Pokemon GO GPS fly Hack for non rooted Android

As Pokémon Go continues its huge surge of international popularity, there have already been a wide variety of creative methods from various players who have tried in various ways to beat the system. Tones and tones of Pokemon GO hacks have been released for each Smartphone platform. Even we have published Pokemon GO hacks for Rooted Android device. But today we’re here with Pokemon GO hack for Non-Rooted Android.

This method does not require any Root not even any kind of Custom recovery. This method does work on any Android device. If you follow each steps correctly, you’ll get Pokemon GO Android hack with Joystick (Arrow keys) to move along with location spoofing which means you can play Pokemon GO from any location in the world. Entire method is really simple to follow. Let’s just jump into the guide. Don’t forget, rooted hack has much more features & advantages over non-rooted Hack. This Guide is for devices running Android Marshmallow & above. If you are using Jellybean/Kitkat/Lollipop, you can refer new Pokemon GO hack for Jellybean & above.

Updated & working guide:  Pokemon GO location hack for Kitkat & above.


  1. Pokemon GO Game:
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

2. Pokemon GO Fly GPS Hack (Fake GPS)

Download Fly GPS APK

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How to setup Pokemon GO GPS hack in Android (No Root)

Step 1. Download and install both the required Apps mentioned above.

Step 2. Go to Settings App > About Phone > Tap on build number 7 times to activate Developer options in your device.

Step 3. Go back to Settings > Developer options. Locate “Select mock location app” & select Fly GPS (com.fly.gps)

Select Mock location App Pokemon GO Hack
Select Mock location App – Pokemon GO Hack

Step 4. Again go to Settings > Location & set GPS mode to High accuracy (Use GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile data)


Step 5. Now launch Fly GPS app & locate any location you want to go. Click on the desired location & hit “Please select the menu”.

Fly GPS for Pokemon GO Hack
Fly GPS for Pokemon GO Hack

Step 6. Tap on “GPS Service Run” which will open up another menu. Tap on “Joystick location mode [Pokemon]”.

JoyStick Location mode (Pokemon GO)
JoyStick Location mode (Pokemon GO)

Step 7. That’s it! Now launch Pokemon GO Game & you’ll see a Joystick to move around.

Pokemon GO Joystick for Non rooted Android device
Pokemon GO Joystick for Non rooted Android device

You can level up easily & faster using this. If you live in small town or somewhere where there’s not much of Pokemon, this hack could be very beneficial & easy to use. This hack is for those who don’t want to root their device. Don’t forget, rooted hack has much more features & advantages over non-rooted Hack. But don’t worry! The app developer may come up with lot more features in Non-rooted version too.

Last updated on: Oct 5, 2016 @ 12:09 am


  1. Here’s my experience so far:
    – Running Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 6.0.1 – NO ROOT!
    – PokpemonGO version 0.41.4
    – I played for 1 hour straight with no hickups or bans.
    – After following step-by-step the instructions, 99.9% of the things worked as expected!
    – I didn’t try battling gyms, but spinning pokestops, getting items and catching pokemon was just like being on that different location (I placed myself in the same city, but a few blocks away).

    The ONLY thing that is flawed is the pokémon location text (displayed at the bottom of the pokémon screen). It displays [,,COUNTRY] and that kinda bothers me a little bit.

    But other than that, I am kinda satisfied.

  2. Amigo…..Alguna solucion que el joystick me dura con suerte 3 minutos….y luego vuelvo a la posicion original…No se como resolverlo

  3. When I try to play with fly GPS the pokemons that i’m catch doesnt have defined location. Appears only two commas. Someone can explain why and how to fix it?

  4. I think they already found about this. I installed it last night about 1 AM and I kept playing really good until this morning at 6 AM. I catched a lot and f pokemons, got so many balls and eggs… IT WAS AMAZING!!! But now, when I try to play, I get to turn the pokestops but I get nothing, and when I try to catch a Pokémon, they simply fly away after the first throw… 😕 Any advice…?

    • search youtube for quickspin. it appears you are softbanned. get that program on your pc and find a youtube tutorial for how to use it. Good Luck!

