k3 note stuckinf on bootloop. No custom recovery, no fastboot mode unlock or download mode. Adb devices unauthorized. With this conditions can i use sp flash tool ? Because i tried download didn’t’start. Help me’please. If there any soluce tell me plese

  • Aldo

    Sir, I just crashed my friend ALPS a9+ (landrover a9+). I tried to help him actually due to his phone infected by many virus and maleware. Unfortunately when I was flash a new custom rom (zenui 2 for mt 6582) using TWRP I forgot to copy and install the GAPPS (I guess the supporting file). So the phone had bootloop when the first time booting. And than I go back to TWRP again to restore the ROM that previously backup.. But I found some “unable issue” in that process.
    Now the phone unable to charge and the usb connector port has loose, hard to connect.

    I do need your help sir, so I would give the phone back to friend..

    Thank in advance..

  • shubham

    hi bro plzz help me i download stock rom intex aqua i5 then i select sp tool then scatter file i format the my phone but i connect usb cable phone to pc then my mobile dosent show in drivers and sp tool not work plzzz help bro…..:'(

  • Devansh

    hi…bro my karbonn a51+ is hard bricked and its karbonn smart logo stucks on power on plz help me.

  • francisco

    Hi, I´m from Mexico and I need your help

    I have a tablet Lepan TC802A and I need re-flash a clean firmware
    the Android Operating System is corrupted.

    I’ve tried factory reset but appears the android logo ERASING for over half an hour. the tablet stuck in bootloop

    this is the Processor & Chipset

    Processor Manufacturer MediaTek
    Processor Type Cortex A7
    Processor Model MT8125
    Processor Speed 1.20 GHz
    Processor Core Quad-core (4 Core)

    Operating System Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

    but I can´t find the Stock ROM for this model of tablet (mediatek mt8125)

    where can i get it?
    thanks for your help

  • dris

    bonjour vraiment bon travail . votre poste ma baucoup aider sur mon alps w450 et j’ai mis un (1) like sur facebook . merci merci et good job

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey dris nous sommes vraiment heureux que cette méthode vous a aidé à faire fonctionner votre appareil. Paix!

  • Matt

    I find this article very helpful and i still sense hope in my bricked cherry mobile android one.. I tried to root it but after that, it won’t boot anymore, well it does obviously show light but no animation on screen just black. I tried this method but I don’t know how to find the scatter files for the stock rom because all i see are .tar files, im desperate for an answer.. I just need to know a download link for a stock rom of cherry mobile android one that has a scatter file and the needed recovery, android and bootimg. Appreciated your helpfulness

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey Matt,
      Don’t worry, you can fix this easily! As its an Android One device you can flashing other Android one’s Flash Tool file like Micromax Android one or Sparkle V.

      • Matt

        I’ve tried using the micromax’s flash file but as soon as i plug my phone in, it doesn’t seem to recognize the phone, YES i have installed the drivers but i think the problem is that the scatter file doesn’t match my phone because I’ve tried another scatter file which i downloaded and THAT specific one worked but then after the download, its still plain black screen. Im now downloading the sparkle V flash file, one question though, is it advisable to only pick the ‘download only’ option? What about the format all+download and firmware upgrade options?

      • Matt

        I got an error -> BROM ERROR: S_DA_NAND_BAD_BLOCK (3045) while flashing the micromax flash file

      • Matt

        Another new error -> PMT changed for the ROM; it must be downloaded.

  • Jatin

    Hey guys
    Myself JATIN

    I have xolo q700 device.. I have download xolo q700i firmware. I tried to upgrade my device using flash tool but my device has not been shown with PC… I have adb driver installed in my PC … Normally when I connect my mobile with PC through data cable it shows but during firmware upgrade not shown on PC… What can I do kindly help me ?

  • Christone

    i have a gsmart guru g1(white edition) Nd i accidentally bricked it but i cant seem to find the stock ROM can anyone help me find it and ubrick my phone?

