Unbrick Lenovo A6000 (Plus)
Unbrick Lenovo A6000 (Plus)

Lenovo launched its one of the highest selling budget smartphone, Lenovo A6000 in India. They also promised a guaranteed Android Lollipop 5.0 update before the mid of 2015. While, the update was delayed & brought tones of bugs & battery issues, Most of the users started complaining that Android Kitkat was much better in Performance, RAM Management, battery & gaming. Today we’re here with the most easiest & well explained article of unbricking your Lenovo A6000 & A6000 Plus.

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  1. Lenovo A6000 Stock Firmware/ROM [21/4/16]
    1. Android 4.4.4: A6000_S042_151012_8G_ROW: Download
    2. Android 5.0.2: A6000_L_S058_151030_8G_ROW: Download
  2. Lenovo A6000 Plus Stock Firmware/ROM [21/4/16]
    1. Android 4.4.4: Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_WCC8: Download
    2. Android 5.0.2: Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF: Download
  3. ADB Drivers: Download.
  4. A well functioning PC & USB Cable.

Note: We won’t be held responsible for anything happening to your device during this process. We will help you during such situation. Please read & follow each and every step as mentioned below.

How to unbrick/downgrade Lenovo A6000/Plus:

Step 1. Extract the downloaded “A6000_S035_150507_8G_ROW.7z” file & Open tools folder.

Step 2. Install Lenovo A6000 USB Drivers & also install ADB Drivers.

Step 3. Switch off your device. Press & hold Volup+Power button+Home. Release the button after 3 secs of vibration. (For those who have their device working & are downgrading to Kitkat, can directly get into download mode by setting up adb & type “adb reboot download”)

Step 4. You would see a screen similar to this:

Lenovo A6000 Download mode
Lenovo A6000 Download mode

For those who cannot boot into Download mode:

Most the users brick their device after installing any custom ROMs or any Kernel. Many custom ROMs damage your device’s boot commands. For Eg: After installing the CM 11 ROM for Lenovo A6000 (Plus) you can’t get into Download mode. If have custom recovery installed, then flash any other custom ROM like MIUI. But, if you don’t even have Custom recovery follow this guide:

  1. Switch off your device. Press & Hold Vol Down+Power+Home.
  2. Release the button, once you see a screen which says: “Hold power button to restart” at the bottom.
  3. Follow How to Install TWRP in Lenovo A6000 through ADB from step 5.
  4. Now, flash the Lollipop firmware.

Also Read: How to Install Android M 6.0 in Lenovo A6000/Plus (Bug Free).

Step 5. Open “Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2” folder & launch QcomDloader.exe

Step 6. Click on the Single Gear icon on the top left corner & locate target_bin & click OK.

Select firmware
Select firmware

Step 7. Click on the Start/Play button. Wait for the process to complete. Please don’t shake or unplug the USB cable during the process as it would permanently damage your device.

Step 8. After the completion of the process, you’ll see a Passed message. Time depends on your PC.

Downloading Completed
Downloading Completed

Now boot your device & enjoy the stable build unlike Lollipop. For A6000 Plus user, after completition, Press Volume up+Volume down & Power simultaneously to boot into stock recovery. Now flash the A6000 Plus ROM from “install update from sdcard”. First boot takes 5-7mins. If you have any other doubts, comment it below.

  • Romin

    sir , My lenovo A 6000 plus is stuck in lenovo logo , it’s keep boot in lenovo logo frequently , recovery is also not open and adb commends also not work , only fastboot commands are work for in this case. I also tried to flash system.img file but problem remaining same , please help me how can i solve it.

  • Bhavin Nagda

    hi, i m unable to see anything as the phone is bricked & neither it shows the logo nor anything.Kindly help me out if possible. Its Lenovo A6000.

  • skyhunter

    download link for a6k plus rom not working, just back to this page

  • aditya

    Hi…I installed nogut 7.1.1 lineage ROM on my lenovo a6000 plus phone with TWRP on stock lollipop ROM. But in this ROM there are some big bugs,now i want to install stock kitkat rom on my device.Therefore i need your help!! how to install this ROM please give me step by step solution as soon as possible.Thanks in advance…..

  • aditya

    Hi…I installed nogut 7.1.1 lineage ROM on my lenovo a6000 plus phone with TWRP on stock lollipop ROM. But in this ROM there are some big bugs,now i want to install stock kitkat rom on my device.Therefore i need your help!! how to install this ROM please give me step by step solution as soon as possible.Thanks in advance…

  • Dobib

    I rooted my lenovo a6000 and then while installing Twrp , it shutdown and when I try to reboot it , it directly goes to system recovery . lenovo costumer carecouldn’t fix this problem .. cant boot into fastboot too . Help plZ

  • Dobib


  • Inside the downloaded stock ROM file.