    • It’s a softban. You can wait til it’s lifted, which is usually a few hours or spin the pokestop about 40 times and it’ll be lifted. They check by the amount of hours between each location. So if you’re in California and you need to have the game off for the amount of flight time it would take. Or Seattle to the east coast, same thing. You can wait the hours or just jump location to location, but you’ll need to spin the pokestops everything. Also, it’ll stay at your last location. If you’re in Texas and you went to Japan, when you log off, then get back on the next day to the same area in Japan you won’t be soft banned. Hope that helps out a lot.

  5. Works fine for me other than I occasionally get rubber banned back to my original location. Any thoughts on how to fix that?

  6. I managed to do all the steps but the only thing that doesnt work is that on top of my screen it says, “Failed to detect location”. This makes the joystick not work nor does it let any Pokemons spawn. Please someone help!!!

  7. When I allow fly gps in mock locations under developer options, fly gps still asks me to enable the check box. But there isnt any check box in developer options. Any1 with the same issue?

  8. Who has ROOT can use the PSEUDO GPS.
    It works like FakeGPS but has directional to move on the map.

    I repeat needs ROOT.

  9. HELP!
    The hack works apart from the fact that I can’t catch any pokemon or use pokestops. I have never been soft banned on the account I use. I’ve followed all steps so I don’t know what is going on?!?

  10. Hi, app works perfectly fine, thank you very much,

    But while using this hack,
    There are several times whereby we suddenly teleported back to original location, and then back again to the spoofed location, is this safe? or does it like giving niantic server signal to flag?

    • I have the same issue. Been using it for about 3 weeks no perma ban. Just soft bans. In an hour of using it I get maybe 1 softbans. It’s annoying but it works. Remove softbans by spinning poke stop 30-40 times.

      • i have tried spinning the pokestops lots of times but doesn’t remove the soft ban, any ideas?

        with regards to stopping the flickering of locations, i’ve noticed that it doesn’t happen in areas with poor gps signal…maybe there is a setting we can turn off? we need to weaken the gps signal…

  11. The app worked wonders the first day, but now I’m getting soft banned after a few minutes of play. I’m making sure to not move too fast so I don’t set any bells off, however, the soft ban happens more and more the more I use the hack. I really don’t want to root my device so I would love a hack that functions like the hack on the rooted device. Any ideas to prevent future software bans would be appreciated.

  12. Hey, if this app only changes your gps location how can niantic know you’re cheating? You must be jumping too far too fast that’s all I can think of. Correct me if I’m wrong?

    Thanks ahead device labs

  13. Hello everyone!

    I have Android 6.0 in my phone and all works in a regular way.

    Let me explain myself: Once I set the mock location with Fly GPS (and the joystick circle appears) I proceed to open the Pokemon Go.. At this point, it works great! My character appears exactly where I wanted and I can move around too…But, passed a few seconds (I know 30 o 50sec) the Fly GPS just stop working and the joystick disappears. Also my character jump to my real location at this point.

    So.. What could be that behavior? Why is this happening? Does anyone have the same behavior??

    Thanks a lot!

    • Please admin reply to this matter. also not working in my phone. It always disappear after a few seconds.

  14. Hey I’ve already have the app installed but I need help…my phone is a Alcatel fierce xl 4glte and all and Everytime I launch Pokemon go app it says failed to detect location and I already have mock location on so… I need help thanks!

  15. I need help. Downloaded and installed fine, but when I try to open Fly GPS app, it crashes “Unfortunately, Fly GPS has stopped”. Any fix for this?

    • Go to Settings>Developer Options>Set Mock Location (or something like that)> FlyGPS. Sources: Personal experience. I own a galaxy s7.

  16. Hello my name is Lior
    I have the software and it worked for me but after I closed it no longer worked I can see the button but I can’t get pokemons I Tried to delete and download again it didn’t work what to do

    • You have been softbanned so just go to an PokéStop then you have to spin and release it 40 times it also happened to me when it gets pink you will get pokeballs

  17. I have a galaxy s5 with 5.1.1 version. When I open the game it tells me location not found. Is there any advice that I could get?