  • kavin raj

    good day..regards from malaysia
    hello there..
    i own a ZTE Blade QLux.
    reading on some onlines tutorials, i made a stupid move. i did a format (auto format flash – format whole flash except bootloader). the sp tool said succees.
    then, my phone dead, even the red charging light not working. cannot turn on, cnt enter recovery..just DEAD.

    to make the senario worst, now my windows not detecting the phone (UNKNOWN DEVICE)

    what can i do now.thanks in advance

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you can get into fastboot mode, flash any working Recovery for your device through ADB. If your device doesn’t have any working recovery, Switch off your device & remove the battery. Install necessary drivers in your PC & connect your device to PC. Install VCOM drivers manually by following the above procedure to Install USB drivers. After installation, you’ll see Mediatek Mt65xx something in your device manager. Start SP Flash Tool & load the files, Click on Download. Done! (Make sure you use the correct Stock ROM or else it will permanently brick your device.) If you have any other queries, shoot us a mail at [email protected] Peace!

  • Atharva khadke

    my device is showing me the Micromax logo again and again but it won’t starts and when I connect it to PC then it connects when Micromax logo pop ups and again gets disconnected when logo is gone plzzzzzzz help me to get out of it my device is Micromax A290……..thx in advance:)

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Remove battery & connect your PC, then start flashing.

  • arjchi

    s_da_ram_errom ( the phone doesn’t support sdram) fix this issue
    I tired to flash my karbonn a26 but now this error showing on sp flash tools
    Help me to resolve.no charging no working not eveb the mobile is getting on but I think sp flash tool detects the phone .help me to resolve this issue asap.

  • Susamay Kumbhakar

    Sir, I have mmx a76. I had bricked the device by flashing a recovery image (twrp.img) by a application. Then it promted to reboot the device. I do so. After rebooting it was stucked in boot. I’d few backups for the device. So, i went to recovery, there was CWM (i’ve flashed it about 3 months ago, that was perfet. TWRP was not flashed!) , then i try to restore my phone using those backups. But, opps! Saying flashing not completed/invalid file, then i try another bck up files. But same problem. After putting batery out then in, i get it to charge, but i saw that screen with battery symbol was turning on and off continously. After 3 hour i noticed, in which state i left the phone, that was same. The battery was not charging anymore.

    Now what to do? I have tried to flash using SPTool, but unfortunately the device was not detected any more.

    I’d sent the phn to mmx service center but they failed. They are saying that the IC of phn is faulty/damaged, and i have to replace it with 8thousand rs.


    my mail: [email protected]

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      First of all, calm down buddy! Its perfectly normally to brick your Android device at least once. 😀 Now first of all, Manually install the drivers by the method given above. Downloaded the original Stock ROM for MMX A76 from here : MMX A76 ROM. Load the scatter file in SP Flash Tool. Remove your phone’s battery & connect it to your PC. Keep your PC’s device manager open, you’ll see MTK Device (After connecting your device) As soon as you see it, Click on Download button. Once the process starts, it will get completed properly. (If you device keeps ejecting after connecting, first start the SP Flash Tool Download & it will show waiting for device. Now connect your device. Done)

  • himanshu

    i found a stock rom for my device(not from the official site though) but while loading the scatter text it shows the following error
    initializing scatter file failed.please check the name of the scatter file which you load is legal.
    please tell me a possible solution

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The scatter file might not be written by the Manufacturer. If you want, We can arrange the stock ROM for your ROM for free. 😀

  • Ankit

    My bucked phone is showing in device manager only for 2 sec. Then it disappers .
    What to do?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      first start the SP Flash Tool Download & it will show waiting for device. Now connect your device. Done! 🙂

  • himanshu

    can’t find a stock rom for my htc 526g+ even on the official website or anywhere else,please tell me if there is any other model which might have the stock rom similar to mine

  • Debasis

    I have karbonn sparkle v which is mediatek MT6582 . I have flashed stock ROM many times that u telling..but today after flashing CM12.1 and then reflashing stock ROM my phone is bricked…not power up and also tried to flashing stock ROM and shows download complete but nothing happened. I have downloaded all requirements and my so flash tool version is5.1424.00

  • Akash keshav

    Comment: i hv installed adb drivers and also mtk drivers. so will this process work for my unite 2 running on lolliop. its completely bricked. even i can’t go to recovery mode.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes this method will work for your Micromax Unite 2 (A106) MTK6582 as it’s a mediatek device.