  • Tharun Sai Kumar

    where is the target_bin….pls help

  • Mrityunjoy

    after flash show only boot logo how to fix

  • Punyaprava Tripathy

    my lenovoA6000 plus is not listening to the volume up and down key and my phone is switched off from tomorrow and i can not make it switch on also what can i do

  • Michael V Ambattu

    My lenova a6000plus is still booting and when I open it in twrp for rebooting a msg shows that”no os”..help me to install android 6 on it.

  • nikhil sai

    say something guyz phone has stoped to turn on

  • nikhil sai

    i have tried to install os cynogenmod in lenovo a6k but it failed through twrp recovery and when i restarted it it is switching on several times but no display only showing lenovo powered by android plz help me guyz i am stucked

    • Punyaprava Tripathy

      hey i have same problem as you.Can u plz tell me what did you do for it?

      • Subhajit Bapari

        it can be solved after change its battery.

  • Ganji 949

    hello bro can we flash cm 13 from pc the process you showed in a6000plus unbrick

  • midhilaj

    i cant download Android 4.4.4: A6000_S042_151012_8G_ROW:
    plz help

  • Virat Rafiki Saluja

    Hello Sir, Thanks for the guide. Although I’ve found myself in a bit deeper trouble than this.
    I tried to install a custom rom using CWM recovery, and it’s bricked now. :/
    The problem is, I can’t even enter the fastboot mode with the Vol Down + Power Button, nothing is showing up. Please advise?

    • Is the device responding while charging? Can you see the battery charging icon?

      • Virat Rafiki Saluja

        Hey, I’ve partially figured it out. I used TWRP this time. The recovery mode does gets started, but the screen isn’t displaying it. Since TWRP is touch enabled, I get the vibration that it makes when we select an option, but then again the screen isn’t displaying anything.

    • vikas kumar

      From where you are..

  • Lokesh Reddy

    I have using cynogenic cm13 6.0.1. In lenovo a6000plus … What can I do for getting 4.4.4. Stock

    • Flash Lenovo’s Official stock firmware through TWRP.

      • Vatsal Gupta

        Installing 5.0.2 official stock rom firmware through TWRP won’t brick the phone. Right?

  • Ghostain Albert

    Lenovo A6000 Plus Stock Firmware/ROM [21/4/16]
    Android 4.4.4: Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_WCC8: Download
    Android 5.0.2: Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF: Download

    this two files can’t downloaded .. …
    pls help

  • kawaii_Trump


  • Patil Sagar

    hi cannot find target_bin folder in the given download folder Android 4.4.4: A6000_S042_151012_8G_ROW

  • Umesh Chandra Patel

    Recovery Finished. total time 1.732 but after switch on the phone while pressing VolumeUp+VolumeDown+ Power button simultaneously. phone is restarting and unable to see TeamWin Recovery. please help

  • Dharma Raj

    where is home key?

  • Abhiram naidu

    Hey anyone plss what’s app me my lenovo a6000 plus rooted and installed 7.0 nougat but when I formatting system in recovery it is fails plss help me …..

    Anyone know plss msg me in whats app..

    Or add me in lenovo a6000 plus group…

  • Zain San

    Hi Dev,
    My A6K+ was bricked yesterday, I’ve tried flashing with QFIL with ROW firmware for A6K (cause A6K+ doesn’t have ROW firmware that can be used for flashing with QFIL). My Phone back to work again after that, although My RAM and my Internal Memory have been decreased (RAM 1 G and internal Memory 8 G)
    Finally I flash by manual update software for A6K+ Lollipop (Android 5.0.2: Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF) with stock recovery. Hence My Internal Memory still has an issue, only 4-5 GB although the RAM back to normal 2G. Please Dev, help me solve my Internal memory problem decresed. Sorry for my bad English

    • vikas kumar

      I also have lenovo a6000 plus and i coudnt flash it

  • rituraj

    hey my lenovo A 6000 plus not getting on, 2 onths before i update it to lolipop after that it stuck on lenovo logo now it is not getting on and not detecting on PC

  • Amjed

    hey dude i tried to flash resurruction remix or whataver in my Lenovo a6000plus
    it got stuck in the boot
    i don’t have no recovery at all
    i tired to flash costume recovery didn’t work
    i tried the qualcom methode with that programme didn’t work
    i downloaded the drivers properly
    what can i do please

    • Ashutosh

      please Help Devs. I used CM 13 by ED300 with phantom kernel. today my phone restart once automaticaly. then I went to TWRP and made a wipe including System, Data, Internal. then I installed CM13 build 3 by ED300. After reboot my phone stuck on lenovo screen. After that it starts vibrates then restart continuously. I can’t get in to recovery. I tried to flash TWRP but didn’t work. I can get into fastboot.

      • Devs-Lab Staff

        You must be able to get into fastboot mode to flash TWRP recovery. Make sure you’re pressing the proper key combinations.