  18. Everytime I select the Joystick option for pokemon it comes up with a message saying “This version does not work correctly lowered. [ Masimelrowoo ] to normal operation only in later versions !”
    And then when I open pokemon it says “Failed to detect location.”
    What do I do?

  19. Hi i have tried it and it works. Asus zenfone2 marshmallow. May i ask there is an updated version of pokemon go now. Is still safe to use this with proper care;-)

  20. Can someone tell me how to move the joystick to a different part of the screen? It’s covering my items button and I can’t choose different balls or berries… Thanks

  21. Hi! It’s working! Totally great! Thanks for sharing. Anyway do you have any idea why the joystick does not appear on the game? I have tried to turn it off and on again but still nothing happens. I can set the location and it works just fine but since no joystick I cannot move it around tho. Have you got any idea about this?


  22. Fly gps app keeps crashing on redmi phones (My phone: Redmi 3s Prime). It just does not start after installed from playstore.
    Any solution please.

  23. Can you all stop asking the same stupid questions over and over please? If you cannot collect items or catch any pokemon you are SOFT BANNED. So stop asking. We have a real issue to figure out now. How do we stop from bouncing back to our actual location?

  24. Not getting pokeballs and all stuff from pokestop.. Plz help.. Everything else working fine… Need response asap.. Plz

    • Just keep clicking on a pokestop and spin it click off it and spin it again keep doing it and eventually it will give stuff then u can catch pokemon does take about five minutes

  25. Everything is working well.. As there is no any gps related problem.. Though game absolutely working fine.. But in game i am not getting pokeballs nd all stuff from pokestop… Plz reply soonest.. 🙁
    I am using One plus three..
    Marshmallow 6.0.1
    No root
    Waiting for response….

  26. im using lolipop version andriod, can u help me please
    mock location setting is turn off and on only, cannot choose an option,
    please help

  27. This hack really isn’t any help to anyone without marshmallow. Please let me know when you have a solution….

  28. Ok so I’m using Samsung Note 5 without rooting my phone and it works fine. There was this once that I went too great a distance and got softbanned but I settled it already and now I’m careful about the distances, but I would like to know can Niantic detect my spoofing if I DON’T root my phone? Or is rooting a must to avoid bans?

    Much thanks.

    • Rooting does have an advantage over non-rooted hack. Yes rooting can help you hide your spoofing from Pokemon GO servers.

      • Hello i have just done this hack and tried to catch about 30 pokemon even a 10cp pidgey everytime they break out and run no matter what can this be fixed or can you shed some light as to why its happening ??

  29. Hey please help me too..I have done all the steps and i got the joystick as well but it is contantly saying ” FAILED TO DETECT THE LOCATION” Now what should i do
    P.S: i have S6.. 6.0 version updated.!!

  30. Pokemongo knows you’ve enabled mock locations…. poor guide.
    You need a hide mock location tool which requires root and xposed.

    • had the same issue.
      Fixed by getting into the settings for the phone and Applications>>Application manager>>Pokemon GO>>Permissions
      The Location permission was set to off, I turned it on and it worked after restart of Pokemon GO application.
      Good luck!

  31. for those complaining dont have set mock location app is because this app only for android (Marshmallow) version 6.0 and 6.0.1

    only Marshmallow can install and run this.. other than that it cannot run, unless they upgraded the app

  32. I have allowed mock locations also downloaded fly GPS ,started the service but when I started the pokemon go the joystick appeared but it said cannot detect location and I cannot find pokemons using the joystick

  33. Im not tryin it yet,but my experience says if you enable *allow mock location* then your pokemon go will show *failed to detect location* and if you unable back the *allow mock location* it will go back to your original location.
    Fake gps need to *allow mock location* and because you *allow mock location* it will show *failed to detect location*.
    You can go here and there using joystick but you will do nothing.