  • Akash

    i had installed philz recovery in my unite 2 lollipop but it was working very slow i.e., taking full backup takes at least 3 hrs. so i flashed another custom recovery zip through philz. as soon as the process started the phone switched off then on with boot image and animated black lines and again off and again on and goes on continuosly like this. now i can’t go to even recovery mode. its completely bricked. so will sp tools in windows 7 recognize my device??? i have installed adb drivers and mtk usb drivers.
    pls help me. also inform me if any other solution is present. also do i need to remove usb cable before reebooting if i get the green ring on pc??? if not, then do i need to insert the battery or not??? also if i will be successful then will my recovery also change to stock one??? pls answer all questions. i know you’ll get disappointed with so many questions but it can save me because i hv no money to buy a new phone. so pls reply soon.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You have hard bricked your device. Don’t worry! Its perfectly normally when you try different stuffs. 🙂 Now, have you removed your phone’s battery? Connect your device to your PC through USB (Make sure you have removed the battery). Then select preloader file & click on Download. Many of the users have reported USB cable getting ejected. For that, first Install all the necessary drivers, Open SP Flash Tool & load preloader file & click on Download. It will show “Waiting for device” connect your device now (Without battery). Now, the flashing process will begin. During this process, the mobile screen will lit up with Comapny’s logo. And yeah, your recovery will be replaced with the stock recovery. You will get a brand new mobile as you took it out of the box. Hope this helps!

  • Ankit

    If the phone is soft bricked and usb debugging was not previously turned on, then how to install adb drivers. Because to install this, debugging has to be turned on, but as the phone cannot be booted, how to enable usb debugging or install adb drivers. Thanks

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You don’t need to enable USB Debugging as your Phone is soft bricked. Once a phone gets soft bricked, PC detects the device in debugging mode only. After removing the battery, your phone operates in debugging mode.

  • Bhanu deep

    My micromax android one is not detected by pc in spflash tool with or without battery i have installed all the drivers but no use but my another android one is detected but the other one is not please help me

    • shiva

      Even I have d same problem !! I get d boot image and when connected , I get a pop up sound in my laptop rapidly ! So any one have d solution for this !

  • Phil

    Hi, I am trying to use this method after soft bricking my phone, but after approx 30 second in the phone trys to turn on and interupts the process and sp flash crashes. any advice please.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Have you removed the battery while flashing?

      • Spaventoso11

        I have the same problem. I have a xolo omega 5.0 and it just disconnects on 30 31 second mark. This phone has an internal battery. Any help would be appreciated.

  • kanit

    My phn unite 2 is soft bricked .
    I cannot go to recovery mode. I hv installed philz recovery to take a backup bt unable to restore it .
    Later i also installed cwm recovery after dat i cannot go to even recovery mode. It is detected by pc
    How to fix it

  • Tanishq

    This process can’t help me.

  • Tanish

    After Flashing My Micromax A350 I M facing two problems my IMEI gone and my 32GB shown sa 1.68 GB Available only. Kindly Solve this problems.

    • Devs-Lab

      Try doing a factory reset & Fix Permissions(Custom recovery) from recovery. Factory reset should probably fix this.

  • Tarun

    i have soft bricked my micromax a101.. and now following all the steps and installing drivers.. downloading is not initializing in SPtools.. what to do ??

    • Devs-Lab

      Please check if your a hardware named as “MTK65xx Preloader” something like that, is shown in the Device manager. If you still face the problem, try using some other USB cable.

  • Kw4mz

    How do i enable USB Debuging if the phone is bricked and bootlooped and u said earlier.

    • Devs-Lab

      You don’t need to unable USB debugging mode. Get the phone in download mode.

  • Jestoni

    I choose the letter b option which is format all + download but after all progress bar the the green circle which means done, my phone won’t open at all also if I connect the cable again it doesn’t detect my phone. What should I do now?

    • Scott

      Same as yours, it cannot boot nor charge.

  • Bala K

    Hi, I flashed Android L on my Karbonn Titanium S5 plus and was working fine. Wanted to get back to the Stock ROM but erroneously flashed the S5 ROM through CWM. Now I do not get the back and Home touch keys on the screen. Hence I am not able to go back once i get on a screen and have to reboot. When I flash a different ROM zip file through CWM, it does not help. Took it to the Karbonn service center and they are stating that mother board has to be changed. I dont think that is needed as the phone boots. Can you help me?