  • ganesh

    hello iam flashing several times but its doesnot unbricking my phone plz help me


    helo im lenovo a6000 plus user i cant go to recovery mode only fastboot mode is comming and when i try to on it its strucks on lenovo powdered by android i tryed to install recovery using fastboot adb through system sucess done but phone isnt going to recovery mode what to do now please help me out and i tried to install stock recovery using fastboot but failed help me please reply and answer solution>????

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try using the above method by installing Stock ROM using Flash tool.

      • ganesh

        my lenova a6000 is died when iam flashing from pc suddenly power cut in my house.my device wont start and wont turn on.

  • jangyadutta Dash

    Hi sir,
    Do downloading Lenovoa6000plus from lollipop to kitkat help get solved the storage issue. It shows 11 GB system space after upgrading.
    Pls help

  • Harsh gajjar

    Hi sir..

    My lenovo a6000 plus is totaly dead boot.. when I flash a rom in miflash tool got a error – “can not read from port COM3” now what can I do sir?

  • arbaaz

    where i can find target_bin folder

  • raj

    sir, i m using a6000 plus i got stuck in bootloop error cant get into edl mode nor recovery mode what should do?

  • GKMobiles

    A6000 rom link please …….. the given link is broken

  • Nikhil roeewal

    sir i acidently delete my os nd by mistake i install resurection remix but it will not work so i used my nandroid backup nd restore the backup but i shows error like gallery was not open nd my internal is blank nd all services are stop ,so i think to flash a rom ot lollipop rom but it ill shows error all times what will i do sir my device was lenovo a 6000+.. plzzzz help me sirrr

  • Faizan

    I Have A6000 Plus.Unable Mount DATA ,Cache , System TWRP Shows Internal Storage as 0 MB. Whenever I Try To Flash ROM Zip It Gives Error Cant Mount Data/System/Cache and When I Reboot Recovery TWRP Says No OS Installed.I Can Access Recovery/ADB and Fastboot But Not Able To Flash Anything.Gets Error Cant Mount DATA ,Cache , System. Tried QFIL and Completed Without any Error But STill Same Issue.Qdownloader Stucks at SAHARA.. MIflash Gives Error of Disable Digitle Signature Where as They are Already Disabled.

    • vikas kumar

      Same problem. Now fully bricked

  • Taarak Ahuja

    sir I am very concerned about my phone tried many ways to repair it but now I am seeking help from you. The problem is following:-
    my Lenovo a6000 is not functioning properly after I flashed cm12 on my device
    Steps I followed:-
    I booted into my custom recovery cwm and cleared data of the current stock rom and then cleared the cache partition. Then, I went to install zip and installed cm12
    It flashed properly and I booted in it correctly, everything was working great just that now I had TWRP recovery instead of cwm.
    I don’t how the data of my previous rom was not cleared properly and instead of having 4.5gb of free storage I was having only 2gb of storage(my old data was of nearly 2.5gb).
    so I decided to revert and booted into my recovery and was stuck in bootloop
    Now my devices recovery is lost, bootloader is locked, I cannot boot into fastboot mode and rom is totally working but not correctly. Now I want to flash my backup and don’t know what to do as having no QUALCOMM specific flash tools to unbrick
    All features in the rom like usb debugging are working if they could help
    PLEASE respond to my problem and tell me a way out??
    looking forward for your reply

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try flashing stock ROM using MiFlash tool

      • Taarak Ahuja

        I just have little query:-
        I should just connect my device powered off with the pc as I do not have a fastboot mode and hit flash?

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          It won’t work! Try removing battery & connecting.

          • Taarak Ahuja

            you are saying I should connect my device to pc without battery and hi start??

          • Taarak Ahuja

            should I just connect my device to pc without battery and hit start??

            • Taarak Ahuja

              help me I am stuck, I tried connecting it without battery but mi flashing app is not showing the device and I cannot flash the rom

  • shah

    cannot locate the target_bin folder.. please..

  • srinath

    Sir my mobile was stuck on lenovo logo when I power on my mobile and my mobile is not going to recovery.please help to fix this problem

  • Pruthvi

    Android system is not working.

  • Pruthvi

    Sir my mobile is lenovo a6000 plus. Android system is working & unfortunately update is also not working.

  • mustafa

    Sir I have lenovo a6000 plus my mobile slow charge in lollipop after 8month of using so then I install resurrection remix rom the rom work properly but my problem not solve charging slowly continues so I can able to install kiktat from stock recovery because my download mode not open please say yes or no

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install a custom Kernel with fast charge property.

  • Ayn Gaire

    got three errors
    is missing try reintalling again whire Opening QcomDloader.exe from “Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2” folder on Windows10.