    Answer me what to do with (no root) & lollipop condition,and if that works ill share this link post as much as posible to everywhere

  34. how do i get the option mock location app, my sony xperia m5 only gives me the option to turn on mock locations and nothing else.

    help please

  35. Anyone know oh how to fix this?
    I installed Fly Gps and says installed, but when i try to run it, i crashes with message ” Unfortunately Fly Gps has stopped”.
    I have cleared cache, reinstalled, turned off and on, no luck.
    Any help will be appreciated.


  36. When I try to use the fake gps I load into PokemonGo and I get a message saying “Failed to detect location”. Is there a solution for this?

    I’m on an LG F60 version 4.4.2 by the way

  37. So what do you do if your mock gps doesnt give you the option to select an app it’ll only turn on. Because it doesnt seem to work without being able top select fly gps but mine won’t let me

  38. I think youre missing a step in this whole thing. On
    “Step 3. Go back to Settings > Developer options. Locate “Select mock location app” & select Fly GPS (com.fly.gps)”
    The option you show on both the instructions and images [Select mock location app], does not appear on my “Developer Options” instead just an “Allow mock locations” is the only one available and does not give me the option to select “Fly GPS”, when tapped on it, it only checks it as it’s on.
    I am also using the Andriod version 5.0.2 which should be the latest one right now, so what’s the problem are you using a different type of setting?
    I also seen you mention the marshmallow thing, which I have no idea what it could be. Maybe explain it and if it’s necesary add it to the steps for making this work?

    • Btw, when used by just selection the only mock option, the same message mostly everyone gets shows up:
      “Its showed Pokemon Joystick Warning.This version does not work correctly lowered.(Masimelrowoo) to normal operation only in later version!.”

      • Your guide in no where says you need the using the andriod version marshmallow.
        I tried upgrading my andriod but it says it’s upgraded to latest version 5.0.2
        So what now? how to get that marshmallow andriod? (without any roots)

  39. I have to most recent android update and a s5 the game will load I can move the guy but It wont show any pokostops or any gyms just a blank map

      • I don’t think this works with Lollipop, that’s what I’m running and I get the no gps signal banner. I’m sure it’s just because PGO notices that mock locations are allowed and blocks me from the game. Any suggestions?

  40. Its showed Pokemon Joystick Warning.This version does not work correctly lowered.(Masimelrowoo) to normal operation only in later version!.
    Why like this.Im using Samaung Glaxy A7.Android version 5.0.2.

  41. does anyone know how to select fly gps as the mock location app on 4.4.2 lg l70. there is an option to enable mock location but i dont see a select mock location app in developer options.

  42. Got a galaxy s5 but it’s not giving me the option to select the fly gps app only to tick the mock option help please ???

  43. This will not work on my son’s Samsung Note 3. His phone is up to date, as well as the app. What are we doing wrong?

  44. buenas tardes, cuando lo intento me aparece esto

    this version does not work correctly lowered [masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later versions

    como hago? 🙁

  45. Hi guys ive tried it.. So far the gps works well. However when i click gps service run joystick pokemon go , theres no joystick that appears on my phone? Just wondering if anyone has encounter the same problem… Helps pls

  46. For softbans spin pokestop 40-60 times… your welcome :-)… and also any calls, texts, rotating the map will likely trigger teleporting home…moving very slow triggers pokemon go app to spin white loading ball and if you ever teleport home while loading ball spins you’ll be softbanned. Teleporting home isnt bad in your own neighborhood as you wont likely get softbanned. Jumping long distances like state to state in short times will almost likely result in a softban because who travels that far in under such a small amont of time. Haven’t heard of any confirmed permabans. I think they’ll tackle scanners before spoofing due to increased server load. And remember Always clear google location history

  47. Doesn’t work on my phone. Running 6.0.1. After installation, setting mock location, setting high accuracy for GPS, restarting, it still won’t (fly gps app) open. What to do..

  48. I can’t get this to work on my s4 the developer options only has the mock location I can’t set it to an app. Is there a way to fix this

  49. Would just like to let everyone know that this worked for me on my S5.

    My only complaint is that it frequently teleports me back to my actual location- but only briefly, before teleporting me to the set location once more.

    Because of this, I’ve been softbanned multiple times. Considering what this has allowed me to do, I am definitely willing to wait out the softbans.