    • Shardul

      Try using a nav bar app, like udn pro, easy control,….
      You will get too many when googled abt nav-bar apps…

  • sachin smart

    I updated my canvas 4 with cynogen mod with uncorrect steps..it is charging,after power on it shows ly cynogen mod even for 24hrs..but not opening any..,and i thougt abut to change rom..but sp flash tool not detecting ma phone.,plz help me.

    • Install the ADB drivers given above. Then open device manage od your computer and connect your phone to your pc through USB. See if any device pops up, if you see any new device flash the rom through sp flash tool. If you still don't see any device, install MTK6589 USB Preloader drivers. This would surely help ! Good day !

  • Unknown

    Dear Ajinkya , I have a doubt in SP tools. Currently I have MMX a120 canvas . I am only able to boot into recovery. How will SP tools detect my device in this case?

  • 919CHANNEL

    hi im from saudi arabia i have innjoo one 3g hd mtk device. my problem is when i upgrade frimware hit upgrade botten then powr off device connect pc it will show charging and not upgrade( the device battery is not removable) please help me sir. model – innjoo one 3g hd android version – 4.4.2 kernel vesion – [email protected]#1 wed mar 25 17:12 CST 2015 Build number ONE 3G HD-Android4.4-Innjoo-20150325-V1 sorry for my bad english

    • First of all, i'm really sorry for my late reply because of my university exam. To flash rom in a phone which has non-removable battery just press the Vol down button while connecting it to the usb and then click the download button. Hope this helps,Good day !

  • Srinath S

    I bricked my Redmi Note 3g. When I selected the scatter file it shows 'Please make sure the name of the scatter file you load is legal'. What should I do now???

    • Redmi is not a Mediatek device. Use other stock rom flashing tool provided by Xiaomi. Good day !

  • Shivam Bhargava

    I bricked my Karbonn S1 Plus. no recovery, nothing opens. Tried many things although it is detected in device manager on my pc but it says this device cannot start.

  • Kishore Datta



  • Bhargav Ahalpara

    Dear Sir, I thank you very much for this nice helpful article. It saved me a lot . I have a Karbonn titanium S9 mobile , a few days ago I googled the web, and get to know that it can be rooted.So, I rooted it. It was working fine. I changed some system sounds, apps restarting restricted. But, yesterday I installed "Toolbox Lite" , from which I tried to change the system fonts. After that it prompted for Reboot. After reboot , the phone never came back !!! Only the boot animation, and thats it. My phone was dead, it was bricked !!

    After 6-7 hours of googleing , I tried following this article, and Used the stock rom of S9, and it worked !! It came back to life !!
    Once again THANKS !!

  • jonathan Dias

    if any1 has stock rom for karbonn s5 then pllzz send here '[email protected]'
    its urgent

  • vishwas mishrsa

    bro i followed all the steps and that green light also came but when i switch it on it goes off it comes till boot logo and automatically it turns off and when i charge also same it keep going on and off …please give me solution to solve this problem

  • Hello there Ajinkya Mishra Really appreciate ur work on this blog it was really helpful.

    Not sure if this the right blog to post this.
    I have karbonn s5 and i bricked it and deleted partiition but after many tries i recovered it and now it shows unallocated space 3.61gb how to allocate this so that i can unbrick my phone. P.S my phone only goes in QPST mode. And also when ever I try to open QPST tool's EMMC software download it says 'failed to connect to qpst server' I have win 7 32bits.
    Please do reply I would really appreciate it.

    • Akshay Poklekar

      I accidentally formatted phone while connected in QPST mode.
      unable to open QPST mode by volume down + power button.
      Please help me

      • Shoaib

        same here kindly help

  • robin chakkal

    Please give the lik of vcom drivers for karbonn a30

  • Anonymous

    i want to flash kitkat rom on my karbonn a16. Is there any custom rom available for karbonn a16?????
    plz rply

  • amrish pandey

    bro my karoboon a1 (running on froyo origional maker ZTE) is now bricked , it does go to recovery mode and doing factory reset or wiping cache is not working. its not booting up. pleas please help me . i downloaded the stock rom but it does not recognizing my phone , the phone is also not recognizing sd card so i am not able to flash update.zip. it is unused from last 6 months thank you.