  • hasan

    hello guys i bought a lenovo A6000 and i installed cynogenmod 12.1 but it does not working good.so i want to go back to my lenovo A6000 default kitkat version 4.4.4 ……how to go back for kitkat…..please help me brothers…!!!!!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Extract the zip file given & flash the System.zip TWRP recovery: ROM. It will bring back your device to 5.0.1. If you want to 4.4.4 just follow the above procedure.

  • Md mahasin Kamal

    I have Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile. I install the miui 7 custom rom ,then flashing miui 8 Custom Rom and repeat the the miui7 custom rom after flashing miui 7 custom rom,my phone does not open and the internal memory is showing 0MB
    How to Flash it.plz help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Can you boot into recovery or fastboot (bootloader) mode?

      • sreenu

        fastboot mode working but it doesn’t flash any thing and showing unable to mount E:/ system and data cache

  • prabhu

    My device is Lenovo A6000plus,
    i have installed cm12.1 using twrp,
    now i need to go back my stock lolipop rom,
    can i install these zip flies using twrp, or i need to flash stock recovery

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can flash with any recovery. After flashing, everything will be replaced like TWRP will be replaced with Stock recovery etc.

  • saurabh

    i tried installing cm12.1 on my lenovo as6000+
    but due to some reason it was not successful.
    now whenever i turn my phone on it gets stuck on the lenovo logo and restarts.
    i tried flashing stock rom using miflash but it could not detect my phone i also tried QFIL but whenever i pressed download the process would finish in seconds and nothing happens.
    1 thing i noticed is that instead of port 9008 my phone shows port 9091.
    please help asap.

  • manish

    Hello guys also admin my problem is that I install twrp in my lenovo a6000 and installed miui 7 ROM its working fine after few days I update miui in setting<update after download completed I install it after complete I restarted my device and then than black screen is appear I think my phone is going dead.
    I am requested to everyone please help me how can I fix this problem

  • ishant shakya

    plz urgent help reqired,I installed twrp recovery in order to flash custom roms but after flashing the rom ,the phone rebooted and continous vibration is there in the fon,i am not able to goin recoverymode, there is continuous vibrations in interval,so is there any solution to this problem.

  • Sir, plz help me i’ve made my friends A6000 completely dead. when i received the phone; the phone was stucked on logo then i downloaded latest stock rom pack and try to flash it via the above mentioned tool, the time counting was gone more than 2000 seconds then stop the flashing as it was taking too much time and disconnect the phone
    again i connect the phone ,start flash, this time the process was named as sahara which was not proceeding ; again i disconnect and try to restart the phone and unfortunately it was completely dead.
    the phone is not showing anything on boot : no logo nothing
    but the PC(mobogenie) is showing a device connected on connect via cable.
    now plz help me to make it boot normally or the same stage in which i’ve received it.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can try unbricking by using Mi Flash tool:

      Install Mi flash tool & launch it
      Star Flashing using MI-Flash :

      • turn off phone
      • hit VOL + and plug USB cable (phone will vibrate once)
      • In Device Manager (Control Panel) should shows : Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
      • run Miflash, you should see appropriate COM port
      • browse folder with downloaded firmware
      • Click button ‘flash’ and wait
  • kumar nitesh

    sir please help me i installed miui 7 in lenovo a6000 plus it was working but after some days i saw an update and installed it through twrp after that my phone does not open any any condititon plz help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Can you boot into fastboot mode?

  • sadiq

    hi dev, I just want to know the exact flash procedure of only A6000 plus. I know you have mentioned above but its bit confusing for me, so please tell me the procedure I’m waiting

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Follow everything as mentioned for A6000. Once the stock ROM is installed. You’ll also get stock recovery installed with it. Boot into stock recovery & Goto “Install zip from SDcard”, select A6000Plus zip file. Wait for the flashing process to complete. That’s it! 🙂

      • Mohith G

        where is A6000Plus zip file

  • #Anee

    can i just install it just with downloader step by step or i have to go to recovery mode and ” install update from sd card” on stock recovery and turn it on , give me a valid solution…….

  • Ram Kumar

    My phone Lenovo A6000plusis not detected by the adb driver..what to do next ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install it manually.

      • Ram Kumar

        How to install manually…

  • Bibhu Pratap

    I have Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile. I have downloaded Android 4.4.4: Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_WCC8. there is no taget bin folder. Which folder i need to flash my Lenovo A6000 plus mobile. Plz suggest…

    • Yahya

      For a6000 plus you need to download both files…..

  • Dominique Vias

    none of the new files for lenovo a6000 have target bin in folder.. please help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Post updated. Please refer the post again. Thanks for reporting!

      • Dominique Vias

        Hi do you mind if I ask what exactly was updated? Do i need to redownload the files? I am using Lenovo A6000 not the plus one. and the files i downloaded do not contain target bin Thanks!

