OnePlus X Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery & Root
OnePlus X Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery & Root

Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus launched OnePlus X, the mini & cheap version of OnePlus 2 with pretty good specifications. OnePlus X comes with OxgenOS UI which becomes boring after some time. You can get much better performance, battery life & remove bloatwares by Rooting OnePlus X. Rooting not only brings performance but it also brings great level of customizations through custom ROMs or Xposed Installer. If you are new to rooting or install custom ROMs, you can refer to this guide: From Rooting to Installing Custom ROMs.


  1. A perfectly working PC or Laptop.
  2. A USB cable
  3. OnePlus X device, drivers & required files (Link below)
  4. Backup all your data & contacts.
  5. There should be sufficient charge present in your device so that smartphone does not turn off during the flashing process.
  6. USB Debugging should be enabled. To enable USB debugging go to Settings > About Phone. Here you have to tap the build number for around 7 times. Now go back to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.


Unlocking Bootloader of OnePlus X:

1. Connect your device with USB debugging enabled to your PC. Launch ADB USB driver & Click on Install.

2. Extract Minimal ADB Fastboot files & open command.bat file. Type:

adb devices

It should return a code with unauthorized keyword. Press OK for the message in your phone:

Allow USB Debugging
Allow USB Debugging

3. To reboot into fastboot mode, type:

adb reboot bootloader

4. To unlock Bootloader, type

fastboot oem unlock

The device will unlock the bootloader, erase all user data and reboot itself into Android. You will have to set up everything from scratch.
5. Type:

fastboot oem device-info

It will return, bootloader unlocked: true.

5. Now, Re-enable Developer options by going to Settings > About phone and tapping on “Build number” 7 times. Go to Settings > Developer options. Check “Android debugging” and re-authorize your computer’s RSA fingerprint.

Installing TWRP Recovery in OnePlus X:

1. Again get into fastboot mode. Download the OnePlus X TWRP.img file from above link & place it in minimal ADB files extracted folder.

2. Now type:

fastboot flash recovery <filename.img>
fastboot boot <recovery.img>
OnePlus X Rooting, Unlocking Bootloader & Installing TWRP Recovery
OnePlus X Rooting, Unlocking Bootloader & Installing TWRP Recovery

3. Connect your device to PC & transfer the file downloaded from above link.

How to Root OnePlus X:

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Boot into Recovery mode & Clear cache & dalvik cache (Optional)
  3. Goto Install & Select the SuperSU zip file & swipe to Install the file.
  4. Switch on your device & Update SuperSU binary & update the app (if asked)
  5. Now grant root access to Apps & Enjoy. You must check top 10 Apps to Install after rooting your Android device: Top 10 Apps for Rooted Smartphone.
Final words

You can experiment many new things after rooting your OnePlus X. You can try new Custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod & checkout all the Themes for CM 12.1, CM 13. You can try installing Xposed Installer & installing different modules to experiment with your system files. Make sure you take backup before experimenting with any of the rooted Apps. Let us know what you did after rooting your OnePlus X!

  • saul reyes

    cant unlock the bootloader, the drivers are properly installed, when I type adb devices it gives me the serial number, then I go to fastboot mode and when I type fastboot oem unlock, nothing happens, it stays in fastboot mode

  • Sushil

    This is compulsory to install this SuperSu for the given TWRP, if i install other SuperSU? it will effect my system

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nope it won’t effect your system in any way.