    • Have you installed proper drivers as per your Chipset version? Remove the battery then connect your phone, check in device manager if your device is detected even for a while. Also try using some other working USB cable ( this is the problem sometimes). Hope this helps !

  • Divyanshu Nikaju

    Unfortunatelly, I deleted all my DRM licence on Karbonn A12+, what should I do ..?

  • Hey… Im trying to get stock ROM back on my titanium S5.. but the official ROM file i downloaded doesnt have the scatter file that im supposed to choose in sp flash tool…

  • Anonymous

    Please give the lik of vcom drivers for karbonn a25

  • ankit verma

    karbonn tatinium s5 plus SP tool rom

  • Anonymous


    Hi Aditya,
    I have rooted & flashed cwm on my Titanium s9 with ur proper step by step guide. Thanks 4 nice works.
    Next step will be custom ROM… Before that I gone through ur this article & found it 'must know' for future. So tried it but after removal of battery I couldn't find anything like Mtk 6589(for s9). In switch on condition phone is detected as ADB & Titanium s9 also… But no battery no change in device manager [- …
    Is the process of stock ROM flash is different for s9? Also I have a lot of questions in my mind (just a biggener) for u bro… But it would be better one by one.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for mistake of name… (It was the keyboard… auto correct)

    • Hey,
      This step is for those phone which doesn't respond to any activity likes completely dead. You have installed CWM as you mentioned above then you don't need to flash a rom through this method as its too complicated and is not meant for installing custom roms. Install Custom ROMS using this method : How to install custom ROMS I hope this helps you. You can find many roms for titanium S9 on this blog. Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous


      Hi Ajinkya,
      It helped.
      Yes i can find many roms on this blog. I think this is the only blog which provides complete solution for karbonn…. Thanks for ur time & support.
      But bro my volume key is not working at all so i can't navigate in recovery mod….. Is there any way, any app? I m dieing to flash a custom rom :))

    • Ya i have a solution for this download this App : Rebooter Grant root permissions to this app . Launch the app & Click on reboot to recovery. But before it Download this touch recovery : CTR Recovery
      How to flash this file :
      First download the file from the link & extract it on desktop….
      Then open the exe file…
      It will ask yes or no…
      Yes…for auto…
      No..for manually
      Then connect your phone to pc…
      And install drivers for your mobile..
      Then if you click on yes… it will ask for some root permission just give it…..
      If you click no…it will ask you to copy your stock "recovery.img" ….
      Then your phone will be rebooted into recovery..and that's done enjoy…!!!
      Hope this helps ! Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot bro.. It works. Also tried ur xperia z2 rom.. Its awesome….. 🙂 Now wanna try Android L rom… but again need ur help.
      In CTR RECOVERY mode touch did not work. I can navigate up and down With home key(no matter, ok with it) but cant go back after entering into an option so each time i had to remove battry then again power on & then again boot into Recovery. Any updated vers. Of CTR RECOVERY? OR TWRP FOR TITANIUM S9 (Jelly Bean 4.2.2)…

      Once again thanks for made me smile….

    • Try installing TWRP recovery : TWRP for S9. Please reviews of ROMS below the ROM post as it helps others.

    • Anonymous

      Tried it… But during process got warning "your recovery partition is only 6291456, ported TWRP might be oversize & cause to loose the IMEI".
      Anyway I keep continue but at the end got a pop-up "Aborting… Ported recovery.img is too large & causes region overlap."
      Now what to do bro?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ajinkya….
      Please Let me know one thing… I want to flash Android L rom. According to process you mentioned i have to wipe all data, cache & dalvic cache… after this can i remove my battery & restart phone to flash zip (because as you know touch do not work in my phone during recovery so i can't go back to flash zip at the same time).
      I just want to know after wiping all data, cache, dalvic cache will my phone boot safely? Is it safe to proceed like this way?
      Thanks 4 helping.

    • Yes it would work perfectly after doing Clear cache & data. What i recommend you is don't do all those stuffs as this rom works perfectly for Titanium S9 so directly install zip from SDcard. Hope this works, Keep visiting !

