How to install Magisk Manager in Android to hide Root from certain Apps
How to install Magisk Manager in Android to hide Root from certain Apps

What is Magisk? A magic mask to alternate the system in a System-less way. Magisk is currently the best alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSU. Created by XDA developer Tomjohn, In fact, Magisk has better features than SuperSu in the form of modules. Rapidly, it is becoming the primary choice for custom ROM developers. SuperSU can only grant or deny root permissions for user-specific apps, But Magisk can also hide root. It can make specific apps believe as a non-rooted device. So if you root with Magisk, you can run the banking apps or Pokemon GO that couldn’t work on the rooted device.

Also Recently, playstore started to block developer specified apps for rooted devices. So this will be the most needed feature in coming days. Magisk Manager app will manage Magisk Root actions and its modules. Other interesting feature, Magisk works system-less-ly i.e. it doesn’t alter your system partition in any way. So that means you can still install official OTA updates even with root. The rooting method is with phh’s SuperUser which is an open source rooting solution for Android.

It also packs a  Universal Systemless Interface that other developers can use to build custom MODs for Android devices without altering the system files. Something we saw in Xposed Framework earlier. Although, Magisk modules are fresh things compared to Xposed modules and there are a limited number of modules in comparison with Xposed. But this is just beginning, and Magisk is going to carry the legacy of the Xposed Framework for sure, in coming days.


  1. A rooted device with Custom Recovery installed.
  2. Magisk manager and Magisk Installer zip.
  3. Always have a Backup, The first principle for Android tinkering 🙂
  4. Android version Lollipop or above(5.0+).
  5. Magisk disabler zip, in case your device didn’t boot up.

How to Install Magisk on your Android device:

Magisk Manager can Install the Magisk on your device. But Magisk does not support every Android device. If your device doesn’t support it, you might get stuck during the boot. So take a full Backup before installing Magisk.

  1. Download Magisk Manager and Open it.
  2. Grant the root permissions and proceed with Installation of Magisk.
  3. Confirm the Installation and Reboot the Device as it prompts.

Now install the phh’s SuperSu from Playstore to enable the Root Access and Grant the Root Access to the App. You are all set and ready to try out some Magisk modules, by downloading from the Modules section in Magisk Manager. Busybox, Ad block, Viper, Nexus launcher are among the popular modules. If you come across other excellent modules, be sure to share it with us in the comment section below.

How to Hide “ROOT” from sensitive apps:

To hide root from an application, you will first need to enable it in Magisk settings. Go to settings. Enable the option named Magisk Hide.  You can now tap on it and select the apps that you want to hide from the Root access.

What if the Device got Stuck in the Bootloop or Doesn’t Boot up, After Magisk Installation:

  • If your device does not boot, you can always go back to TWRP and Flash the Magisk Disabler zip. ( TWRP>Install> Select the Magisk Disabler zip> Confirm the Flashing > Reboot.)
  • Still, If your device does not boot, you have to restore the previous backup.

Just like Xposed Framework, Magisk Didn’t have any list of supported devices. So Every device may not support this Magisk. Developers are fixing the with every release to support the maximum devices. Mostly It is found “ Not supported for most of the custom ROMs.” So If you have a rooted phone with unmodified system ROM that comes with your Device, Magisk should work with your device.