    I mean, there could be much worse consequences.

    • I can’t find a way to choose Fly GPS as my mock location app on my S5. I assume that’s why it says “Failed to detect location” and shows me somewhere with no pokestops. How did you get around this?

    • Same is happening to me and causing soft ban. Will have to try something else I guess as I cannot find a way to stop it. Even using it to go 10m from my house it teleports me briefly back home every now and then.

  50. Worked to mock location. Went to central park from oklahoma. Thing is pokestops will not give anything and all pokemon escape and run away instantly. Any ideas why?

  51. hi . I have a samsung A7 and step 3 “Select mock location app” isnt in the settings but instead you can tick Allow mock location. Every time i do this it takes you to the destination but says failed to detect location (I have also set location to high accuracy). Anyone know how to fix this?

  52. has download and install. when play, it say :
    This Version does not work correctly lowered.
    [Masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later version !

  53. I have a samsung s5 and step 3 “Select mock location app” isnt in the settings but instead you can tick Allow mock location. Every time i do this it takes you to the destination but says failed to detect location (I have also set location to high accuracy). Anyone know how to fix this?

  54. I have tried all avenues to root my phone to no avail. I have a Samsung s5 gm900v Running 5.0 the app works great on my bfs phone s7 edge which is of course running marshmallow. I use cricket as a service provider and the 6.0 update will be months away. Fake GPS allowed me to change my location and Pokemon go works however I can not move around as that app has no joystick. I am curious of anyone has another option for me. I do not have a pc so the only way to attempt root is through the phone itself however I have tried over a dozens websites and apps to root it but can not. I don’t need to cheat to play but it’s nice to use when at my office (or home) that are both rural and I can’t leave and have time to kill between work activities or on breaks.

  55. How do i turn off Fly GPS again?
    even if i uninstall the app my GPS location is still stock in the last location i sat in the fly gps app…

  56. So, i did by step by step, but i have no option such as select mock apk, only enable or disadble. I tried it anyway, high accuraty, downloaded everything, enabled mock location, but it says: Failed to find your location. After i disabled the mock location and found myself at my origine location. i have no idea what to do, i don’t want to root either.

  57. I use a samsung galaxy E7 (GT-E700H) with android lollipop 5.1.1!
    I dont find any “Select mock location app” in my developers option!!

  58. Hi, so, for your knowleadge.
    This app work in Marshmellow, but just since 6.0.
    Here work perfect, but in my wife’s phone no because hers phone’s android isso 5.0.
    Bye, and thx!!!!

  59. Will be it works on moto g3 marshmellow?
    It will show error in lolipop failed to detect location
    Will i face same problem if i upadte to marshmellow os?

  60. Ok so the thing is suddenly pokemon go is not detecting my location….with or without the fake gps….i dont know what to do..can anyone help? Pls :'(

  61. For anyone having issues with getting softbanned go into an unused pokestop, spin, exit the pokestop, enter it again, spin it, and exit. Repeat this process about 40 times and the ban should stop. The shorter you jump the less spins it seems to take

  62. My phone does not have the select mock location app setting but has enable mock location. When I choose to enable mock location and run Pokémon go it says unable to detect location… What do I do?

  63. For kitkat, select fix localitation option, joystick doesnt work. Then unmark mock locallitation and go to pokemon go. It works for me, but cant move avatar. If your gps detect your real localitation, you teleport and can ban, try a “faraday cage” with foil in your phone. Sorry 4 my english
    PD: select locallitation history in ubication options

  64. Joystick works great but there are no pokestop gyms or anything so i am walking on a road doing nothing any way to get passed this?

  65. I try to catch anything and it runs away, I used a razz berry and a great ball on a weedle and it ran away, why?

  66. Unfortunately I keep bouncing back to my actual location, and I’m afraid of a soft/hard ban. It seems like every 5 minutes this happens.

    Another thing I noticed is that the tracker does not display Pokemon that are nearby the mock location, I think it’s attempting to show me the Pokemon close to my actual location.

    Hopefully the App developer can fix this. It seems to be the case with a couple of the GPS Spoofing apps out there right now. When you check reviews for apps of this nature it seems to be a common issue.