  • Ram Kumar

    Sir.Can u please tell me about process to get into Fastboot mode & download mode for lenovo a6000Plus

  • Ram Kumar

    My phone lenovo a6000plus doesn’t get into recovery mode,when i press vol up+power key+home button ,it just restarts but doesn’t go further.When i press vol down+power key+home button it shows”Power key long press can reboot phone” But as u have mentiond above Open “Downloader_Lenovo_V1.0.2” folder & launch QcomDloader.exe
    Click on the Single Gear icon on the top left corner & locate target_bin & click OK. But i m unable to locate target_bin folder in Android 5.0.2: Kraft-A6000-s_S030_151030_WCAF:.Phone sd card is also not showing in computer.
    what i have to do next. Please Help me sir..Sir Please reply on my mail if u can..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You recovery just got formated I think. The screen which says “Power key long press can reboot phone” is bootloader screen. Follow this method Install TWRP in Lenovo A6000Plus. Once you have installed the recovery, boot into recovery & flash the lollipop zip file. That’s it!

      • Ram Kumar

        For method u have mentioned(USB Debugging) my phone would be start..But when i press start button nothing happens only lenovo logo appears and stuck on that interface.Whwn i press vol down+power key+home button ,window shows Power key long press can reboot phone.But when I type adb devices in cmd windows it doesn’t show anthing(List of device attached and shows blank in next line).But when i connect my phone to computer pop up sound appears..Is there any other process or can i use fastboot flash recovery recovery.img from this windows.Major problem is that it doesn’t showing in computer..Please Help me

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          First of all Fastboot mode & download mode are two different modes. You might have tried flashing ROM in fastboot mode. I have mentioned the procedure to get in download mode. If you can’t get in download mode, you can get in fastboot mode & flash recovery (For installing recovery refer: Install recovery). Once the recovery is installed, you can directly install the Lollipop firmware.

          • Dominique Vias

            Hi. since uploading new files i dont think target bin is in the file when i click on gear icon

  • a k gautam

    target_bin not showing in firmware ? how may i flash my mobile

  • Mani

    It stucked on downlaoding…

  • vamshi krishna

    brooo anyone hlp me plss..i installed miui 7 stable rom..it used total my internal memory m using lenovo a6000 plus i had left only 1 gb out 16gb plss hlp me..shulod i install miui 7 lite

  • kishan

    hey you are great.while installing first tiime custom miui rom i have not rooted my phone a6000 that time miui didnt work it stuck in boot logo mi.after that i downloaded many roms but till now only two worked first is cyanogen which i downloaded from your website and second is mokee from youtube.my question is boot logo mi is not removing in any rom stock or custom just before boot animation the mi boot logo always come instead of lenovo.i want boot logo of lenovo.thanks

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Do a complete system format before installing any ROM. Refer: Install custom ROM.

  • Vishwajit

    I had flashed a custom rom MIUI 7.0.9 in my lenovo a6000plus.The major problem is that bootloader of my phone is changed to MI.
    I want lenovo bootloader. So please help me to restore original lenovo bootloader insted of MI.
    Plz Plz Plz i need help.

  • Dominique B Vias

    🙁 i don’t understand why nothing is working for me. qualcomm dloader won’t execute it says msvcr100.dll is missing although I’ve tried every solution to install it. 🙁

  • Dominique B Vias

    Is there an alternate location to download this file: “A6000_S035_150507_8G_ROW.7z” I am able to download everything else except this one.

    • Devs-Lab Staff
      • Dominique B Vias

        i’m still also unable to install or execute QcomDloader.exe because of MSCVR100.dll is missing…. Sigh why can’t anything work for me the way it can for others.

  • iyung

    my imei null , please help

  • Shirsendu Adak

    hey, the “not mounting problem” is also being faced by me…. means i flashed the vibe 2.5 rom for lenovo a6000 plus….and now my internal storage is not working. From playstore applications are getting installed in phone, but if i’m trying to acces the internal storage from file manager, its not working,, cant create any folder, and even cant install any app in it manually!
    Please help me!! ;(
    thanks in advance.

  • gaswa

    i was follow the instruction carefully step by step. it;s work… but why after unbrick my internal is 6gb and not 16 gb? little help please!

  • Aerm kureahi

    my lenovo A6000 plus after downgrade my phone showing storeg 4 GB but my phone its 16 GB an ram show 1 GB but its 2 GB

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash Lenovo A6000 Plus’s stock ROM through stock recovery.

  • SAM


    I owe a Lenovo A600 Plus , and i cant enter to the Blue listed screen like you said above when I Hold volume + and PowerButton, it just showing “LENOVO” in the black screen, and when i connected to system its detecting “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” in DeviceManager.. what to do ????

  • Dominique Vias

    Hi, I followed your instructions to the book but my A6000 is bricked and I was wondering if you could help. I chose to send a message so this can be brought to your attention. Basically I installed Kraft – A6000 -s S017 from MIUI Lite. After it says it is installed, the phone automatically shut off. Now it won’t turn on, stuck in initial Lenovo screen. Also can’t access recovery

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you are still able to see the logo means your device can be fixed. Just boot into fastboot mode. Flash recovery & Install Lenovo’s Stock rom.

