Android One
Android One

Now that Android 6.0 has started rolling out to Nexus models, it is time for Google to take care of the Android One handsets. These are entry-level phones priced accordingly, and with just enough features as to create value for emerging market consumers.

Because Android One phones are loaded with stock Android like the Nexus devices are, they are near the front of the line when it comes time to receiving Android OS updates, which come straight from Google. The Android 6.0 update includes contextual search with Now on Tap, and improved battery life thanks to Doze and App Standby. The former allows a phone that is unplugged and idle to save battery life, by not connecting to the network. Consider it to be an automatic Airplane Mode that turns on when you don’t use your phone. With App Standby, apps on an unplugged handset will go to sleep if they are not used. That means no background updates, and scheduled jobs are shut down.


1. Download the Zip file from the below link & transfer it in your device.

2. Switch Off your device & Press Power + Volume up button for booting into Bootloader Mode.

3. Select Recovery mode by pressing Volume Up button.

4. Now press Power + Volumeup button and get the Recovery menu. Choose “Install zip from SDcard” & locate the file.

5. Select the file, by pressing the power button. Select Yes to install

6. Once its installed, it will get back to the main recovery screen. Select Reboot System & enjoy Android M.



  1. First-gen Android One devices codenamed Sprout4: Download.
  2. Micromax Canvas A1 OTA file: Download.
  3. Karbonn Sparkle OTA file: Download
  4. Spice Dream UNO files: Download.

  • rahul

    you says karbon and micromax ota update file is sam(337 mb)e but spice uno(444 mb) file is different but on mostly other site spice and micromax(337 mb) file is same and karbon file is different(444 mb).which should i install????

    • vishnu sai