    • Sherif soliman

      i have problem with my lenovo a2107a-h the naned flash was not detected , i want install the original flash rom , i installed it but i did not find the scatter file how i could flash this kind of rom .

  • ankit verma

    plz help me bro

  • ankit verma

    how to flash stock rom for karbonn tatinium s5 plus
    my mobile (no charging show and no switch on detected)

  • Akshay Sethia

    s5 plus cannot be done coz hangs the process that is the tool hangs
    want official rom but cannot d it

    • S5plus stock rom can be flashed by YGDP Tool as the rom is in .cab format.

    • Akshay Sethia

      ydgp tool hangs

    • Okay i'll make a CWM Flashable stock rom for Karbonn Titanium S5plus. But YGDP Tool works for all other S5+ users but no issue if you are facing this. Keep visiting !

      • Linds Kog

        I enjoy your ideas that everybody can relate to.

      • AKshay

        bro u can also flash stock rom using sp flash tools for s5 plus
        but my device never gets connected to my laptop and keeps saying that usb not recogonised
        can u say me what do i do

  • soberr

    hi, I have Karbonn titanium s1 plus. & its rooted with limited access so I cannot uninstall pre-loaded apps. Also phone hangs & goes into deep sleep & then only way is to remove battery & then restart. Please help me urgently. thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey i am using karbonn A10 and its rooted suggest me some custom roms to try.

    • Till now there is no Custom rom available for A10 but soon i might bring some Custom roms for A10. Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    hey bro can u help how can i unlock pattern lock .
    no reset option in recovary.plz help

  • Anonymous

    After connecting my karbonn a27+ without battery it goes on connecting and disconnecting on my pc.
    what can i do now. please reply soon……:)

    • This is what happened with me while unbricking my A27+. So, use some other usb cable & Open device manager Now connect your phone just keep looking in device manager & for the time a drive named as Mtk ** comes right click on it as select Install drivers Now locate the VCOM Drivers of Mtk6577 Once its installed open SP Flash Tool & locate the Preloader file. Click on download firmware & Now after 10 secs remove your phone and again connect it. Now your Stock Flashing should begin. Hope this helps.

      • eric mosquera

        mine is O+ 8.38. when connected to pc it connects and then disconnects… I pull the cable then connects again, the same thing happens over and over… any idea how to solve it please? thanks…

  • Anonymous

    ;(( i am not getting it work on my karbonn a27+

  • Kishore Sasi

    im having karbonn a99star bricked.. pls help me to get my phone back

  • Anonymous

    even i got the same problem after i follwed the every step carefully but my phone (karbonn a27+) is completely dead. what should i do now anyone can help me plzzz.

    • Sorry for this, but i have installed stock rom by the same method many times in KarbonnA27+. Let me know if your device is displayed in device manager.

    • Anonymous

      yea it displayed in device manager

    • That means you can still get your device working Follow this Steps ,
      1. Download MTK6577 USB VCOM drivers.
      2. Switch off your phone remove battery & connect to PC.
      3. When your device is displayed in device manager right click on device & Select Install drivers -Locate the Driver folder in VCOM file.
      4. Once all the drivers a installed Open SP flash tool & select the preloader file of KarbonnA27+ from stock ROM
      Rest follow the above steps.

      • kapil

        Hi ajinkya, i was stuck at scatter file step. I have karbonn s5 plus and unable to create scatter for this because it stuck at boot loop and unable to enter into recovery. can u give me any alternative solution or give me s5 plus scatter file as soon as possible. on [email protected]

        Please help mishra ji plsss.

    • Anonymous

      can u post mtk6577 vcom drivers and where should i locate preloader file in spflash tool.

  • Sir i tried this method an my karbon a27+, it shows green succes ring too, so i disconected my mobile i tried to power it on, but its not powering up. mobile is totaly dead, so when i tried to flash it one more again, it shows s_da_ram_errom ( the phone doesn't support sdram) while flashing, whats i needs to do now???

    • your preloader_??????_?????.bin may be unmached with your phone device. so try to download right preloader.bin file. than only your prob will be solved.

      • nouxxer

        my phone also same. but at first my phone can on. after flashing other firmware my phone now cannot on even i flashing the previous. if i plug to pc, my pc is detect & detect with sound but still can flash just my phone cannot on.