      • Dominique Vias

        Hi when I reboot to fastboot mode, ADB cannot recognize the device. NO devices found. My problem now is when installing adb drivers, the ADB installer doesnt recognize any connected device. 🙁

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Install this USB driver: lenovo a6000 drivers

          • Dominique B Vias

            I am so sorry to pester you with this 🙁 but the driver didn’t work after installation. My pc still doesn’t recognize my phone nor does ADB. 🙁 The only time ADB tool recognized my phone was on a rare occasion that my phone booted up and the internal storage popped. There was Lenovo PC suite and driver application which I proceeded to install. I was able to install the recovery img and the ROM at the time but that’s when the problem of the phone turning off and not doing anything more happened… Also I don’t think the Stock rom is suited for my phone. My Lenovo A6000 version is a single sim unit. Help 🙁

            • Devs-Lab Staff

              Just to check whether your device is completely dead, connect your device to your PC & check in device manager. Whether any new device pop’s up! If it does, remove battery, connect your device & flash the ROM. I think you’ll find stock ROM for single sim device on Lenovo’s Official site or some other forums.

  • zohaib

    Urgent reply please when i was flashing my lenovo a6000
    I think cablenwas shaked after that u tried to open the device its not turning on i again flash butt flash dosn complete i cause me to wait alot … butt no solution please help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you can boot in Fastboot, flash custom recovery & Install any custom ROM. If none of the solutions work, your device is completely bricked.

  • Goran

    Hello friend.
    Flashed some custom rom on A6000, and it hard bricked the phone.
    It is my friends phone, and now I feel awful about it.
    Phone is not showing nothing on the screen, not with all possible button combinations pressed.

    What do you propose, is there any solution?

    I will try to charge it for 2h, and then to press volume up, power and middle touchscreen icon (home button).

    Custom rom was flashed using TWRP, and before I flashed the rom, i did a full backup on SD card.
    But now, I cant go into recovery, so…damn.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If none of the button combinations boot your device. It’s probably hard bricked & can’t be repaired. Try your luck in Lenovo’s service centre.

  • Arief Seto

    hello sir, I’ve followed all the procedures and goes well, I can flash a custom rom, sorry for bad my english

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes, you can flash custom ROM through TWRP recovery. 😉

  • Haf

    I am able to go to recovery mode and when I reset the device using recovery its then also stuck on boot screen. Please tell me what to do? I am not able to detect the device on pc.? And I don’t want to flash custom recovery? Please help me?

  • AndroidEr

    My lenovo a6000 is stuck on the boot screen. It is not going on in download mode. It is detected by PC. What should I do?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You might have installed Custom ROM. Flash recovery, flash stock zip to get download mode.

  • surya

    im currently on cm 12.1. can i get back to stock rom. if it possible please upload the procedure….

  • magendhiran

    msvcp100 error on opening qualcomm loader pls help ne

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Problem with OS.

  • kamalesh

    hi… after installing usb driver and i connected to my a6000 mobile .. I have poweroff the phone. POwer+Volume up.. Then as usually screen appers..

    But Firehouse downloading process has come up …. it took 2000 (s) still its not yet finished..
    So, I have unplugged USB device… Try to switch on my a6000..
    But still its not getting poweredon…

    I did the same procedure…. Now also still showing up firehouse downloading with 3093(s)..
    still its downloading…

    Kindly help me out…..

  • Siranjeevi

    i can’t able to go into download mode..i have deleted the OS so can’t get into either recovery or the mode you mentioned….please tell me how to get my phone in working condition,,,i am using lenovo a6k+

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      First get into Fastboot mode. Flash the recovery image through ADB (Refer: Flash TWRP in A6000 Plus). Then, install Lenovo’s Stock ROM through recovery.

  • vishal

    i have TWRP RECOVERY and STOCK LOLLIPOP, whenever i install any custom rom after installation my phone need stick at lenovo logo (i format dalvik,data,system,cache)- i tried many ROMS BUT MY PROBLEM IS CONSISTENT. plz help me out

  • farid

    hi dev . after using your step to unbrick dead , im installp[;’\- cm12 . but suddenly i saw my internal memory become 4.69gb from before this 16gb. what should i do right now.?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Either replace storage files from system/etc with stock A6000 Plus or Flash other ROMs. Few ROMs has A6000 files.

  • Zain

    hi Dev I have Lenovo A6000 + device and i heard about root. I am a new user just wanted to gain root access. Pls help me out in rooting my device and whats next after rooting.