    How many others have had softbans from this?

    • I was having the same issue. It seems when other apps in the background call to use mobile location your phone sets your location to your actual area. I noticed everytime I took a screen shot it would move me. So I went to disable location. for camera and just did it for EVERYTHING except fly gps and pokemon go. I have s7 with marsh. I went to privacy and safety, then app permissions. You will see location x out of y apps allowed. If you hit that you can deselect them all. It’s been working for me for awhile, but still need to do some testing to be 100% sure. Remember to turn it back on for apps you need when you are done. I’m sure you could spend a little time and isolate which apps do it but this is a start.

      • I did what Lucio did and my location keeps jumping from spoofed to actual. I am using my mobile data network. Yesturday I was on wifi I did not notice it jumping at all. Maybe it depends on if connected by wifi or mobile data.

  67. I have an Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL and there is also no option to select the mock location app. Only the option to allow mock location. I have set it to high accuracy as well. It still says it fails to detect location.

  68. I have a oneplus x with Android version 5.0.1. When in developer mode in the setting I select the allow mock location I get no option to select a application. The result is that when I open pokemon go I get a error that says ‘failed to detect location’. Any idea how to get passed this?

  69. Hello,

    Ive just downloaded the fake gps which didnt work and now my pokemon go just says failure to locate gps and doesnt work at all? I have a samsung a3 and really struggling to figure out how to fix this?

  70. I am using android 5 in asus zenfone 6 and installed fly gps but when ever I use pokemon go it shows loaction not detected..I set the location settings to high accuracy and even checked the mock location option..what to do now..please help me..thank you

  71. I’m having the same problem as lori, poke stops don’t work and everything escapes. Even when I went back to using my default gps the game still won’t let me. Any ideas?

    • you were softbanned, wait an hour or so or spin the coin at pokestops like I said on her post. it works, trust me. or you can wait up to you.

  72. I have note 5 with mashmellow. No HIGH ACCURACY setting. Just IMPROVE ACCURACY via wifi and BT. But sometimes it wont let me catch any or collect from pokestops….???

  73. This works until my 6.0 galaxy s6 seems to reset the gps to the real location for a few seconds every so often. Presumably using data from the mobile network. I’ve tried fly gps with only gps selected as a “mode” in location settings but then fly gps won’t run the spoofing. It says to activate gps in fly gps. The app only works when I’ve selected “gps, wifi and mobile network” as the location option. Additional accuracy options “wifi” and “bluetooth” are off.

  74. Sometimes it will jump to where I actually am using mobile for location. Doing it around where I am is OK, but if I go somewhere far away I get softbanned because of the jumps even if I allow plenty of time in between. is there a way to get gps only and not mobile location?

  75. Hello,
    I have a Samsung galaxy A3 with Android version 5.0.2. When in developer mode in the setting I select the allow mock location I get no option to select a application. The result is that when I open pokemon go I get a error that says ‘failed to detect location’. Any idea how to get passed this?

  76. In settings I do not have the option to “select mock applications app”. I only have the option “allow mock locations”. If I still follow all the other apps I do start off in the location as chosen but Pokemon says “failed to detect location”. If I then untick “allow mock locations” Pokemon will find my location but I cannot use the joystick.

  77. Plz help. I use fly GPS but pokemon go says location not detected. Plz help I beg plzz. I have android 5.0.1

  78. This might work on marshmallow but not on KitKat. enabling the mock location option freezes the Pokémon app as it detects the spoof. Any bypass or way to hide the mock location option??

  79. gets you to destination, but stops dont work and any pokemon you try to get goes POOF after it escapes from ball.

    • This is when the game softbans you. it has detected that you are faking gps. Go to a pokestop and spin it. Nothing will happen the first time, but exit the stop by hitting the x at bottom, click the stop again, then spin again, exit, repeat. Do this up to 40 times and you’re back in it. It seems like it requires less spins when you don’t jump as far. I know it sounds like BS, but it works.

  80. I’m an android user but in my Developer Options there is one option to mark which is: “Allow mock operations”…