Install Kali Linux on any Android device.
Install Kali Linux on any Android device.

Kali Linux is one the best love operating system of white hat hackers, security researchers and pentesters. It offers advanced penetration testing tool and its ease of use means that it should be a part of every security professional’s toolbox. While Kali linux is available for few devices only. However this does not mean you cannot install Kali Linux in a chroot on almost any modern device that runs Android. In fact, the developers of Linux Deploy have made it extremely easy to get any number of Linux distributions installed in a chroot environment using a simple GUI builder. Let’s get started with installing Kali Linux On Any Android device.

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  • A device running Android 2.1 and above, rooted.
  • At least 5 GB free space on internal or external storage.
  • A fast, wireless internet connection.
  • Rooted Android Device: How to Root any Android device.
  • Patience.

Standard Packages of Kali Linux

Standard packages contains anything and everything I found useful. This list if divided into 3 parts:

Kali Specific

Kali Linux is a special build from Debian. Kali Linux inherits a lot of the issues from Debian Linux. This section shows you how to resolve of those. They are not specific to Kali Linux only and you might be leave them as it is, but I found that if I see an error my OCD kicks in and I have to make it go away…

Useful utilities and Software’s

A collection of utilities and software’s I found useful. These are day to day software’s that are available in most other Linux distributions or at least I think they should be made available as part of a default installation.

Enhancements and accessibility

Kali Linux is made to boot up fast and low of resources. But if you have some more CPU and GPU power to spare, you might want to try to make it look more colorful.

Steps to Install Kali Linux in any Android device

Step 1. First of all download and install Linux Deploy App in your android from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Now After downloading and installing it launch the app in your device and there tap on download button.

Linux Deploy
Linux Deploy

Step 3. Now there tap on Distribution option and change it to Kali Linux instead of Linux. You’ve pretty much covered the important stuff. Optionally, you can choose your architecture, verify that the Kali mirror is correct, set your installation type and location on your Android device, etc. Generally speaking, the defaults provided by Linux Deploy are good to begin with.

Step 4. Now scroll up and click on the Install button at the top of there. Depending on your Internet connection speed, this process could take a while.

Step 5. Starting of services such as SSH and VNC for easier remote access. All of this is automatically done by hitting the “start” button. You should see Linux Deploy setting up your image with output similar to the following:

Linux Deploy
Linux Deploy

Now you can use either a SSH or VNC client to access your Kali instance.

Step 6. Now download and install VNC Viewer App in your android from the Play Store. 7. Now launch the app and fill up the settings as displayed on the screenshot below:

VNC Viewer

Step 7. Now click on Connect button. That’s it, you are done. Now Kali linux gets installed in your android and you can enjoy the dummy hacking environment in your android.

Some devices reported strange error after Installing Kali Linux. If you faced any such error, it could be a ROM issue. Try with other device if you failed. Let us know if you faced any strange error whose solution you can’t find in Linux forums, we will try to provide you solution.

  • anonymous

    Idiot admin reply us ssh and vnc fail error are u blind cnt u see our issue

  • Prateek

    We can return the whole proces to go back to kali to Android??????? How

  • Help mee…when m click on start it shows in starting service SSH & VNC fail

  • hello sir please which way you recognise as the best way for rooting android phone and tablet. I need your reply through my email adress thank you

  • ivan

    My linux deploy shows when i installing ssh and vnc shows fail..why?


    I have successfully installed but when I connect through vnc, I am getting a blank screen with a mouse cursor. I want to upload the screenshot here. May I know the issue and how to upload the image here?

  • Kamlesh

    In my android ssh and vnc shows fail

    Plz help me

  • kevin

    Hi admin
    Have download the kali Linux img already 3.2gb with torrent download already. Can I complete the installation without re downloading it through the Linux deploy app?

  • Thanks for this great post but can you provide me any way by which i could install kali in my non rooted device.I will thankfull to you and waiting for your kind reply sir.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      As you need to change few System files while installing Kali linux. You must root your Android device. You can check How to Root Any Android device.

  • Rahul Prajapati

    How many mb data pack use Kali installation

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    In my android ssh and vnc shows fail