  • sandeep chaurasia

    I yesterday try to unbrick my lenovo a6000, using lenovo downloader – QCOMDLoder , i connected the device, it start downloading but the process not end after 3000 seconds, then i retry the things, everytime the progress continue for long time, but i cant succeeded in passing that downloading. Now my phone is dead.
    What i can do now, please suggest?
    waiting for your kind reply

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try on other PC. Prefer Windows 7 or 8.

  • i want to say that my lenovo a6000 plus phone was strucked on rebooted device ( i installed chainfire 3d and restarted) then strucked not switching on again my phone is with lollipop and rooted as u shown…… what to do know? please reply im in heavy tension now please reply

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Follow the above procedure & Down grade to Kitkat then Install System update file. If you can access Recovery mode, flash any custom roms

  • gopi krishna

    hello sir,
    i`ve followed your process but it was failed and strucked at 1004 sec
    and now my phone is not turning at all
    but showing qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008(COMS) in my pc.
    help plz me………

    • kenneth

      sir have you fix your phone now cause im having a same problem plss reply

      • Devs-Lab Staff

        Yup, I fixed my device 3 times; following this procedure. You might be doing something differently, if it gets stucked at particular point, are you able to boot your device into recovery mode after completing this procedure? If yes then flash custom recovery & flash any custom rom. On which device you are trying this, A6000 or A6000 Plus?

        • kenneth

          i been doing all the procedure but when i start download thing it goes on and on and never been done… what should i do to fix it any suggestions

          • Devs-Lab Staff

            This is really weird! Below are few solutions that might help you:
            1. Try on other Desktop PC.
            2. Use Original USB Cable. Clear all drivers & Install the drivers all again.
            3. Use other Lenovo Flash tool.
            Hope this helps!

  • K.Harish

    I tried the same procedure it works and passed but I didn’t get back to KitKat same lollipop version is installed please help

  • dani

    I can’t go to recovery / fast boot what should I do??

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You don’t need to go to Recovery/Fastboot mode. Press & hold Volup+Power button+Home. Release the button after 3 secs of vibration. This will boot your device into download mode. If you have flashed any custom ROM, you won’t be able to boot into Download mode. Flash custom recovery by this method Install TWRP in Lenovo A6000/Plus. & flash stock rom through recovery.

      • kenneth

        hello plss help me im stuck at the download and it in 15750 + allready but still not done is it normal or i have to do some thing about it

  • Mohd LUKMAAN

    Dear sir, my mobile is lenovo a6000 , that was updated as lolipop, while I want to again kit-kat Android, I was updating by guide line provided by you, , then not complete process, and my system has been dead, plzzz provide the solution, in brief, thnxxx.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      This can’t be possible. You might have done without differently. Can you go into recovery? Fastboot? If yes, then flash TWRP recovery & flash any custom rom. If the device is completely dead then, try the above process without battery.

  • Chandu

    7. Click on the Start/Play button. Wait for the process to complete. Please don’t shake or unplug the USB cable during the process as it would permanently damage your device.

    Mine got failed in this stage.. Is there anyway I can retain my device 🙁 It is not responding at all to any combination of buttons.. please help..

  • mohit

    my phone is rooted into 4.4 kitkat bt its show in device information 1gb ram and 16 gb rom….plz help me…

  • vikas

    How I can root my Lenovo a6000 plus mobile

  • Arif shaikh

    hey admin i have followed all the steps as u mentioned above
    but while i press play button in downloader it doesnot shows anything about started or process nothing showing
    m in cm12 rom i want to flash stock rom 4.4.4 for lenovo a6000 plus

    please reply for my problem as soon as possibe…

    thanks in advance.

  • Ken


    I followed the method for flashing the phone exactly suggested. but the flashing is stuck and the timer is at 4348 s.
    What should I do? Its taking very long as compared to the suggestion.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The time completely depends on your PC specs. However, it should not take more than 700s. Try flashing the ROM again or use different PC.

  • vincent

    After succeded flashing ,when i turn on my a6000 stuck on welcome logo .I cant push triangle sign .Was it software or the touchscreen?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey, I’m not getting what you are trying to say. If you device doesn’t bootup after this, flash the ROM again.

  • Maunish

    can you please specify, what is the home button???
    I find volume up+ volume down + power button. But i cant find home button.
    When i press volume up+power up button, phone shows only lenovo logo and after 8 to 10 sec it goes.
    I cant go into fastboot or recovery mode?
    Is there any other way?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      There are three hardware buttons, Menu Button, Home Button & Back button. Press the Home button.

  • kathir

    my lenovo a6000 dead, how to recover my mobile

    • Irfan

      mine also
      no boot
      no logo
      nothing happening after flashing
      how did you recover yours

  • salman

    Many download krna ha plz help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Can you please come up with a specific question? The entire process is mentioned above, just follow it. If you’re stuck at any point, let us know.

  • Raj

    My Lenovo A6000 plus mobile updated 5.0.2 please how to downgrade 4.4.4

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Follow above method.

  • Bagas

    My Lenovo A6000 plus can not be turned on. I’ve pressed volup + power, volup + voldown + power, voldown + power
    but still can not light up. even I have connected with charger…
    Plz help me..!! :'(

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Your device is hard bricked. Keep your phone for charging for about 2hr (don’t touch it, let it charge). Now Press (Volup+Power+Home button) It will start! 🙂 If It doesn’t start then it might be a hardware issue.

  • Rubesh

    my lenovo a6000 plus got an update to 5.0.2 after the update the sim shows only 2G in notification and my sim supports 3G though it is showing only 2G pls solve my issue.. should i reboot my device using recovery mode please help me fast in this issue

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Do a factory reset! If the problem is still not solved, download OTA update & flash it through stock recovery.

  • Shreyansh Sahu

    I’ve installed miui rom and cwm recovery when i get into download mode it shows some chinese options it gets detected in latop as qualcom com port but flashing not getting start in lenovo loader and and qfil it shows qfil cannot switch to edl (emergeny download mode), tried installing stock recovery but not working.

  • Taher Tinwala

    I have flashed KitKat rom through twrp recovery,but after installing rom I’m not able to boot into recovery it just stuck on lenovo logo, please help me.

  • Taher Tinwala

    I have flashed KitKat rom through twrp recovery,but after installing rom I’m not able to boot into recovery it just stuck on lenovo logo

  • Steve


    I have successfully flashed custom 4.4 rom but i am not able to boot into the download mode. How to get back the download mode options? please help

  • Pranab

    Comment:i flashed kitkat rom succesfuly but how i can i reset.my ph is no working to reset?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Goto Settings>Backup & Reset > Factory Reset.
      2nd method:

      Switch off your device, Press & hold Vol up+ vol down + Power & leave after vibration. It will take you to stock recovery. Goto Wipe Data option & press yes. That’s it!

      Note: Use Vol up down keys to navigate & touch doesn’t work in recovery mode.

  • i have rooted my a6000 mobile can i re-install kitkat 4.4.4 with above process

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes! You can use this method to intall Kitkat 4.4.4

  • mitaka1985

    is it working on a single sim A6000 ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      A6000 has dual sim.

  • Nithin

    i installed a wrong rom then after my phone doesn’t switched on.hard bricked.can i use this method ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you can get into fastboot or bootloader, you can follow this method.

  • Rahul

    Hey …… I have dout…..when process will be start than suddenly process will failed than how I can do …

  • Abhishek

    Unbrick karna kbad 24mb wale update install in horehe h

  • Kssanthose

    After 3 Hours of waiting it was showing downloading so I tried to stop and unplugged my mobile now my mobile is not working…whats can i DO..Help me please

    • vishal

      How to restore 4.4.4 KitKat in lenovo a6000pluse

    • Nilesh

      Ya plz ans this
      #same story

  • Bappa Nandi

    i have install root&TWRP recovery on devices.But this phone has not open download mode.Plz help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you can get into download mode, transfer ROM file in your SDcard (While you are in recovery). Now install zip from TWRP recovery (Follow this guide: How to flash custom roms.)

  • Kunal

    I have tried exactly the way you have said, Downloader utility detects my phone, also starts the flashing process, but it is stucked at around 25% ( not sure as it does not display progress in %) I kept it for hours, and no change. I am able to enter recovery, is there anyway I can unbrick my Lenovo A6000 Plus ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Switch off your device, Press Volume up+Power+Home button simultaneously. This should take you to fastboot mode. Now, flash TWRP recovery by this method: How to flash TWRP in Lenovo A6000. Once you have instlled TWRP recovery, transfer ROM file in your SDcard(While you are in recovery). Now install zip from TWRP recovery (Follow this guide: How to flash custom roms.)

  • Nagesh Babu

    My phone is lenovo a6000 plus, i am facing heating issue and battery drying issues after update from kitkat 4.4 to lollipop… will it resolve my issue???

    • suresh agri

      Just factory restart ur phone and ur memory card then
      use without memory card 2 days try it
      It will solve ur problem 100%

  • Ravi prakash kumawat

    it is showing the 1 gb ram after flashing

  • karthick

    my phone a6000 plus yesterday iwas update it through system update and iwasnt completed and the device was not working can you plese help me

  • Oggy

    My Lenovo a6000 get struck on boot screen… And i can’t able to change recovery mode…. Pls help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Switch off your device, Press Voldown+Power+Home button simultaneously. This should take you to download mode. Now, flash the stock rom by following the above procedure.

      • jayson

        i try many times this method but the phone keeps rebooting and it wont go to recovery

  • dali

    Follow How to Install TWRP in Lenovo A6000 through ADB from step 5.

    thank you you save my life !!!

  • jijesh

    my phone is a6000 plus with 16gb rom …….does it work???

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yeah, but you need to restore CWM backup of Lenovo A6000 Plus after following this process.